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  1. Things to try: 1) Lower graphics settings, especially draw distance, especially when moving. Don't forget to lower the Avatar Complexity setting if you're on the LL viewer. 2) Wear system everything, no mesh, no prims, nothing scripted. What matters more to you, seeing your hair or the event? :matte-motes-smile: 3) Ditch the AO. Who cares if you're duckwalking, it can really help. 4) Try a different viewer. The first three are my standards for things like Hair Fair. A friend used to have to switch viewers for events, but that was a while ago. Also, go slowly so your viewer doesn't have to cope with so much new stuff at once. Waiting for a slower time of day helps too. If you really want to be in a particular place at a particular time, try moving your av to the place ahead of time when it's quieter and leaving it there. Hopefully something in there will be enough to let you visit successfully.
  2. Cost to upload is a good check, if it shoots up then something's gone wrong (like forgetting to change to the square cube dae for physics). Mostly I look at density of lines when it's in edit, have vague ideas about target numbers of verts and tris, and ask myself if I would be embarrassed if Drongle and Arton inspected it on the main grid. Which isn't exactly scientific but is a good way of getting over the But I Want it to be Pretty side of things. :matte-motes-smile: Demanding of myself that it holds up in lowest LoD and checking out how it fares with graphics minimised are probably better practical helps though, especially when I build the highest LoD version with the lowest in mind. I guess my working "definition" is doing the most with the least.
  3. What was wrong with my post? Would one of the critics please kindly tell me how it was so dreadful? Working with mesh takes both out of world and inworld knowledge and skills. I suggested where to look to begin that process. Given the way the original post started (am in SL waiting for more WoW and want to import WoW avs and bought this WoW av already), was it so horrible I didn't write a massive post trying to teach someone new about building in SL when there is every chance the person will disappear when the new WoW content arrives? Most of my post focused on the intellectual property aspect because most of the initial post focused on violating it. Getting that point home seemed rather important. I guess people could jump on me for not forseeing the common negative blame the messenger reaction to unwanted information. Should I have treated the poster like a child and made it all sweet and syrupy instead? Was I wrong to write with the assumption that he or she (or you, depending on who is reading this) was grown up enough to deal with the disappointment maturely? Was it offensive to mention that the purchased WoW av could be removed from inventory without compensation? Surely that is worth knowing before any more money is risked. How about including the fact that making such purchases is supporting theft, should I not have done that? If the original post had been about making fantasy avatars from original art work and designs, I would have directed the question to the mesh section in the creation forum because my knowledge doesn't include rigging or working with organic shapes. As it was, I saw an opportunity to flesh out Chic's post and add one which was a bit softer. Judging from the judgemental reactions from some of the readers, it feels like it was just a waste of my time. If I did inadvertently write something objectionable, would someone please kindly point out to me what I did wrong? Thank you.
  4. My definition of low poly is what I make after I'ver realised the shiny new technique I learned from the nice video isn't suitable for SL. :matte-motes-smile:
  5. Canoro Philipp wrote: I understand what the division would mean, but do you really want to lose friends that don't have the hardware enough to keep up with the latest changes? I read comments from all around the world that they are being forced to leave Second Life, that they have better priorities in life than buying a new computer, that what they earned in Second Life help them pay the bills. wouldn't it be nice that they could stay in a world that their computers can handle, and you could still go and visit them? Right. So, instead of using something simple like email to stay in touch with those who have left SL for one reason or another, you want me to hop back and forth between multiple versions in hopes of logging in at the right times to visit with Friend A in Ye Olde Version 1 who has a lousy internet connection, Friend B who stayed in Ye Olde Version 2 because that's where her best friend and sim-mate needs to be because his mother's dog ate the mouse, Friend C who is set in his ways and likes Version 3, and Version 4 cause that's where my shop is cause that's where the vast majority of shoppers are and my field is nicher than niche. When, in all of that, am I supposed to build anything new for my shop? According to your plan, I'm going to be spending all of my time version-hopping instead of carrying on two conversations while testing new textures and waiting for someone else to log in. And speaking of testing new textures, we're going to be in a bit of a pickle because that Friend C, the one who is set in his ways, is my much obliging guinea pig for trying things on and testing against different male skin tones. Friend B helps me with scripts and is my go to for checking perms and stuff right before a hunt. It wouldn't be the same without both of them in the same world and the likelihood of them being in different versions is about 100%. I'm going to need your help in managing all of this. Would you like to be my store assistant and secretary? I won't be able to pay you, especially after my customer base is fragmented. I'm sure you won't mind. :matte-motes-smile:
  6. Do you really spend your Second Life just hanging around your own parcel, pottering around with a few bits and bobs, maybe chatting with a friend or two, and taking the occasional visit to a Linden area? Do your friends mean so little to you that you'd be willing to ditch those who don't own the level of technology for the version you want to spend most of your time on? Those sorts of scenarios are the reality of your proposition. Either you haven't really thought this through or you do not understand SL. We need more people involved, not spread over multiple versions.
