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  1. If I read what you want and what you are willing to give, you are looking for a job as "traffic bot" perhaps you should search for money camping devices, they don't pay much....but I doubt if people will pay 100L or more for an avi that just dances.
  2. Hi, I mainly do custom builds, IM me inworld please and I will show you the public sim I decorated and build and perhaps one or two private plots. Bridge should be no problem, just need to see where it goes and how big it needs to be.
  3. I sell my transerable items no-mod, if people want a moderation they can always im me and ask me to make it (no extra charge) or I send them a mod version. I started to sell my trans things no-mod after a couple of buyers that claimed to have messed up and asked for a new item and that happened a few times in a short period. I got a strange feeling about that, since the last person I asked to send the messed up version back (after all it was trans) and they just emptied their trash. When I send a trans/mod version on demand, I do tell them that I am not handing an other when its messed up. So in answer to your question, I do it to prevent discussions. I only custom build and sell through marketplace, so my customers are told or see that they can always IM me with questions or changes.
  4. What happens is that they will starve and the first time you rez them after that, they will run off to the wild..... And you will not get them back unless you pay for that. There is a meeroo guideline on notecards, if you don't have it, IM me inworld!
  5. Do you do items too? I am always looking for sculpts that somehow don't seem to be for sale in sl. IM me inworld and if you are good I am wiling to pay you more then just costs. I love to build, but am not good at outworld stuff
  6. Check out Ithilion  inworld and if you like what I did there, send me an IM. It is not what you want, but will give you an indication of my abilities. I build what people have in their mind but can't make themselves, am willing to make you a test build too.
  7. It sounds like a good idea, but...... I see two objections, one for each side. Reviewer can't do anything when the seller doesn't refund. How valuable will reviews be is you "pay" for them. And you do pay, cause LL takes a % of your price.
  8. Its a nice idea and I hope you get a lot of people joining. Personaly I work at a resort and we help new people there already, I think if everybody would just help te noobs that cross our path, sl would be a lot smoother to start up
  9. You are very welcome! Thanks for your answer, I will just accept the fact that its not there any more, I am lousy in excel
  10. The old marketplace had a feature that showed your total earnings, I can't find that in the new marketplace...... Is it gone, or am I just to blonde to find it?
  11. Get the original last name system back and add the display name feature to it, that way you have best of both!
  12. Behaviour, shape, sports liked in rl, language......all can indicate RL gender, but its seldom just one thing that gives gender away. And as long as somebody doesn't live cam with you, you will never be sure. Just the word "mate" wouldn't be an indication for me, but if - (s)he tells you (s)he loves to play RL rugby and golf - and loves to tune up cars - and talks generally rude - and her avi has huge boobs and lips - and has all the latest technical gadgets - and (s)he tells you in the first flirtation (s)he has a big wet **bleep** (and doesn't show a pic of a swimming lynx)........ You might wanna ask yourself if it really matters to you if the person behind the avi has the same gender as the avi
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