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  1. ChinRey wrote: Rolig Loon wrote: I think the Linden Lab default is still 1.25, which is ridiculously low. Not at all! Any mesh maker knows how to make low LI mesh that works perfectly well with LoD factor 1.0. Those who don't, are mesh fakers. That hurts.
  2. Ouch. So it's basically a stupid enough idea I sound like a noob who doesn't know about folders?
  3. I made a new building alt (an additional account specifically for working on building projects) a few weeks ago and thought I would do the welcome tutorial to find out more about what new people experience. Not sure if it was something to do with my computer, my internet connection or lag in that area, but it was impossible and frustrating the first dozen times. I eventually gave up and left her standing on the floor underneath. Went back a couple of days ago and it was easy. I was the only one in the area at that time (checked the mini map to make sure). Before there had been a few others. That's my contribution to the collective knowledge. It might be lag. It might be Linden side lag, though I can't rule out my side causes either. Waiting till a quiet time to try again is lousy advice to give a starting player however. :matte-motes-frown: Given how atypical it is of SL, it seems a strange activity to put in the welcome tutorial. Jumping up the giant stairs from the floor below perhaps, but not jumping gaps.
  4. My mistake then. Seems I make a lot of mistakes in reading your posts. Just as well I left out my other point since that was probably wrong too.
  5. So you're getting different render weights when you rez fit mesh items and when you wear them? This is bad. Given the number of fit mesh items some avatars wear, it could be bad several times over.
  6. I don't think it's exactly fair to use expensive, animation-heavy sex furniture as the benchmark by which all business decisions regarding the sale of furniture in general should be judged.
  7. The blog post about the Visual Outfit Browser reminded me of something I would really like for inventory management. Everyone I've told about it has agreed that it would be a big help, so I thought I would put it out here for feedback, improvement, and, if people are keen on it, help in presenting it to the Lindens. My idea is for a modular inventory. As it is, we're basically carrying our pocketbooks, rucksacks, wardrobes, holiday luggage, box rooms, garages, attics and kitchen sinks with us everywhere we go. Well maybe not the kitchen sink if it's no copy and rezzed back home. ;-) So how about a modular inventory system where we have the option of assigning categories to items and then choose which inventory to log in with? Three or four perhaps, preferably with customisable names, and a default category that includes everything. Even just an Archive to store infrequently used items in would be a great help. So a person could have a Daily category, say, and then a separate one for House stuff. Or a creator with a large back catalog could use a module for retired goods and keep them out of the way but accessible (via a relog or perhaps other means) for future support. I might even manage to sort my inventory if I could do it in smaller, manageable bits. :) Someone who likes things as they are could ignore it altogether and carry on as is. With the UI as it is, a set of tick boxes for the modules on the Properties tab might be the best way to assign items. A way to bulk assign items would be great too, though perhaps harder to implement. A filter for unassigned items would be useful - one of the drawbacks I see about this is that people will acquire items when they're logged in with a different module and won't always remember (or have time just then) to assign them correctly. That's my basic idea of how something like this could work. I'm sure others will have suggestions on how to improve and implement it, or reasons why it just won't work. The benefits would include quicker loading and ease of play. And we wouldn't have to spend ages boxing things up never to find them again. :) Your thoughts?
  8. It's still a nifty trick, which is all I really said. Sorry if it isn't any help to you. What's so special about planar hair that Alt Merge doesn't work? Or is it just insufficiently lossless for your demands? At which point, it only makes sense to ask if any technique is. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious to hear what you did to achieve a 100% lossless 3/4's reduction. If it is wildly unorthdox it may well contribute to the collective knowledge. Will you share that or just ask others to give you their prize techniques?
  9. I have this image of you as a furry in a superhero cape now. :matte-motes-smile:
  10. If the original creator will give you some names of the avatars he sold his full perm exclusive to, that might help narrow your search. Or maybe these will do? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Xana-Sequin-Sneakers-Turquoise/3062320
  11. So this creator sold his shoe as a semi-exclusive to 10 other creators. That means there are up to 10 people selling their own versions under various names. Will the original creator give you any of those names? Have you tried the demo, btw? You might like them less when you try them on, so it's worth checking.
