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    but I'd rather, like you, that they fixed the big things like antialiasing not working on Macs.

    Only five percent of home computer users use Macs. Mac users aren't a "big thing".

    Yeah but… I'm a Mac User, and I'm really important, and all those 5% use Second Life, and that's a lot of people. This isn't fact based at all.

  2. You know Lorraine, I have been in SL for nearly 4 years now and I have been all over the place on a weekly basis, it used to be daily, but I travel about less now, but i can honestly say I have only once landed in a place that made me fell like I was watching porn and that was before Zindra and adult restrictions, I have long ago assumed that people who come across porn so often in SL are the same people who used to open all those porn spam emails that one used to get (do people still get them?), but those who are not seeking it, never come across it.

    Not that I am saying your one of those people though.

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