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  1. And what about some of those games such as PI games which becaues they put the word Tournament after the name on games where you get 20k in points pretty much randomly (many times its not even there). A game that is kinda sorta but not really multiplayer doesn't make it legal or within TOS. Bingo is a kind of tournament game. RL casinos have slot tournaments. I won't name names but more than a few individuals in the game industry in SL are not only perplexed, frustrated, and even sickened why blatant games of chance have been approved by PI games while they struggle to be compliant Can I as
  2. I absolutely agree that if Applicants are being rejected, after spending thousands of dollars on legal advice etc etc, then the least they deserve is an explanation as to why and how their application failed. Although it does seem really unfair, its also not surprising. There was always that possibility that some would spend a lot of real money, only to be rejected by Linden Labs. Its a case of "you pays your money and takes your chance" but at the very least they should be entitled to, and expect, an explanation.
  3. Or they maybe Approved Owners with Approved Games and people playing them? Some places have gone yes, but all that happens is those people that can't play there anymore, move to another, so yup, the remaining ones will get busy. People will move around until they find their "fave" and stay. As more and more games get approved it will basically go back to as it was, with those living in the banned States unable to enter. For the rest of us...not a lot of change. Right now there isn't as much choice of games but that won't last long. It didn't before, and it won't this time.
  4. If you don't live in a banned State, has Payment Information on File and is getting the message from FS about unknown content, then try removing the card details from your account, and re-adding them. Yes, it seems odd that you have to take out and put back in the same details but it should work. Once you've re-added, add the reason e.g. to buy lindens in world and see if your statues changes to "In Use". If it does, then I don't think you have to buy any lindens to get in. That is how it worked for me. Good luck.
  5. :matte-motes-whistle: lol think so, chances are...maybe
  6. Thanks everyone for your input, it was appreciated.
  7. Today I tried an alt that hasn't bought lindens since 2008 and got in fine with no issues. Stormie, with the exact same settings, bought lindens yesterday and still cannot get in. So I think its just pot luck, random...it either lets you in, or it doesn't. I finally got in, but don'ttttt go out there..its bedlam :smileyvery-happy:
  8. What you say does make sense in that it has to be a region setting, but what set off the confusion is that some are allowed in and others are not, with no common link for allowing or disallowing. So although what you say makes sense, surely everyone would be affected and would need to await an update?
  9. Valid points. Just seems a lot of expense and work because some USA States don't allow their citizens to gamble. But the law is the law and that I understand.
  10. So you think they will base their opinion on the Creators description? Who has a vested interest in getting approval?
  11. No not a premium member. Yes I am age verified. To be honest it was so many years ago I cant recall exactly what I did. I do know it was a lot of faffin back and forth and finally got in. But food for thought, will update all that information again and see if that helps Thanks everyone for your input. It is appreciated.
  12. lol oh God I do hope not, but that was a great point about my IP..no its not a proxy and its showing the area I live in...give or take a few miles..I guess just have to wait n see what developes after the 1st. If a lot get this problem, Im sure LL will state clearer what will satisfy them. Owners are going to lose out big time from the high rollers I know that will no longer be allowed in, so Im sure they'll do everything they can to get the ones in that are allowed.
  13. Thanks but that's the reason for my post. I live in the UK, not one of the banned 10 States.... I have Payment Information on file... I am age verified..my billing address is up to date and shows a UK address... so having passed all their criteria to enter, the only thing remaining is this.. If this information is not available or does not satisfy the requirements, you will not be able to access the region. So as all this information is available to them, but does not satisfy their requirements, Im trying to find out what will satisfy.
  14. Very wary of asking LL for help, did that once and they shut my account for 6 weeks...was so not worth it. But you do seem to verify what others in world are saying...its just a total random thing..some can, some cant. Interesting theory about updating billing information. Will give that a shot. Thanks.
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