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  1. This is the generically unpacked UV for a piece of my current project. It's probably good enough for what I'm after. All of that blank space sends horrors of texture inefficiency up my spine however. But does that still matter if I use a 256 seamless repeated texture instead of a fancy baked shadows one? I can't see how it would, because a 256x256 is a 256x256. It's going to bug me if it's just my guess though. Hopefully that's clear enough because trying to write more is just confusing me. :matte-motes-smile:
  2. I had a box camera rather like that when I was a kid. Absolutely adored it and was very cross when my mum made me use a "better" one instead. The supposed upgrade was a thin, soulless rectangle which I loathed with every fiber of my 9 year old steampunk heart. If only it had been fashionable then. :matte-motes-smile: It was a roll your own and since I didn't know automatic I didn't think twice about it. The focusing mechanism wasn't hard on mine (which had been my grandfather's). It probably would confuse a lot of people today, but just looking at the picture I can remember how to use one. Haven't thought about that wee beauty in decades, thanks for the memories Theresa.
  3. Phil Deakins wrote: Bitsy Buccaneer wrote: I am confused. Could someone please explain to me how using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into is using SL to the full? Am I being thick or something? No, you're not being thick, but you're not up on all that has been said. There is a level of learning at which SL can be used to the full; i.e. go anywhere, do whatever is there and interact with people. That's the simple "using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into" level of learning. After that more can be learned to enable a person to get more out of SL. By 'to the full' I didn't mean the fullness of SL. I've said that before, and it's the part you're not up on. I doubt that very many people are able to use the fullness of SL. Examples: I think I'd be right in saying that most users are unable to write scripts, make animations, etc. I've been here coming up to 10 years, and there's an awful lot that I still don't know how to do, and I've no desire to know how to do. And yet I've used SL 'to the full' right from the the start. That is the strangest definition of "using [something] to the full" I've ever heard of. Now I'm wondering what your definition of "you're not up on all that has been said" is. Most people I think would hear that as an assertion that I hadn't read it all or hadn't read it carefully enough. I did read the entire thread and did my best to read it carefully and follow its twists and turns and convolutions. Perhaps the phrase means something else in your mind.
  4. I am confused. Could someone please explain to me how using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into is using SL to the full? Am I being thick or something?
  5. Not working anymore. Cannot figure out why it did, then didn't. The nvidia site wasn't easy to negotiate at all, but finally found a compatible driver with "mac sierra" in the site search. Time to try inworld again, fingers crossed. Am curious if this will adversely affect my computer's overall performance, especially on things other than SL.
  6. Installed Sierra at the weekend, everything was fine until this morning. It doesn't like one store thats always been a lag monster. Taking it slowly to enter sort of worked, till it didn't. Switching to wireframe worked even better. Like no lag. And I could still see where the MM boards were. Not what's on them, or any of the vendor boards.... For the moment at least this work around is amusing me. And whirly, if you wonder about a series of repeated crashes on your log reports this morning, that may have just been me, trying out different combinations of things to look for a less permanent workaround than changing drivers. :matte-motes-smile: Lowest complexity settings and LoD = 0 may help too.
  7. Scalar Tardis wrote: The much cheaper alternative is to grab a spare desktop computer and install OpenSim on it, but then I am left with an absolutely blank slate and an inability to allow our students to experience what other educators have developed in Second Life. You'd have a blank slate to begin with in SL too. Since that's your starting place, how can you make it a genuine feature instead of a bug? Something like shifting the focus slightly to co-operatively creating a world, with the modeling and scripting to support that. Such a programme might draw in a broader range of interests.
  8. My twin brother grew his wings shortly after we hatched in 2009. He had a two month head start on me, but mine never appeared and the prosthetic ones never felt right. It seems that wings are a boy thing in our family. Dad was a fairy too and Mum had her hands full. I like realism because it can be subverted.
  9. I don't know what your friends are like, but mine are all people I can trust to be honest with me. Disagreements and differences of opinion or taste really aren't a problem or a threat to the relationship. They're a pretty diverse lot too, in temperaments, opinions, degree of tact, pretty much everything. So I'm not sure I'm happy to along with your suggestion that they're like minded. Some of the people I've talked about this with were more contact-friends than friend-friends, so perhaps they might lie to me or dissemble for that sake of social purposes but the responses were quicker than that and more enthusiastic. Plus some random conversations here and there too. Not everyone thought that they would use a modular inventory, but those who didn't could see the benefit for someone else they knew. It was the diversity of those who thought it sounded useful that finally got me to post here. If it had just been me and a few mates, I never would have worked up the courage to put myself on the line like this. Right now, I honestly wish I hadn't. You are quite right about the lack of an emotional connection amongst forum regulars and new posters. There are lovely people in the creation forums (mesh & scripting especially), but in other sections it can be frustrating and lonely for those of us who aren't in with the cliques. More than that, there are enough never going to work suggestions put forward by newish residents that it probably does become a reflex to automatically say no. This past summer when I was participating more often, I stopped myself on many occasions because I didn't want to go down that route. And then there's the way people can all pile in on top of someone who has an unpopular opinion. At least that didn't happen to me here. I've thought a lot about what you said and to be honest, I'm still scratching my head over it. It just doesn't fit with what I've seen of my friends, the pool of inworld opinion I drew on, or the forums.
