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  1. SL has been a lifeline since I had to give up RL work. Both the creation and social aspects are important. My physical limitations matter less here and I've found good friends who recognise and appreciate my strengths. So I think it's worth trying, especially if centre members are willing to help each other get the hang of SL. The learning curve can be a bit steep, and that first run in with griefing can be a bit difficult, and the open endedness of it all can be confusing, so it's good to have some support and friends.
  2. Appliers are basically system style clothing for mesh bodies. They are "applied" (thus the name) to the mesh body via a HUD. So you wouldn't have to learn how to build original mesh, just how to set up the HUDs for your clothing textures. The whole clothing market keeps getting more and more fragmented. Do you have any sense of how popular mesh bodies are amongst the 50s aficionados? The retro circles I'm most familiar with aren't particularly bothered about them. There's no way a creator can build for everyone, so create what you love and what works for you. That's what you understand best and what you'll do best. Then if you want to expand and explore, go for it. In my opinion, of course. :matte-motes-smile:
  3. entity0x wrote: As a merchant, I don't like the fact that I can't track purchases inworld - I can't offer service or refunds to people because I can't even find their transaction possibly - or it's a lot more work, and SL only allows me to go back over transactions of 30 days. What's so hard about downloading the month's data on a regular basis? Compiling it in a spreadsheet is useful for confirming trends, but even without that you can use the computer's search function to find a customer's transaction data quickly. It doesn't take long and you'll always have it.
  4. I love your swimsuit ads, Trixie. All of your photos have a retro SL feel as well as a retro 50s vibe and a sense of humour, so I think you're off to a good start. Pricing in SL is a nightmare, there is no right answer. Depends on your niche and competition and customers. Have you searched marketplace looking for similar items and what others are asking? Be sure to check their reviews too. My gut instinct is that your pricing for the swimsuits is spot on. The skirt suits might sell better at a lower price. If I were doing this, I might keep them as they are for now, but make some more and lower the price to say L$150 and hope customers bought two. That's not a very 50's approach though, is it? :matte-motes-smile: You're working with a strong, well defined niche. Are you using appropriate keywords like 50s, fifties, etc in your listings? That's a must so your items come up in search. My guess is that theme-specific advertising inworld will make far more sense for you than anything like marketplace enhancements. Are there any 50's related SL blogs? The Historical Hunts group has a Rte 66 event thats 50's themed (I think), but you just missed it this year. How about the sims you hang out on inworld to wear these things?
  5. We had a medical role play going on in another thread that turned out to need fire and legal services instead. You should look in.
  6. Scratch the alimony lawyer. We are now looking for defense lawyers and labor representation.
  7. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Anything else needed? Where's the mum got to? If she doesn't show up soon, someone is going to have to step in so we don't waste Alwin's boiled water. And the baby. Who wants to RP the baby?
  8. entity can sit in the corner and tell us we're all doing it wrong, while Phil and Darrius argue about which one is the father. Miscellaneous supplies like condiments fall under Sassy's remit, although anyone who can rez some from inventory is welcome to contribute. Do Pam's kitchens come with that sort of thing?
  9. Perfect! And I just edited you in as a midwife cause I didn't want to leave you out. Auntie Pixie knitting booties is better though. I'm really hoping wheroangi finds this thread.
  10. I'm trying to decide if this is trolling or someone extending her role play into the forums. Let's go with the latter for interest. Pam, you do housewares so grab some towels. Sassy is in charge of cutting prims as needed. Alwin can boil water. Amethyst, Freya and Pixieplumb will be lead midwives and the rest of us will crowd around getting in the way. Someone needs to faint at the sight of blood and another person needs to get hysterical. Oh wait, the mum to be already has that covered. All set? Let's do this.