  7. Mesh objects can have a decimal LI (.5, 1.3, 1.6 etc), which gets rounded up or down to the nearest integer (1, 2, 3, etc). So a .5 LI mesh object on its own will be counted as 1 LI -- except when its linked to another .5 LI mesh object. .5 + .5 = 1, so the LI for the two linked together will be 1. A 1.4 LI mesh object on its own will be rounded down to 1 :matte-motes-smile:, but two linked together will be 2.8 and that gets rounded up to 3 :matte-motes-frown:. Prims (especially shaped or tortured prims) and sculpts can give out of control LI when linked with mesh, so be very careful there. Scripts cause each piece to count as one LI, including bits linked within what seems to be a single mesh object. Easy rule of thumb: don't link scripted pieces unless you have to and check your LI frequently so it's easier to find the culprit if it skyrockets. There's an easy to overlook Info button in the Edit window which can give you specific numbers, but most of the time it's simpler to just link them together and see if it affects the LI favourably.
  8. Your WoW avatar isnt really yours, regardless of how much time and emotion you've invested in it. All of the visuals still belong to WoW, so what you're asking us to do is to teach you how to bring stolen assets and intellectual property into SL. That's not going to go down well. Have a read of this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property If the IP owners file legal notice, LL is legally obligated to remove the stolen property from SL. This could well include what you have already purchased. You won't be compensated for the loss either. Your money will have gone to the thief. If you're interested in being in SL rather than a WoW simulacrum and want to learn how to build, search inworld or online for building tutorials and classes. Builders Brewery has some good classes in the basics.
  9. I don't go in for just ditching people who don't play by my rules, so I used to use an alt account when I needed time alone and just wanted to wander around looking at gardens and pretty things people had made. (RL work was long days at that point because we were helping a family in the immediate aftermath of a suicide and when I got home words and television and chatter were the last things I needed. A while of not thinking in calm surroundings helped me recharge for the next day and made a big difference.) Building on an alt didn't really work for me though and I've found that the majority of friends would only IM a couple of times before they just stopped initiating contact if I said I was working on a project. (Which meant the onus was on me to keep trying to find a time when they were free, and generally failing.) I have three now who are both respectful and resilient, which is great, but I wonder if some of the other friendships might not have been cut a bit short. Alts can be misused, but there are genuine uses for them when people want to use SL for different things, whether it's building sometimes, being alone or socialising.
  10. Another vote for the one guy with three accounts hypothesis. He may have observed you with the other two, or talked with someone who did, and was paying enough attention to remember, but the not letting it go quality of his subsequent contact with you fits with the not letting go quality of trying again with another account. I wouldn't worry about it, just carry on with your SL and maybe try hanging out at different places for awhile. Also be careful with the amount of RL information you give out, but that's always good advice.
  11. Definitely. Some of my creator friends are old school builders who want to be able to just drop textures onto their objects inworld rather than spend their building time fussing with AO layers, complicated layouts and software. They also like mesh with lots of faces to facilitate that. And given how many FP mesh creators see lots of faces as a feature, that approach is probably popular. I tend to get frustrated with the way a lot of inworld textures have beautiful shade and highlights which make for lovely little squares but unfortunate unintended patterns of light and dark when scaled down and repeated. I still buy, but not as much as I would like to. I end up making my own textures to get away from that. But then I'm making more and more of my own mesh because I don't like the way most FP mesh UVs are laid out. It feels like I'm a minority, stuck in between the everything from scratch crowd and the ones who get very creative with bits and pieces others have made. I will always have a look to see what I can find though. Anyway, there is still a market for textures. You know how RL quilters collect pretty fabrics? Some people do that in SL with textures too. :matte-motes-smile:Are you thinking of tying some of them in with your mod bed or other products? That could be a winner with new residents and introduce them to one of SL's greatest strengths, DIY customisation.