  10. Take it away, Qie. I'm not sure the thread has ever been on topic really. If you can make better use of the space, go for it. Or perhaps we can speculate on the differences between the reception here and inworld, where everyone I've mentioned it to thinks it sounds grand. I'm really curious why it's been like night and day. Maybe we should just post funny cat videos instead. :matte-motes-smile: Anyway, sorry to waste everyone's time.
  11. Yes, you can pay (give money to) any other avatar of your choosing, including your own. Having an 'alt' (additional account) is fairly common and it's not hard to transfer money between them. Set up your 2nd account, then send a Friend Request to your first (not necessary but it makes it easier to find each other). There will be a Pay button on the Profile for your new account. Use that to send your lindens to your new account. Check the permissions on the items you bought. They are probably no transfer, which means exactly that, no transfering between avs. But they might be transferable so it's worth a look. After the name of the item it will say something like no copy or no trans. A 'no copy' item can be given to another av. Since it can't be copied, the first av will no longer have it. Hope that isn't too confusing, it will all become second nature soon enough. (edit: If you're not sure, just try dragging the item from your inventory onto the other avatar's profile and see what happens. It will either go to that av or you'll get a message saying you can't.) Welcome to SL. :matte-motes-smile:
  12. That's not what I meant at all, Parhelion. Let me try this again. I think at some point in the future tech will improve to the point where VR is no longer cutting edge and an open SL style environment is possible. Not going to argue about how far in the future, but given how fast related technologies have progressed I don't think it's remiss to for a company like Linden Lab to be moving in that direction. I think Sansar is where they are learning how to do that. This doesn't negate Sansar being a stand alone project and it doesn't say anything specific about a future relationship between Sansar and SL. But I do think SL will want to keep us sandboxers around so we can populate an open VR world. If they trash SL, they would have to start over with that. So basically I think SL will be here until it becomes VR. At which point, Sansar may be whatever comes after whatever comes after VR. As Qie said, SL may become one of those worlds in Sansar, or perhaps several of them that we can travel between. That level of speculation is fun, but the real question is whether or not were going to get booted from SL, right? I don't think we are.
  13. Sassy: Folders don't need to reduce the number of items in inventory. My reply: Huh? The question was whether there was something wrong with folders. Nothing really wrong with them, but they're not suited for an important objective of this proposal, reducing the number of items in daily use inventory. That's MY main goal. It's the one the friends I've spoken with about this latched onto first. So I don't understand what you're on about with your statement above, except as it suggests misunderstanding. Sassy: Inventory systems CAN be bulk searched, depending on the system. If I wrote one, it would log the prim content to SQL server along with a suitable picture and rich keywording, then you'd just search that system and it would auto-rez and unpack the right box. Not a big task for a modern inventory system. My reply: Then amend my statement to "Inventory system which are not dependent on external servers" please. Since I have no experience in coding, I would be dependent on others. And to be frank, using something from a random anonymous avatar on the marketplace with that much influence over my inventory seems a wee bit more of a risk than I'm happy to take. Sassy: To me, yes it sounds like a solution looking for a problem. I've just had a quick look, my 68,000 item inventory takes me 22 seconds from login button to inworld, I don't see that as a problem. If I wanted to swap to a different category of inventory per the proposal, i'd need to stop what I was doing, logout, choose another inventory thing and login again. Surely that overhead has already negated any extra time you may experience? *shrugs* My reply: Oh for the days when I was at 68,000. My inventory didn't start acting up until about 90K. Logging in takes significantly longer. Opening a 2nd inventory window takes significantly longer. Items are more likely to disappear for a spell. Doesn't happen all the time, but more often than I'd like. Comparing performance on my main and alt (same computer, same internet, some 99,000 difference in inventory sizes) suggests that it does make a difference. And even if it didn't, I would still like to get some things out of the way. There are items I rarely use but would like to keep organised in my existing folder structure. I would also like to be able to continue to search for them in inventory instead of slogging through boxes or relying on an anonymous stranger's external server. I want them out of the way, items, folders, the lot. Relogging for that one time in a year when I need them isn't that big a deal to me. If I found I wanted certain things often enough that they were better off in a more frequently used section, then they could just be moved again. I wouldn't expect my initial choices to necessarily be right the first time or to always be the best ones. My idea would add flexibility which would make it easier I think to change inventory organisation as our second lives change. I would also like to have a clean slate module for specific projects. My personal examples would be building/texturing, sorting and reorganising. Since I generally decide to work on those before I log in, choosing a module to log in with wouldn't have to be any more complicated than picking Aditi over Agni. The two benefits would be less visual distractions in the inventory window and it could stay that way, exactly how I left it, no matter how long it was till I got back to it. Working from the mass of folders of everything I own in SL is visually distracting for me and makes it harder for me to work efficiently. It's one of the reasons why my inworld projects get started but not finished. Maybe I'm alone in this. Maybe I'm not. Sassy: I understand that it's an idea that would work for you and not me, people work in different ways but i'm still not clear what the actual problem is that needs solving here? Better searching, better categorising, better cataloguing I can accept but a need to leave lumps of my inventory behind when I login? That's the part I don't see as a "benefit" with this solution and it feels to me like the actual thing you want to address wouldn't need to leave behind inventory either, if only it was presented in a different way? My reply: Let's try this again. I have many items I would like to keep but do not need or want frequent access to. I would like to have them out of the way 364 days a year. I would like to preserve the folder structures and inworld search for them. So how do I do that using currently available means?
