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  1. A new version of my.secondlife.com has just been deployed that addresses the following issue: Clicking on someone else’s web profile and it turns into the user’s: FIXED We are working on the following issues right now: Web profiles slow to load: The first time a profile is opened in the Viewer can take a few seconds due to the OpenID login. We are working on logging users is automatically upon logging in to the Viewer to improve load times. Profile turns white with text and loses formatting: This affects OSX Leopard 10.5.8 users only. We're working on a fix for this. Aspect ratio issue/prof
  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post and alerted us to some of the bugs and usability issues that you're having with the web profiles. Our team is aware of them and we are working hard to address them quickly.
  3. The Notes feature is still there, you need to be logged in and viewing another user's profile to see the "Private Notes" widget to the right.
  4. Here's a mockup of the upcoming Privacy Settings section we're going to release on my.secondlife.com: http://cl.ly/1Q0J0l1v0e1r3Q0z1323 This is based on customer feedback and should address most privacy concerns people are having. This is a good time to come with feedback if you have concerns or suggestions on this approach. Unchecking the "I want my profile to be available on the web." option will hide the profile completely from the web.
  5. Based on your feedback regarding privacy here is the new privacy settings section we are working on: For Groups, Picks and Classifieds there will be three tiers choosable by the customer. Either: Friends only Second Life only (logged into the Viewer or Web) Everyone (browsable by anyone on the Web) By default for our existing customers we will have these things set to "Second Life only", just as everyone is used to. In addition people will be able to uncheck individual groups that they wish NOBODY to see. This is in addition to the privacy choices above. I hope this meets the overridin
  6. Just a heads up that we are working on improving load times when opening profiles in the VIewer. The first time a profile is opened you will be logged in using OpenID which can take a few seconds, but won't happen on subsequent requests as you are already logged in then. Rest assured that we'll improve this in a future release of the Viewer.
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback on web based profiles! We are listening to everyone's concerns and will adapt our privacy settings accordingly. We are been following JIRAs, forum threads and blog posts. Meanwhile, let me try to clarify some of the privacy concerns people are having: The ability to associate your profile with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is opt-in and will remain so. We don't expose or store any sensitive data when the verification is done apart from the associated profile links. This feature isn't in any way linked to the "Share This" widget. The ability to Like and Twe
  8. The SSL Handshake Failed is a known issue that is fixed and will be released in Viewer 2.5 Beta 2. Some users could fix this by opening their profile in Internet Explorer one time to import the SSL certificate properly on Windows. Give it a try while waiting for Beta 2!
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