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  1. You missunderstood me....I listed those things not in any particular order, and I mentioned the database thing spesifically so you would know it was happening - I was NOT recommending you do it that way. and btw..just saying "no" when the first bite request popped up would have ended the entire discussion. No 'opting out', no complaints to anyone, no name in any database - just the issue is over. The only onus I'm placing on you or anyone else is taking responsibility for understanding what you are saying 'yes' too. It's a simple concept called 'Personal Responsibility'. In your case, your friend was definitely remiss in properly explaining the situation to you. Even so, if there were any doubt in your mind - the correct answer wopuld have been "No". Since you obviously said "yes", you placed the onus on yourself to get yourself removed from the offending database. I didn't do it..neither did anyone else, though your friend definitely had a large part in it. Try getting upset at her, instead of someone who was trying to be helpful and answer someone's question. I do understand your points, and in fact I agree with you. One of my personaly gripes is that if you end up in the BL database without realising it, from what I've heard it can be a hassle to get yourself out of it. I think that should be as simple as a single request to the BL people, and it's done. While that has happened, I have also heard stories of it being a pain in the @#$. In any event, I see no reason for you to get so excited over my post. If you take the tiem to read it, I'm not any more fond of the people that abuse the game system than you are. I just don't throw an unwarranted temper tantrum about it.
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    Given the date on your post, this is pretty late, but since I didn't see any answer to your question... search inwolrd for "Liquid Designs"...their primary simes named something like ",:Bloodlines East:.' should come up Both items are there in their vampire shopping area. If I remember correctly, the potion is 499L$ and the Forever amulet is 7999L$
  3. I truely hate things like this happening...but it only takes a few to screw up things for a lot of people. I'm currently active in BL, so just for general info, the following is true to the best of my knowledge: 1: The Garlic knecklace places your name in the database and blocks any attacks on you. Any player violating that can (and should) be reported to their liege, the BL owners, and AR'd directly to LL. Also, you only have to wear the necklace to activate it, and again to deactivate it. Other than those two times, you do not need to wear it. 2: Allowing the first bite will similarly block any further attacks, but it leaves you open for the attempts. You could complain to the persons's liege, but the options to report to BL or LL it pretty much worthless 3: If you don't wish your name to be in the BL database, mute is your best option, and if the behavior was bad enough, an AR may be appropriate. Please remember that the BL system will NOT allow anyone to bite you without asking for and getting your permission. Unfortunately, it can't do much for the manners of the person behind the avi.... I, for one, find behavior like that being discussed in this thread as deplorable as any..possibly more. I can only say I would not tolerate it in any of my minions (if I had any that is).
  4. Like Us on Facebook: Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more. Come join over 111,000 people who have “Liked” our Second Life Facebook page. The idea that *any* website or resource is the "...best place to find out..." anything about SL is just absurd. Facebook as a tool to help expand sl and draw in new residents is one thing. Treating it as a primary avenue of communication is just, well, ridiculous. You do not suffer from a lack of feedback..there is tons of it in both the Jira and the forums. The trick is to actually respond to it, even if it's just "this is why we will not address this", it would be an improvement over ignoring it. Take care of your current user base first and foremost, expanding the resident base second, everythings else last. Pretty simple really, and well within LL's capability - if LL chooses to do it.
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