  14. My read on the situation is that Sansar is (at present) more about limited, controlled experiences. That makes sense because it reduces the glorious chaos and cacophany of textures and objects that is SL. As tech improves, the need for that degree of optimisation will decrease. Eventually (and perhaps much sooner than us commoners might think), everything will advance enough that an open-ended SL style environment is manageable. So I think Sansar is where LL is learning how to build their end of it. If that's the case, they would want SL to continue until it can be more or less merged or VR elements added into the SL viewer. (I'm sure I've gotten some of the wording wrong because I'm not a tech expert, so please read for the big picture and ideas not specifics.)
  15. It's not perfect, but I Wear/Add boxes and furniture to check out what they are. It's quicker for me than the whole rez/delete routine and (depending on what it is) sometimes adds a touch of daft humour to proceedings. Pictures are very helpful, but it helps so much more to actually see it inworld in the intended environment. At least for me, though I'm beginning to feel like I'm weirder than weird amongst the forum so maybe it doesn't matter. Anyway, that's my wee practice for speeding up the process marginally. edit: PS: reply intended for Prok, not ChinRey. PPS: Do you annotate your folders with keywords? That gets around no mod, gives more characters to work with and works with search. For furniture, I tend to use locations where the item was (or still is) used. The villa was taken down over a year ago, but I remember what was in the White Parlor and on the Blue Porch so while there is no way I'm going to remember the name of the chaise with the animations I like, I can find it by searching for Blue Porch. Don't know if any of that will help you, but maybe it will spark ideas for something that will.
  16. Folders don't reduce the total number of items in the inventory. (How did this get to be all about folders?) Inventory systems and prims can't be bulk searched. I've used landscaping items exactly once in the last two years, but my inventory still does whatever it does with them every time I log on. It takes longer for my 8 year old av to log in than my brand new building alt, so it is doing something that takes time and resources. Now I could pack it all up into boxes and I could even use boxes in boxes to simulate the layered folder structure I carefully made. It would take some time, but it could be done. That's fine - until I want to use them again. If it was a major job, then it might be worth rezzing all of the boxes and copying it all back into inventory and going from there. (And then deleting it all again, being careful yet again to not purge any no copy items by accident.) But if I was just adding a few things to a small area of the sim? Not really. I could take photos of every item and make a database on my hard drive. I did some of that. It was tedious, annoying and became misleading when I got a new computer and a better graphics card. I would love to be able to park that entire folder structure and all of those items somewhere else that could be more or less ignored until needed. Then when I want it, it's all right there ready to use. All I would have to do is relog, which isn't that difficult. Furniture & decor also fall in that category for me. We don't have a proper house on the sim at the moment, but probably will in the future. A lot of the furniture "should" be replaced since it's old and primmy, but some of it has memories and good animations and might be fun to experiment with in Penny's holodeck approach. Being able to park the items and existing folder structure elsewhere would be the best solution at the present moment and the one which allows for the greatest flexibility in the future. Pretty much all of my shop inventory could be parked as well. It's low maintenance stuff and I really only need it when I set up for an event. All in all, it would be easy for me to move at least 1/3rd of the items in my inventory elsewhere and not miss them at all on a daily basis. Then when I do need them, it would be easier for me to log in with that module (and preserved, intact, annotated folder structures) than dig out, rez and search through storage prims. I've mentioned the idea to several friends and they thought it would be great. One would like to use it for hunting and sorting through what can easily be 100 new items per hunt. It could potentially help anyone who has fallen behind in sorting inventory. That includes myself. I got behind during my lost year before surgery and what with cognitive impairments and continuing chronic health problems I've never managed to catch up. My SL has also changed markedly over these 8 years and some of the folder organisations I so carefully made aren't really relevant anymore. Moving those over to a separate area would make it easier for me to go through them, save what's worth saving and reorganise it to better work with my current SL needs and practices. More manageable bits + a sense of progress and accomplishment would go a long way towards helping some of us with out of control inventories. I think it would help me reduce my daily inventory by at least another 1/3rd. Probably half of that could be archived for unpredicted future needs and half could be purged altogether. So if this were implemented, I could immediately take my daily "in-use" inventory from 100,000 to something like 65,000 and whittle the rest down to less than 30,000. All without losing the benefits of searchable folders. 