  12. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Nothing but a full body alpha layer. Second Life: Taking naked to a whole new level.
  13. Tamara Artis wrote: Classic avatars are part of the past, these days everyone buys body parts and wears them Sorry, but no. There are still plenty of us running around SL quite happily in our system avs. There is so much diversity and so many choices and so much to learn those are who new might want to look around a bit and get the hang of things before investing in body parts. Holly - If you haven't found them already, use inworld search to look for Free Dove. (Taxi here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/138/110/33) Designers put out free things for new players (and anyone else) to pick up and use; some of it is really good. There will probably be some nice shoes, along with different styles of clothing. It's a good way to try out different things and start exploring. Good luck and welcome to Second Life.
  14. I hope the new default values don't send the wrong message to creators and others. I can see some people interpreting this not as an incentive to build or style more efficiently, but more in terms of thinking they are wasting complexity if they don't hit those numbers. (Reply not to arton specifically, though he or she is probably at least 70% responsible for my drive to improve efficiency in my mesh work :matte-motes-smile:, but to the numbers in arton's post.)
  15. That looks really nice. I will make sure to stop by later and will tell friends.
  16. Don't forget to pay the telly people to set complexity high enough to see you, love. After you've gone through all of that, it would be such a shame if they kept asking why someone would pick such a strange pink avatar. :matte-motes-smile:
  17. Something that shows off the creative potential for different forms of expression. It wouldn't represent the best of SL if everyone showed up in standard business wear. Maybe something that was neat and tailored, but from another time period or an unexpected country. I promise not to do ninja kicks while dressed as a geisha though. :matte-motes-smile:
  18. AdamZadig wrote: Like ChinRey I will give my final thoughts on this group and what it represents. It's a way to show that you are the original creator of the entire item. Sometimes in the past I have purchased an item and soon after realised it was cheaper to buy the original full perm version which is sold by the original creator. It's not saying as a buyer you shouldnt buy full perm items, its just a place for those who create their own to have a group to promote themselves. I do not see anything pretentious or pat eachother on the back about the group. Every niche in Second Life has a group. And it has stores that are both small and large in regards to reputation and popularity. I'm kinda disappointed with the negative feedback its got in the forums. I dont see the harm it does to have a logo that says you created somehting yourself from scratch. Yes anyone can claim they do when they dont but thats not a reason for those who genuinely create their own not to want to advertise the fact. Final then? In hopes you return with an open mind, here are some of my thoughts. Original work, especially mesh, is a strong selling point if the quality of the work holds up. But of course you don't need a group to tell people that you created everything from scratch. A simple sign or tag line works too. I'm not sure how the decision makers in a group would gain that level of certainty for that level of originality unless they forced their members to send all texture and dae files to them. My guess is that there has to be a fair bit of accepting someone's word on it. Some shoppers may be impressed by the logo and think it means more than it really does. This particular group has created more than a little enmity for itself however and some shoppers might decide to go elsewhere. Maybe you don't care about that. Maybe they're not your target audience anyway. It's up to you to decide whether the possible benefits are worth the possible costs. But it really isn't fair to get peevish with people who are letting you know about that enmity. Sometimes finished products ARE more expensive than the original full perm mesh. But then you are buying more, and in some cases it may well be worth it if something is skillfully textured or has a great animation set. Does that red herring have anything to do with the rest of the discussion here? Unless I've read ChinRey's posts wrong, SLOCCA doesn't just exclude the use of FP mesh created by others. It also forbids the SELLING of FP mesh by its members. I gather this is because they feel it discourages originality within SL. That's absurd. Someone who wants to help out other builders or sells FP because it's another market for their work is no less original than someone who doesn't and encouraging more people to build encourages more creativity in SL, which in turn encourages more originality. Surely I'm not the only one who's moved from working with FP mesh to battling the Blender beast. Is that mindset something you want to support and align yourself with? Putting their logo on your work is more than just telling others you created your items all by yourself. NO ONE here is saying to hide the fact that it's original work. They're just suggesting that this specific way of doing it comes with a few complications you might want to take into consideration.
