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  1. Has the restarts been delayed I noticed my region has not been restarted today as its late and we are now in the middle of our shows for today, I don't really want the restart during artists performing, usually been done before we start our shows
  2. Can confirm this too since the 14th December nothing from inworld, no ims, no group notices, nothing from any scripted objects or vendors
  3. May I ask a question on the crashing issue with OpenGL Driver issue. Is your Nvidia Card Overclocked? I had this issue for quite some time crashing very randomnly with the TDR and could not find an answer anywhere. I was in contact with nvidia support giving logs and doing all the tests they recommended and still no joy. It was only when it was accelerated to a higher Tech person that they asked me to take take my card settings down to the recommended specifications, as my card was definately overclocked Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti. Since doing this I have not crashed once since April - 6 months
  4. I'm too sure but I thought I read somewhere that some servers are now obsolete or being discontinued, and the accounts that were on these servers could not log in to their Account.
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