  11. Chic Aeon wrote: Recently a well-know blog did a survey and found that 38 percent of SL businesses "are already preparing to launch their brand in Project Sansar". 38% of businesses or 38% of respondents to the survey? I think the former is absurdly difficult to estimate given the number of small businesses in SL, and how some are marketplace only, inworld only, both, or an abandoned marketplace shop that will exist into eternity. Respondents to the survey will probably favour those who are preparing or think they are, whatever that means. So I guess I'm agreeing with you and just adding another question.
  12. (reply in general, not to Pixie....) Maybe there needs to be a bit more awareness and understanding on both sides of this issue. Certain subcultures include adults who choose to emphasize traits and features commonly associated with youth or androgyny. It's part of their aesthetic and they read it as an adult role within their subculture. People outside of these subcultures aren't always familiar with these aesthetics and quite naturally read these appearances as underaged. Some of us have other reasons as well, like the years I spent in a job which involved child protection concerns. It really doesn't say anything about my sexuality when my brain thinks "vulnerable young person" on seeing an avatar with many physical traits of a 15 year old wearing a sexualised outfit. And I do think the avatar in two of the ads given as an example has many physical traits of a 15 year old. (Muscle tone maybe a bit older, face definitely younger, proportions about 15. See the chart given a few pages back for proportions at that age.) Both of these groups are thrown in together in situations like the marketplace or forums. That is going to create confusion, misunderstanding and reactions. Being able to repurpose items originally created for one age group to another adds to these problems. The mesh body in question was apparently created for kids. Put a different skin on it and change the sliders and it fits the aesthetics for adults in a subculture who are choosing to emphasize traits and features commonly associated with youth or androgny. It's serving two purposes, which is great. Except that sexualised items made for that mesh body and legitimately intended for adults can also be repurposed in ways which are illegal and against ToS. I don't know what we can do about that unless the mesh body creators are able to put lower limits on height and such or build adult specific physical traits directly into the mesh. Or maybe it would help to just have mesh bodies designed specifically for that market so there's less repurposing of bodies intended for underaged kids. I do think that there is plenty of room for people involved in those young-appearing subcultures to make their intended purposes clearer on a very public, open to all marketplace. Two of the ads given as examples include the wording "For boys with female based shapes". Why not change that to something like "For male adults with female based shapes" instead? Even "male avatars" would be better than boys, which has a very clear meaning of underaged for the majority of people. Basically, I'm suggesting that creators who are making things for these subcultures take a moment to step back and look at their ads from the point of view of a mainstream person who stumbles into it not knowing. Mainstream folks need to be a bit more understanding sometimes, but those involved in the subcultures do as well. If they don't provide enough information for a random passerby to grasp that there's something different going on, they can't really get upset when said passerby interprets it in ways other than intended.
  13. The Builidng/Texturing section of the Creation forum would be a better fit than the SL Education one. Take a look at what else has been posted here; it's mostly class notices from one organisation. In the forums though it seems like there are more questions from furries than answers, so you might have better luck asking furry groups inworld. Creators of some human form mesh bodies have kits that skin and clothing creators can apply for. I don't know whether that's true with furries too, but it might be worth asking a creator or two. I gather furries tend to be relatively DIY so there's got to be plenty of help available. Good luck. :matte-motes-smile:
  14. Freya Mokusei wrote: There aren't really oldbies/midbies with a crisis of usability anymore, which to my eyes was what the use-case of Cool VL was. Capable users have adapted, incapable ones have either logged out for good or figured out a solution by now. Meh. I might be RL disabled, but when it comes to computers and SL I am generally pretty capable. I prefer Singularity and the V1 interface. It's also the most stable and lowest lag viewer for me by far. Unfortunately the Mac branch is no longer supported, but the only things I need that I'm missing are local textures and avatar complexity. It's easy enough to relog when I want to test textures and for avatar complexity I just ask a friend to check my numbers. I have spent enough time in the official viewer and Firestorm to know that Singularity works better for me. Heck, it even has that nice Windlight preset menu which never made it into the official viewer. So yeah, Cool Viewer and Singularity users aren't as backwards as you're making out.
