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  1. @MishaC25 You'll experience lots of things which are confusing, stressful, embarrassing and more. That will pass as you learn your way around and your comfort increases. I remember being utterly mortified the first time I accidentally wore a box in public. Now I do it intentionally all the time because it's a quick way to see what's inside. ? Basically, it's one set of normal reactions being replaced by another set as you get orientated. Good luck and welcome
  2. Please tell me you are 18 and don't have much experience with life yet. And are we talking about mesh heads or system heads?
  3. That's a heavy judgement to jump to for something you haven't seen.
  4. A screen shot of the wire frame of the geometry of a finished face would help us evaluate this a whole lot more than a promo video. Most 3D software tends to produce items with more geometry than SL can really handle. Do it wrong and a gathering of your face dolls will be so laggy no one can do anything. Doing it right will take much much longer than 30 minutes. Your underpaid sweatshop workers would find ways to streamline the process, they'd have to given your time demands, but it will sacrifice quality. How much longer depends on what your software outputs. That's why those of us with a grasp of how mesh works in SL would need to see a screen shot of the geometry to make an estimate. If you do manage to do it ok enough, my guess is that most of your customers will be people seeing it as a source of cheap heads. Join for a month to get the head then leave. You've also completely ignored the avatars' bodies. You'll still need to provide body skins which match the tones of the face. Will you help them create shapes similar to their RL bodies? Have you tried doing that with the sliders? Some things just aren't possible, will those body types be banned from your sim? What will your policy be on mesh bodies? Most of them are designed to be some form of air-brushed perfection after all. All of those are just issues with static presentations and leave out things like mannerisms, bearing, the way they kiss and touch, and the problem of members only being able to meet those who are online and on the restricted sim at the same time they are - open to all clubs have enough problems getting a crowd as it is. You could get around that with a wall of photos, but if you're going down that route, wouldn't it just be easier to have a wall of RL photos instead?
  5. This would take the stolen "RL" pic to a whole new level. But of course honey pie, I really do look like this in real life. What do you mean you saw me in some p*rn at the weekend?
  6. I wonder what might happen if everyone else took a variation of this approach and abandoned threads as soon as those who can't let arguments go start up again. Would it starve them of attention? Would they get bored with each other? Would the problem they're creating become clearer to the Lindens?
  7. Dare we ask how his other pants ended up in the attic?
  8. I'd love a way to not have to carry my entire inventory around at all times. It's like taking the spare room and three attics with me every where I go.
  9. Sex, however and wherever it happens, should NEVER be out of your control.
  10. Well, it was a joke Anyway, if you care to, I'm curious to know in what context 'my sweet hearts' is professional. That has me stumped ?
  11. So calling potential investors sweetheart is professional? It hadn't occured to me you were looking for help in making those kinds of movies. There's a bloke who wanders around the forums sometimes named Quinn. Look him up, he might be able to lend a hand.
  12. Oh but it's so much easier to do this in SL because you really can start small and build your way up. There are countless examples because this is how the majority of us have built our own businesses. And since it's really rather easy to scam people over the internet, joining a project organically is far far safer than just giving a stranger who calls you sweetheart a pile of lindens based on promises and different font sizes
  13. Thanks Maddy. I'm glad you're here too It's not really a choice I have so probably best not to think of it too much. Just take it day by day and do what I can.
  14. Older things can be useful sometimes, like old stuff from the days when it was all DIY and helping each other. It might look like a stupidly high LI prim monstrosity, but maybe the mod script inside is well worth the 10 lindens. I've bought things like that. Sometimes when people stop logging in, it's not because they've lost interest but because the community has lost them in RL. I've always liked that their work could live on.
  15. Those cutesy ascii hearts coming from a man is, let's call it different. Could it be a romance scammer? (Long game grifter who fakes a romantic 'relationship' with someone and uses that trust to con money out of the target.)
  16. Just thinking out loud, could tax avoidance be a route? Not sure if the amount they took from you would be sufficient, but if this person's scammed others too....
  17. Chronic illness and disability. All of the energy-sapping stress of a job and none of the rewards.
  18. You could always use an av that's 1/4 your usual size. Then the mech would fit the centre limits
  19. This reminded me of a time a random guy hit on me, wanting a submissive. I was wearing a frock coat and tricorn and shopping for a sword
  20. For what it's worth, I grabbed chairs because I had useful examples readily to hand and they were easy to photograph from the same angle. The principles are still the same. If it had mattered for this, I would have taken the time to mount an archaeological expedition into my inventory for complicated mesh necklaces. @Kyrah Abattoir did a great job picking up with her shoe wireframes, info on types of modeling and what to look out for. Her post is worth reading carefully. Anyway, don't get caught up in how the item is categorised in your mind. Rigged wearables have some odd behaviours which result from being rigged, but triangles and mesh geometry are still triangles and mesh geometry - and that's why tools like wire frame are useful.