100,000 to 30,000 is formidable. 65,000 to 30,000 in small bites is very doable, especially if I don't have to go through the whole box it up and figure out how to make it findable again schtick. As I mentioned in my OP, those who are happy with things as they are would be free to ignore it altogether. There will naturally be people who want all of their furniture or landscaping handy but have other stuff they'd be happy to park in folders in a virtual attic. Like back up boxes of all the different sizes mesh clothing comes in these days so it's there when they get a new mesh body but out of the way until then. Or maybe an immersive RPer would prefer to know that whatever search brings up will suit the RP setting. If I did more inworld building, I would love to have a FP only module because I could use all of the visual space of the inventory window for building supplies. In folders, of course, but only a layer or two deep instead of folders within folders within folders within folders. A RL analogy would be a proper workshop or sewing room instead of setting up on the kitchen table amongst the rest of family life. It seems like a way to add significant flexibility to inventory management and give us a potentially powerful and useful option. It won't be for everyone. I never thought or said it would be. Comparing it to folders seems to the wrong step IMO and I apologise if there was anything in my OP which encouraged it. Better I think to compare it to prim stuffing or inventory search vs wading through inventory boxes. Ultimately, it would be a way to log in with a lower inventory count while archiving infrequently used items (or items used in specific circumstances) with the folder structures intact and searchable. Does it still sound so pointless?
  17. For what it's worth, the jumping I had problems with in the welcome area was horizontally over gaps. Had to do it three times in succession too, which can be tricky to get right if there's some sort of lag (server or viewer side I would guess) or manual dexterity issues. I would typically get the first one, miss on the 2nd or 3rd, and then have to jump climb up the giant stairs to get back and start again. Fortunately it went smoothly on a different day. Not sure what was different on my end (connection, etc), but I do know there weren't any other avs around. Jumping up in the air, up onto something, or going along on relatively solid ground are much easier (and in my SL at least, far more common).
  18. Don't forget to check your email (including the spam folder) too. I got a building alt onto the beta grid successfully a few weeks ago, but they asked a couple of questions before directing the case to the right person. If they've asked you something and you don't respond, they'll assume all is well and close the case. If you want to upload mesh on the beta grid, you need to take the mesh test for Aditi as well via your Aditi account page. (Payment Info on File carries over from main to beta, although the Aditi account page won't reflect that.) https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/ There are a couple of recent threads with more information too.
  19. Yeah, I know what the best can do. I also know that I will never be one of them. Maybe I should just throw it in. Certainly don't want to add to lag and stuff.
  20. ChinRey wrote: Rolig Loon wrote: I think the Linden Lab default is still 1.25, which is ridiculously low. Not at all! Any mesh maker knows how to make low LI mesh that works perfectly well with LoD factor 1.0. Those who don't, are mesh fakers. That hurts.
  21. Ouch. So it's basically a stupid enough idea I sound like a noob who doesn't know about folders?
  22. I made a new building alt (an additional account specifically for working on building projects) a few weeks ago and thought I would do the welcome tutorial to find out more about what new people experience. Not sure if it was something to do with my computer, my internet connection or lag in that area, but it was impossible and frustrating the first dozen times. I eventually gave up and left her standing on the floor underneath. Went back a couple of days ago and it was easy. I was the only one in the area at that time (checked the mini map to make sure). Before there had been a few others. That's my contribution to the collective knowledge. It might be lag. It might be Linden side lag, though I can't rule out my side causes either. Waiting till a quiet time to try again is lousy advice to give a starting player however. :matte-motes-frown: Given how atypical it is of SL, it seems a strange activity to put in the welcome tutorial. Jumping up the giant stairs from the floor below perhaps, but not jumping gaps.
  23. My mistake then. Seems I make a lot of mistakes in reading your posts. Just as well I left out my other point since that was probably wrong too.
  24. So you're getting different render weights when you rez fit mesh items and when you wear them? This is bad. Given the number of fit mesh items some avatars wear, it could be bad several times over.
  25. I don't think it's exactly fair to use expensive, animation-heavy sex furniture as the benchmark by which all business decisions regarding the sale of furniture in general should be judged.
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