  12. Correction: It might be more straightforward to ask for the Aditi inventory to be synced. Just a guess based on about five different pieces of information which sort of triangulate to that possibly being the best help to request in the Support Ticket.
  13. Just an update for the archives and others who might be having trouble. Support ticket on the NEW account worked. Couldn't get Chic's link to work though (worked fine a week ago). Tried with three browsers. Got there eventually via this one https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/ and then manuevering through the Dashboard/Account page to Mesh Upload Status and the mesh test. So at last Paisley Meshmaker is ready to get to work, except that the hunt gift is finished and real life is a bit full on for building just now. In summary: Open a Support Ticket and ask for your inventory to be synced with Aditi. (This will get the account onto the beta grid.) Make sure Payment Info is on File for the account via the Agni dashboard. Take the Mesh Upload Test via the ADITI dashboard.
  14. You have to open a Support Ticket and ask for access to Aditi. I was able to get this accomplished recently, though it took a bit more back and forth than I had expected. But Support Ticket it and a helpful Linden will sync your inventory to Aditi and you can get in. Which seemed a strange way to phrase it for my brand new building alt, but there you go. She now has empty inventories on both grids. :matte-motes-smile: ************* If you want to upload mesh on Aditi, you have to take the mesh upload test via the ADITI account page (Dashboard) for that avatar. (Note: This won't work until you have access to Aditi.) This link got me there a week ago, today it didn't. https://id.aditi.lindenlab.com/openid/login?return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fsecondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com%2Fauth%2Foid_return.php%3Fredirect%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fsecondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com%252Fmy%252Faccount%252Fip%252Ftutorial.php%253F Had some problems with going in through the account page too. It would give me the log in and then go blank. Tried with three different browsers too. Eventually a refresh or page back or something got me to it. https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com Under the Account section is Mesh Upload Status. Click on that. You need Payment Info on File, but it can only be done via Agni. That should work for both grids. (It can also be done while you're waiting for a nice Linden to sync your inventory and let you into Aditi.) You need to take the mesh upload test separately for each grid however. It's easy to find under Mesh Upload Status. *********** No guarantees this will continue working, but it's how it is as of the beginning of September 2016. It is round about, poorly documented, counter intuitive, and several unprintables. And this is coming from someone with experience. :matte-motes-confused: First step: Open a Support Ticket and ask for access to Aditi.
  15. Congratulations, you've just rewarded him with even more attention. That probably wasn't your intention, but griefers do it for the attention and you've just given him some extra.
  16. I saw one of my favourite SL friends last night when we were both inworld setting out our hunt prizes and started to tell her of my travails with this. She'd already read all about it. :matte-motes-smile: (Gives her a wave.) Hopefully it has been and will be a help to others, even if it's just someone suggesting an archive search. My main can't get into the beta grid reliably. Until I figure out and remedy the cause of that (or SL changes whatever change mucked it up), the time I thought I wasted trying to make tattoos turns out to have been an enormous blessing. At least for getting my hunt prize finished in time. My support case is being referred to a "specialist". I added info based on what both of you have told me here, plus some more from others so hopefully it's clear that it's not just one av and the current situation is unworkable.Thanks for the conversation here. Conversation makes most things easier. Except the stuff that it makes harder, but that's for the drama threads. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: ChinRey, have you opened a support ticket for the account you want on Aditi? It's what the page I originally linked to says to do.
  17. There are several blogs and inworld groups. Those are probably better arrangements than a thread because it all changes frequently.The free things groups I'm aware of have rules banning self promotion or group gifts which require a fee to join. Does that make sense? I can't make the grammar work. :matte-motes-smile: Let's try again. There are free to join groups inworld which do what you want re genuine freebies.
  18. Spent much of yesterday reinforcing my appreciation of Blender's Alt Merge function. It's well nifty. Am curious to know what the OP needs to reduce that much and losslessly. dae files not intended for SL use? A creator who's found his or herself on the wrong side of the complexity numbers? And of course this super ninja trick would be brilliant to learn about. Every little helps.