  15. Forget I said anything. I was just curious about why female av players FINALLY started to go down after being at the upper end of the scale for years and was foolish enough to think I had an idea worth considering. I've always played as close to realistic size as I could manage without looking like a child next to male friends because that wouldn't be realistic either. Don't need a lecture on proportions like I'm stupid. Don't even need a lecture on why the man race escalated to gigantic heights. I'd really like it to be more normalised because basically any size I set furniture I've made for sale will be wrong for someone. All I can do is guess at average and hope potential customers use their imaginations.
  16. Just thinking out loud here. Could the trend towards smaller female avs have something to do with standard sizing mesh clothes? When they first came out I didn't understand what the backlash was until I tried on larger sizes. Those are a bit much. The smaller sizes were alright enough though and I could wear those with just a few minor tweaks. My av was small compared to other female avs then, but given the numbers listed here she's probably average now. So how many female avs started the downsizing journey in order to wear smaller standard sizes? Maybe some good came out of that whole experiment after all. :matte-motes-smile: And what can we do to encourage male avs to scale down as well?
  17. Hello, I am lousy at serious RP but I'm in the right time zone and like Roman stuff. Feel free to look me up inworld or send me a friend request if you want a slightly mad OOC friend. :matte-motes-smile:
  18. You could always have a few pre-made shapes ready to go and adjust them to work better with whomever is around. If you are using a classic/system shape and non-mesh clothing, you can change quickly and everything will adjust with you. If you are wearing mesh clothing, it will take an extra step in that you'll have to add the new size garment first and hope it rezzes quickly. Make extra sure you're wearing an alpha underneath in that case. :matte-motes-smile: My av barely reaches the armpits of some male-aved friends when she's wearing heels. That was as oversized as I was willing to go and almost enough to make it look normal when we're stood next to each other. They insist they have to be that large so they aren't dwarfed by other people they hang out with. It's all a bit mad really. As you settle in, you'll figure out what works for you.
  19. lol Qie. You might be right. The few times I've mentioned SL, it's been more like "There's this thing, on the internet. It's sort of like a computer game, except you can do whatever you want in it. Well, I make things for people to use in it." "You make internet things?" Pause, bewildered expression. "Did you catch the match at the weekend?" Anything more is rejected as information overload. :matte-motes-smile:
  20. I wouldn't pay any attention to the Devan Miami account. It seems to have been created yesterday to stalk and spam the posts of a regular forum participant. Those 50 some posts were deleted, then it trolled some more before it switched to another account (Malinda something or other). If it goes after this post of mine, just pat it on the head or ignore it.
  21. In the T window (the one that toggles on and off with the T key), look for the Recalculate button under Normals: under Shading/UVs. That should do a global reconfiguration of your normals so that they're all facing outwards. The Flip Direction button underneath lets you the direction of only the faces you have selected.  In the N window (the one that toggles on and off with the N key), in Edit mode, there's a row of three icons in the Mesh Display section. The three boxes correspond to Vertices, Edges and Faces. When one of them is light grey, those normals aren't shown. When one of them is dark grey, then they are. The Size: next to them lets you make them bigger. The default can be difficult to see clearly. It's easier to use than explain, so just muck about till you understand it. This is a helpful tool for checking it's all alright before uploading or generally seeing what's going on with the directions. I'm not experienced enough to be certain that this is the solution, but it's the first step to check.
  22. Second Life is like life. Except you can fly and leave your sofa in the air when you want to rearrange the furniture. What do you want to do more of? Look for that. Don't stress about mesh bodies until you know what they are. Try lots of things, meet lots of people, makes lots of mistakes, wear boxes by accident and laugh about it all. :matte-motes-smile:
  23. I'm entertained by his shock that he's nearly 30. :matte-motes-smile: (Any chance you're banned from the sim perhaps?)
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