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  1. We can only work with what we see. Sometimes profiles give useful information and we can feedback how we'd react to them inworld. It's your choice to not give us this information (did you catch that I acknowledged it as a possibility in my post or did you speed on by?) but it will affect how some of us relate to you. An example, I understand your initial post was made in frustration and that's carrying over into your replies and all the more so because we aren't telling you what you seem to want to hear. Without any further information, as in a profile, this frustrated sarcastic and seemingly demanding side is all we know of your temperament. I can fill in with some details you've given, six weeks inworld, 20s in real life, impressed with your distant very famous relation, seemingly prone (as most in their 20s are) to think of your experience as all there is, inexperienced enough to realise that there are thousands of "actual players" who are elsewhere doing whatever it is we do like seeing to our shops, exploring our anything-you-want-it-to-be world alone or with friends, all sorts - if you can imagine it, there's probably a version of it somewhere inworld. You don't seem to want to get out in the virtual world to join us, but instead want people where you are to do it your way. Or maybe that's just coming from the inexperience and frustration. This is why information from a profile would be useful here. It gives us an idea of what you've tried and what you're interested in. I find myself hesitating to offer advice because my impression is that it will be tossed aside. So I'll keep it brief - if what you're doing isn't working, try a different approach. This might mean leaving the venues you've found where people aren't talking to you and look for other places (you haven't been everywhere with people in six weeks, SL is too big for that) and ways of talking (like groups). We are in no way limited to who's in a room with us in SL and many of the most interesting and interested people are out doing interesting things.
  2. (this is what i could find on UDIM, including this: "UDIMs are useful for working on objects that need really high resolution textures. It’s standard to see them in VFX and animation productions, but unusual to see them in a game pipeline." would those in the know please briefly explain UDIM in an SL context for an IDIM like me . is this something i should try to learn?) https://cgcookie.com/articles/first-look-at-udim-textures-in-blender-2-82-alpha?utm_source=blendernation
  3. There seems a strange imbalance here with the OP clearly understanding the importance of a profile in introducing yourself but not filling out their own (or have they posted the question on an unused alt for some reason?) If I encountered this inworld, part of my mind would be wondering what's going on here. Depending on my mood, health and whether I'm busy with something else or not, I might try to find out. Or I might not. No pic doesn't bother me. I'm not a big one for photographing my av so my building alt went without a profile pic for over a year, mostly because I'd forgotten about it. But no groups? How do you have a slife and not get into any groups? Every noob I've known has had groups, including some random ones because they ended up at a place with an auto-inviter and accepted. I suppose the groups could all be hidden, for whatever reason. Groups are one of the things I look at when I'm trying to get a sense of a new person. The rest of the profile can be carefully curated to promote a certain image but groups give indications of how they actually use SL and what their interests are. And to the OP - if you're not in any groups, you're missing out on an important vector for socialising and meeting new people.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT bit about groups - two accounts are required otherwise the group disappears. You have 48 hours to get the 2nd account in, so it's not difficult. Second very important bit - things can happen to even the most wonderful of relationships so it's always a good idea to have an alt account of your own in the group. The official page: Edit: Don't worry about deeding, just know that it's something that doesn't apply to Linden Homes. Info on setting up a group on the page above.
  5. The idea of hobbit holes is intriguing. They could be tucked away underneath the Moles' landscaping, with a bit of front garden for your own. Done well, it could feel like a cozy and private retreat. Then when the majority choose the same style and make it all shabby chic, the overall view would still have a lot of variety.
  6. The way I figure it, the sarcastic smiles crowd derives some enjoyment from placing their reactions so in the end it's like a positive smile All depends on how you look at it 🙃
  7. It's a terribly posh upper class thing in the UK so it carries very different associations than in the US. Two countries, separated by a common language.
  8. She said ASK and tell. That's how I read it, convo about vampires, can I bite you, here's what it entails. Which is different from bite then tell.
  9. The Bitsy is fae and a time lord. It has always been this way.
  10. Have you posted these to Builders Brewery and other groups? Just to broaden out the pool of talent.
  11. How about a third possibility? That I'm aware of the different impacts - I've been reading the mesh creation section regularly since I started making my own mesh years ago and this topic is well covered - and advocate for reducing data bloat in all aspects of the grid, especially when there's an alternative means of achieving what you want. Alpha cuts are a cumbersome system invented as a work around to a specific problem. That work around comes at the cost of increased data bloat. With BOM we have a better solution to the problem and one which will reduce that data bloat. And it's not insignificant. A bit of mesh for SL can have at most 8 separate faces (the parts you can texture differently). EVERY single one of those alpha cuts is a face. And every single vertex along the joins between the faces is duplicated in the data. If you eliminate the need for all of those faces, then you need far fewer seams and duplicated vertices. Less data bloat. Trying to educate creators and customers in this is an uphill battle and there will always be those who don't care or don't want change or will argue that it's such a mess there's no point in doing anything. Because mesh bodies are some of the most widely used items and there are relatively few creators, the better those are optimised the greater impact they'll have over all. The costs of a return to alpha layers will be contained and short-lived. The benefits will endure.
  12. Not everyone will need to reinvent the alpha layer for every outfit. Besides the free packages available, they can often be reused. I do it all the time when creators don't bother. I can make my own easily but haven't needed to since the early years of mesh. It's also so much simpler when trying out demos (much appreciation for the creators who still include alphas). Click, alphas sorted, done. You're right about the impact of the extra geometry on a single av. If you slive as a hermit, maybe there's no need. For those of us who are out and about though, every small bit of extra data to download (which happens even with low jelly settings) adds up. Then add in all of the inefficient mesh and texture use that's so common. Multiply it by everyone and everything. Taken individually, no big deal. But it all adds up to something which matters. A return to alpha layers as the norm instead of alpha cuts would help with that problem.