  19. Dear NekoDatingService Resident, May I politely suggest that you may do better in another business? Kind Regards, A concerned human
  20. Just use your imagination. If you think your avatar is asleep in his or her bed, then who's to say it's not? Tell your friends your avatar can sleep through anything. :matte-motes-smile: A statis pod could cover any demands to actually see you in your bed. When I was noob, I had to tuck my av in bed every night when I logged off. Don't know why but it was some how important. It was sort of disconcerting to find her standing on the bed the next day. I wanted her to be beside it, or in it or something but I grew fond of her youthful enthusiasm to get going in her strange new world. :matte-motes-smile: Your av can do anything you want while you're away as long as all involved agree to imagine it happened.
  21. Hi ChinRey, I can confirm that the Aditi specific test is indeed needed to upload mesh on the beta grid. Or at least it was as of yesterday. Or was that Monday? It's all a bit of a Blendered blur at this point. :matte-motes-smile: Payment Info on File doesn't need to be done separately for the beta grid. The Aditi account page pretended to want it, then wouldn't let me do anything about it. Fortunately Payment Info for Agni is sufficient. This was all on an older alt who I fortunately had on the beta grid briefly for another project a couple years ago. I haven't tried the new alt today but Support closed my case cause I didn't respond quickly enough. Once Chic got me to the Aditi upload test, I went with the older one. Couldn't afford any more time at the moment. I had followed those threads about your inventory problems, Chic. Hopefully my main is ok. The old alt has 27,000 in inventory so it shouldn't be too painful to sort if things are messed up. I use my inventories differently when I'm testing mesh on Aditi and when I'm inworld managing my shop and otherwise going about my SL. I don't like this autosyncing thing at all. Anyway, thanks for the link Chic. I made good enough progress once I was on the beta grid to spend most of today fretting about ARC and strong LoDs. I think I might even be done. :matte-motes-smile:
  22. Some of us reinvent the wheel so it shows us as creator and we don't have to add that extra prim which always seems to increase the LI even if it's a teeny tiny .5 plane.
  23. I understand it's a nightmare to try to communicate the vast amount of info that goes into SL, but I was diligent in trying to find things out on my own. If it's true about new alts not being able to upload mesh straight away, fair enough, I can see the reason for that. But I would also like to know how long before I can switch over to Paisley as my principle building alt. The wiki page has been updated to reflect the change in inventory syncing, so why not the other bits you're telling me about? Rhetorical question and really just me trying to put some order back into my own head about all of this even if SL can't be bothered. Things are proceeding apace now. Thanks for the link to the Aditi account page, Chic, it really helped. I still want a shiny new av with an empty inventory for the beta grid if they're going to sync them automatically.
  24. Oh good grief. How on earth are we supposed to figure THAT out? Paisley (the new one) doesn't exist on Aditi yet. :matte-motes-frown: Am trying to get that sorted via support ticket. I was able to use your link to do the upload with a dusty old alt who was on the beta grid when I was trying to make tattoos. It seems to want payment info on file for Aditi as well and the link for that isn't responding. Eyeballs crossed it's not actually needed. Meanwhile, the new one is having a grand adventure on the main grid where she is attempting to play Mario Bros on the 2nd step of the welcome tutorial and failing. What are they thinking? Never in my entire second life have I had to jump over three consecutive wide gaps. Could barely manage it with a proper controller on ye olde Nintendo, let alone a keyboard and a gangly av. Here's your second task. It's really hard if you're not used to those sorts of games. You'll probably never have to use it, but we thought it would be fun. Welcome! Why are they making so much of this so much harder than it needs to be? It's not even representative of skills which are useful in SL. /vent over. Thanks for the link Chic, it's much appreciated.
  25. I'm trying to get a new building alt up and working on the beta grid, primarily for mesh work. She's done the mesh upload test for Agni, but every link I've found (wiki, forums) for the upload test for Aditi leads to a blank page. I've tried in four browsers now. Any one have any info, suggestions or a better link? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid#Uploading_Mesh_on_Aditi Thanks.
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