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  1. In world, in the IM window and the communication window the areas I type into are black, so you can't see what you type, but it shows up normally on screen for others and yourself to read, this as only happened once last night. any ideas what might be going wrong?

  2. the first thing to check is what you are wearing, have you attached something new recently? boots with 450 resizer scripts are not good for example, first start by removing all attachments, just wear basic clothes. if you've done that then others should give other suggestions.

  3. but remember to spell it 'oriental' :-)

    Hey, serious question, how does search see 'Oriental/Japanese' as two words or as gobbly gook, does not one need to type 'Oriental / Japanese' which wastes two charcaters, but more certain it can be recognised?

  4. the best option is to use a copy of your hair, place it on your head and place the hat in position, modify the hat to the desired size and tilt, then grab the hair and move it to such a position that it stops poking through, you can also delete hair that can't be seen too. Select hair and hat and link, whilst I'm not sure this can be done whilst attached, you can hop on to a pose stand and place the hair and hat as accurately as you can on your head and link them this way, then take back to inventory and wear on head and do your final touching up then.


    SimonT Quinnell wrote:

    If what you are saying is true, why are you bothering to use bots to inflate your traffic?  All that ends up doing is create lag.  Something doesnt add up.



    "play our hud based game in peace" maybe they use bots for abuse, like killing them?

  6. I searched for the colour coding but can't find it anywhere

    The pulsating pinkish/purple prim is the avatar bounding box

    The reddish/orange colour indicates prims with scripts in them, or maybe more accurately when a script is active/moving, it appears only when I open a door, but is constant when a prim is rotating.

    green is just prims

    yellow is the root prim

    light blue indicates the bounding box of the terrain

    dark blue indicates the bounding box of SL in the void

    ahh pulsating appears to be prims that move, my flexi prims (also indicated with the reddish/orange bounding box) all pulsate as well as all the prims I wear

    I hope that's more helpful somewhat?

    I can't see any other colours than those.

    Edit: Oh yes there is a third blue, more royal blue that indicates particles

    Found another, grey is for clouds, which also pulsate.

    NB the reddish/orange bounding box doesn't seem to be consistent with my observations at all times, opening another door the colour didn't appear. OK I have worked this out, when a item moves independently by itself the reddish/orange bounding box shows, but when movement of a prim occurs when it is part of a larger linkset the bounding box does not show.

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  7. Is this Pep's daughter?

    By the way, how the way the majority of the 'mature' adults have handled this is disgusting, your answers are somewhat reactionary and little more than unintelligent. This is a 14 year old, who I think has shown more maturity, integrity and intelligence than 90% of the adults in here, you should feel ashamed and embarassed and before you come back at me, it's your arrogance that stops you from seeing that your behaving in a more immature way than the OP, God some of you adults grow up, your attacking a young woman who is merely asking for solutions. Luckily some have given her good advice.

  8. I could only comment on what I knew and what was most likely in past incidents, so I'm sorry your having problems. So you have nothing to worry about then when you sort out your ticket problem with Linden Lab, everything will be as it was, and I am assuming that you having so 'many' tickets, didn't cause the  problem.

  9. No the items are not returned. However, if this is recent the items are likely to be in place until Linden Lab passes it over to a new owner. If there are items you need, start a ticket with Linden Lab requesting the sim to be opened so you can go back in and take your items, if there are a few residents that need to do this, maybe all request it and reference each others ticket number.

    When and if they open the sim, your unlikely to be tolld so, you just have to keep looking all the time, and when you see it open, get in there quick and save your stuff, I say this from experience.

    "to bad the lindens are turning more and more into money hungry pleasure  deminishing beasts" if it's closed, this would only because the owner hasn't paid their bills, you can't blame Linden Lab for this.

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  10. Go to Account on the sidebar on your dashboard, select Transaction History and it will list where the money is going, which is most likely to a group you are in, groups are set up by default for members to pay some costs of that group, which is divdied up by it's members, if you dont think you should be paying for this talk to the group owner or just leave.


    Faubio.Alter wrote:

    So then the 117 prims are in addition to the the house, making it 117+ prims on the parcel.

    This is the bit you don't understand for some reason, the maximum number of prims available on a 512 meter parcel of land is 117, final, full stop, no more prims from elsewhere unless you buy more land on the same sim. The Linden Homes are not on your land, they have their root prim on Linden Land, that's how come the prims of the homes don't count, it really doesn't matter how many prims the Linden Homes are, they could be 1000 prims each (well not actually), but you only get 117 prims, but you get all 117 prims to decorate your home with.

  12. "Hmmm, aren't the > 512 meter parcels free of tier anyway?"

    Yes this 512 meter land counts against tier, but one could say the premium membership that you pay, is what pays for it. If you exceed 512 meters of land on mainland then you will start paying extra.

    "But at the same time Big Brother Linddy is not your SIM Lord."

    In theory he is, you get live help, which is a bit like asking your Landlord to help you out with a problem, if there are problems with stuff like terrain, you put a request in to have it fixed.

    "Hows it look, this SL subdivision? Some of those 512s inworld are in pretty shabby places."

    The homes are free (on loan) having one isn't forced on to you, as a designer there are aspects of the designs I'm not happy with, but on the whole they are not shabby. I never see more than 3 or 4 other avatars in my sim at the same time, the closeness of the homes is not a problem.

    "How about sky boxes?"

    No. But that's the whole point of these homes, it hopefully generates a community, it's not been developed for you to hide away in a little cubby-hole. If you want a sky box there is other mainland to buy to place these.

    "…or you could make one easy enough, save on prims too I would imagine."

    Yes you can make your own, but there is other mainland to buy to put your own home. You don't save prims by building your own home, your losing prims, the ones your using to build the home, you are definitely missing the point here or just playing devils advocate!

    "God I'm cheap"

    You said that, not me

    "Still seems like I should be able to buy land if I exceed the cost of a membership buying lindens."

    That is probably true.

  13. To make it clear what you really get is 512 meters of land with a tough covenant and Govener Linden is the Land Baron, with this 512 meters of land you get LOANED the use of a free house, which you only have a limited choice in it's selection and practically none in it's placement. The only major benefit of this deal is having 4 walls with a roof and still having 117 prims to decorate it with.

  14. basically tiering up is going from one level of owned land to another, so the first 512 meters is free, the next 512 meters will cost you US$5 a month, if you buy 512 meters of land extra you'll automatically start paying Linden Lab for this as they will take payment from however you set up your original payment information with Linden Lab. Check the knownledge base for the other tier levels.

    Read about tier here:


    Land tier levels are:

    USD 195.00/ month 65,536 Entire Region
    USD 125.00/ month 32,768 1/2 Region
    USD 75.00/ month 16,384 1/4 Region
    USD 40.00/ month 8,192 1/8 Region
    USD 25.00/ month 4,096 1/16 Region
    USD 15.00/ month 2,048 1/32 Region
    USD 8.00/ month 1,024 1/64 Region
    USD 5.00/ month 512 1/128 Region
    USD 0.00/ month 0 0/128 Region
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