  13. Maybe I'm missing something, but I fail to see how it would be any more confusing than what new residents currently start with. This is another "it's so broken we shouldn't bother trying to fix it" argument.
  14. Sorry, Blush. If you're saying that it wouldn't solve anything, you truly do not understand the situation. But why would you? You're keen on your Maitreya. A nicely-done, low-lag default avatar would help resolve many problems for many people. Those are ancient. What were residents making at the time they came out? Compare it to that, not the advances made since. Did you notice that I mentioned it being nicely done and lower lag in my post on the previous page? It might mean partnering with others if they don't have the mesh creation skills in-house, but it could be done. Together, both of your arguments are essentially "things are too broken to even think about fixing". Why stay stuck in that sort of mindset? If the Lab had done that we wouldn't have Bellisseria at all, let alone one that's improving in quality by the month.
  15. Apologies for not replying here sooner. I do appreciate those who've tried, at least those who were kind. I've had a severe flare-up of neurological and visual symptoms which make it difficult for me to spend much time inworld (computer in general difficult, but things about SL make it worse). It is improving slowly, but I've had to take a bit of a rest. Neve is at the top of my list of stores to check out. I'm not hugely keen on the extra geometry for bits that can be turned on and off though. It's just hard to break habits of trying to make my own mesh as efficent as possible. I saw Neve at a winter event and really liked her gift. (Gifts are the best way to get my attention. Get something in my inventory and I can admire the quality and wear it around a bit, even if it's not my particular style and it's just more likely I'll go back to check out the store. Even if it's months later because of health .) OK, past time to rest. There's probably something else to say but my brain won't tell me what. Best everyone x
  16. LL will only get a small cut of the money being funneled out of SL by the mesh body creators. New default avs could significantly lower the barriers for smaller creators, including those who want to create for niche markets. More diversity in offerings could well increase the economy (and perhaps retention too) and smaller creators are more likely to spend and recirculate their earnings within SL. The economic argument could well favour a new default avatar, similar to the way Bellisseria has sparked interest and spending. (About the timeline for mesh bodies, what I remember is first there were FEET. And the grid said, oh yes please give us more. So there were shoes for the feet. And shoes and shoes and shoes until the grid was drowning in them. And somewhere in there came hands, and butts and ginormous boobs with nipples that could poke an eye out. Which were very popular in some circles, except they were separately textured prims on top of the clothing, so it was all a bit complicated and never really looked quite right. And then mesh bodies were invented, which made it all a wee bit simpler, except for the ways in which it was more complicated. But by then being in fashion had gotten so very complicated, everyone thought that was just the way it needs to be.)
  17. Unless perhaps it was a nicely-done, lower-lag, default mesh avatar that everyone had access to automatically. That would be a game changer in so many ways.
  18. The technical limits have changed at least once and I'm not certain what they currently are, but it has been possible to upload a 2048 x 2048 (or 2048 x small number). That's the measurement of the texture to be uploaded. The inworld version will be scaled down to 1024 x 1024. The general rule of thumb is that it's better to do your scaling in an external program, but uploading 2048s often gives sharper image quality at 1024 than uploading at 1024. (And just to be clear, you are using 1024 rather than 1k? Because a 1k external image will be scaled down to 512 inworld. It always scales DOWN to the next power of 2 (1024, 512, 256).
  19. You were my first thought when I saw the thread title Took me until this morning to figure out wording for a suitable reply: "Lion memes!" Wish I'd been quicker, that would have been a good laugh for the forum regulars.
  20. Hardly "all about" though, isn't it? Internet forums would be pretty tedious if it was only people posting their own views without stopping to read or consider other people's. Perhaps that's all you want to do, but those of us who read are in the right to point out that your approach of spamming the forums with the same essay isn't on. You want readers, right? You'll get more if you post in a way which serves the readers instead of just yourself. You might even get some interesting conversation on the subject, and that's the lifeblood of any forum.
  21. Great idea Pamela. Thank you for suggesting it. Hugs to everyone not creepy who wants one.
  22. What an absolute rubbish fire of misinformation this thread has become.
  23. Agree completely. There are technical aspects which could have a significant positive aspect but I'm not fluent enough in the specifics to try to talk about them. But an improved standard avatar would help so many of the more (let's call them) societal aspects. Everyone would automatically have it so it could have strong support amongst creators, plenty of benefits to that. It would be simpler and more affordable for new residents to put together an initial avatar without having to choose which ecosystem to invest in. If they did it right it could be easier to render and less laggy. So much could get a lot easier with an improved standard avatar.
  24. We'd talk to each other in person more. What if humanity had evolved from dolphins instead of primates?
  25. Thank you both for asking and remembering. It means a lot x The neurologist wasn't concerned about yesterday's visual problems. She says it sounds like migraine. I looked it up when I got home, there's something called "silent migraine" which doesn't have the pain and it seems a reasonable enough fit. (That was how far I managed to get yesterday. The whole day was very wearing and it's a struggle still to get sentences to fit together right. Apologies and thank you for caring x. Apologies too if I haven't acknowledged anyone, my brain is easily overwhelmed but did read as much as I could take in in the rest of the thread. I have an additional diagnosis, which I'm still learning about. If nothing else it will keep me under the remit of the neurology department and their specialists. Every single person I've interacted with in that department, from the receptionist to the nurses who do the tests to the neurologist herself is kind and warm and lovely. Oh, my visual blurriness looked nothing like your psychedelics. Why do other people get the good stuff Going to trust this makes sense and go for another rest. Much love to everyone who needs some.)
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