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    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    I see lots of people arguing that there needs to be mesh editing tools IN the viewer, and many arguing that it would be too complex.


    Actually, very simple editing tools for meshes could be integrated into the existing editing tools VERY simply.  In the Editing Floater, up at the top where you select the radio/check boxes that allow you to select what you are editing (i.e., Position, Rotation, Strech, Select Texture, etc.) we could add a "Select Vertex" and "Select Poly" options as well.  At this point, Editing an existing mesh in world, while tedious, would be doable.  Adding a "Mesh" tab to join the "Texture", "Object", "General", etc.......would also provide specific specialized parameter changing  (Perhaps Tesselation of selected face(s)) to allow a simple basic sphere mesh that could be rezzed internally, thus allowing one to add detail and more then move the new faces/vertexes as needed.


    Such an interface would be very primitive, and only provide the most basic functionality.....but it would permit an in-client interface for mesh development/editing.  Should be doable without extensive work.


    Slow, tedious, but it WOULD be relatively easy to do (client side).  Server side this might be a bit more complicated, but it still should be doable.

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