  21. I'm loving the cooperative work in this thread and wish I had an Impressed reaction for Aquila's work ?
  22. Have you been inworld to rez items you already own or do some exploring in wire frame? Getting some experience will help immeasurably. The hypothetical you've laid out is confusing but I think it comes down to wondering if all jewelers might be producing the same results. Texture size and number impacts display weight. That alone pretty much guarantees c), your scenario won't happen. There may be a glut of those who are using overly complex geometry (too many triangles in their mesh) and slathering the largest possible textures over every surface, but there will always be a few who are more sensible. This is true for chairs, jewelery, clothing, everything. re b) Density will vary between categories of items. Hair will probably be more dense than trousers when viewed at the same distance. That's ok because an excellent rule of thumb for creating is put the detail where it matters most. Jewelery tends to be on the heavy side, triangle-wise, for the amount of screen space it takes up. You can still cam in close to your jewels to see how they fare and how they compare to others. You can force changes of LOD from an intermediate camera position by changing your LOD graphics setting. I used to do this when I was wire-framing full perm mesh to assess quality before I bought it (or not), but I haven't used it to look at the fitmesh LOD problem. Worth investigating. Perhaps a way forward for something like jewelery would be asking creators what the display weights are for specific items. A group of you working together could build up a body of data to do some real comparisons with, from numbers provided by creators and from examining things you already own. Put that in a blog and it could be very useful for teaching other consumers and letting creators know that these things matter and some of their customers care. In writing all of this, I'm wondering if the overall solution isn't just to change the way jewelery is made for SL, but also the fashion approach to wearing it. I've seen people talk about how much they wear and I've seen sets sold with several intricate pieces. What if there was a trend towards a single statement piece with simpler companions, like a fabulous necklace with diamond stud earrings? Could Less is More ever catch on?
  23. Hmm, let me see what else I have in the back of the TARDIS. Any preferences?
  24. @Gabriele Graves Right. I'll do some of the work for you cause what I described really doesn't need the knowledge of a pro to check out. I was doing it ages before I started making my own. Here are two chairs (purchased full perm), seen in wire frame (ctrl-shift-R). The arm chair on the left does quite a lot for the triangle count. Can you see how the triangles are large and the whole thing is very see through, including the legs? The chair on the right isn't horrible, but the simple shape of it could be done with many fewer triangles. Can you see how there are more triangles in it with a higher density than the arm chair on the left? This is what you're looking for. Anyone can do it, no special knowledge required, just a viewer with wire frame capability. The cushion and top of the arms aren't as bad as they look from this angle, they're just like the rest of the piece. But notice how it doesn't happen with the chair on the left. Its cushion has a much lower number of triangles. You can find mesh which looks almost solid from every angle. That will be a monster to render. I don't have an example to hand but if you go investigating inworld you can probably find some. Click on the object to Edit and look for the small More info link. It will bring up the box on the left below. The numbers you're most interested in are Download and Display. Display here is a measure of the render weight, or how difficult something is to draw on the screen. Lower is more efficient. Texture size and number of textures will affect this significantly, so very similar pieces can have quite different display weights. You don't need to understand the details, just that lower means more efficient. So here are two simple tests anyone can do on any rezzed object to start to assess its efficiency. Lower display weight and less density of triangles. It's not difficult. Give it a go next time you're inworld and see for yourself. The more you explore, the more sense it will make.
  25. For rezzed items, Wire Frame view (ctrl shift R maybe and if i recall correctly the offical viewer doesn't have it) and Edit will let you check out the density of the triangles. Even if it's not the particular thing you want, a spate of Edit viewing or a wire frame tour can be useful to get a general feel for how poly conscious the store owner is. If this doesn't make sense, start examining various things next time you're inworld and you'll get a sense of how much it can vary and what sort of range you might expect for a type of object. Generally speaking, the more coloured in it appears in wire frame, the higher the poly density and the harder it will be to render. There's a tiny wee underlined More Info link in the Edit window too. It brings up another window with things like Download Weight. Sometimes that can help you get a better idea of what's going on with it. Better tools are needed, but these can help. Would it be worth it to you to start a conversation with the creator asking to see a copy or something? The rezzed LI can give an idea of how complex it is and that's easy enough for a creator to check out. If nothing else, it would let them know their customers care about how demanding things are to render.
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