  19. Imagine you've arrived in a large city like London or New York, one comprised of countless communities of people from all over the world which variously intersect or ignore each other in countless ways. SL is that complex. Could you understand it by sitting in a coffee shop chatting to whoever happens to wander by? And for all that many here use it as escapism, it does seem that most bring their real lives and selves with them in one way or another.
  20. It worked! The first time. Had to cobble two bits of script together, but I got all of the curlicues in the right places. :} One of the hunt organisers kindly added a One Per Av bit to the hunt giver script for me, so it will at least slow down acquisition. The printing plate is stocked with 15 copies of the currency note and the information notecard encourages any role players to talk with me if they would like a different set up. The printing plate only gives the stocked currency to the owner of the plate, so it's a rough simulation of printing the money. Maybe I'll get fancy and make a printing anim to go with the sales version. The friends who tested it for me are treating it like a fun toy, you know one of those toddlers' things where blocks fall out and you stuff them back in the top. :matte-motes-smile: The owner of the plate can then give the currency to others, so no one else can game it unless the owner changes the script to open access. Maybe I could do something like offer to add a custom watermark if a RP community wants to prevent gaming altogether. Then it wouldn't matter if someone else bought their own or took every alt into my shop during the hunt. Mostly I wanted something a bit different to get away from more ancient art to go on the wall. The initial feedback has been positive, so I might lose out on a couple of sales doing it this way (like Mongolian trade/Marco Polo is a lucrative area of RP :matte-motes-smile:) but hopefully will gain more from people just liking it. I appreciate all of the feedback very much. I'm not an RPer so any help in understanding their needs is great.
  21. The first use of this will be part of a package for a hunt prize. The restocking idea is simple enough and stowing multiple copies of the bank note in the printing plate will tidy up the package, so I'm going to go with that for the hunt. Though rereading some things whilst writing up the stealth history lesson, erm, notecard for unsuspecting hunters :matte-motes-smile:, reminded me that rampant overprinting of currency (and subsequent inflation) was part of Mongolian history, so maybe I should just let that possibility be built in after all. :matte-motes-smile: I am going to come back to your suggestions, Rolig, and any others may make, for the version that goes on sale and some other projects in the pipeline. Thanks to both of you. If any RPers see this and want to chime in or IM me with suggestions for how they'd like it to work, feel free.
  22. This is probably a noob question, working with scripts is not my forte and what I've read in the forums has just confused me. I'm putting together a role play package which includes a historic (late 13th cen) printing plate and paper currency and thought it would be fun if the printing plate gave out the notes to its owner, rather than just including a bunch of them loose in the package. Since currency is controlled by officials, no copy/yes trans is a nicely realistic set of perms. (Yes copy, no trans is pointless of course and full perm money is, in theory at least, a bit yikes. :matte-motes-smile:) Relying on the owner to change perms before giving them out in RP is one way, but it would be nice to take that burden from them if possible. Giving the owner copy/trans notes would also mean that he or she would only have to use it once, after which the printing plate would become nothing more than decor. I'd like to make it more RP-functional if possible. Is there a work around to the inability to change perms? Temp rez solutions won't work. Something that rezes the currency would, as long as it gives no copy. Any ideas for other (non-script) approaches? If not, is there a JIRA to set perms for owner after next owner or something similar you can point me to? :matte-motes-smile: We need that sort of thing.
  23. Could you have possibly uploaded the wrong version of a LoD level when you came onto the main grid? That's always turned out to be the source of wonky texture issues for me, but then I'm not doing anything anywhere near as complex as an avatar. It's easy enough to test for if you think to watch for changes as you zoom in and out. Remembering to think of that early on is usually my short coming. :matte-motes-smile:
  24. Talligurl wrote: What do the poor people who cannot see the awesomeness that is me need to do? Apply to the Fashionista Financial Assistance Programme for a grant to buy a faster computer. Have you made your donation yet? :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
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