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  1. 2 hours ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Unless LL has added LSL to make it possible... nope. I don't believe they can make it possible. Seems I recall something being said about that years ago and the answer was no can do.

    But it's still a fun thing to contemplate. Like, how would it work when she wants to be on top and who wears the bed, him or her? :D

    Don't mind me. It wasn't the best morning healthwise, probably shouldn't have tried to take part in a conversation. It's just nice to talk with people sometimes though :)

  2. 9 hours ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    I'd heard there are wearable beds now.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how that works with two avatars. I mean, they can't both wear the same bed at the same time. 

    Well... they could but that's even more confusing. lol

    Ok, I admit it, my PG beds are for looks more than anything else. :$

    Has to be that only one wears it and it's scripted to accomodate a passenger as well. Can an av sit on something another one is wearing? I've forgotten the answer to that.

  3. On 6/9/2019 at 7:58 PM, Victorianna Writer said:

     When I joined we had our 512 they gave us as premiums then they upped it to 1012, I never did get my other 512 did anyone else? Did they do something then that I missed?

    Look under the Account Summary on your dashboard. Near the bottom it will show your Land Holdings. A premium account with an old 512 Linden home but no other land should have 1024 in Allowed holdlings, 512 in Current holdings and 512 as Available for purchase.

    The extra 512 can be used to cover or help with tier elsewhere. You've had it all the while, but it hasn't been used.

  4. Given that there's so much effort put into RL advertising and media to try to make us feel lousy about ourselves, our bodies and our homes so we buy crap we don't need, it makes sense some turn to a place like SL to try to alleviate the pressure. There are positives to that of course, like it's less expensive to try to meet these hyped-up needs in SL than in RL and it's easier on our landfills. But there are also negatives, especially in the way that doing so reinforces the exaggerated needs in our minds.

    I've used descriptives like hyped-up and exaggerated because advertising and media work because they play on real, legitimate needs but turn them into something different, expectations which can't be met (because if they were, we wouldn't buy as much).

    I think what we do here can be useful to explore what's going on in our minds, what our needs are (both legitimate and hyped-up) and how we're trying to meet them.

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  5. I'm not inworld much, but

    21 hours ago, Johiro said:

     I find it hard to just IM a random person in fear that I might disturb what he or she is doing and also I have no idea what else to talk about. I don't like asking details about other people's real life so I get stuck after exchanging "Hi and Hello's". I know I sound like a drag. :(

    You sound kind and courteous, which isn't a bad thing at all. I wonder if putting some of this in your profile might help. With a positive slant, mind you :)  It would help anyone you're speaking to know that it's politeness not lack of interest on your part.

    I'm not inworld much right now, but feel free to add me as a friend. I sometimes have problems starting conversations too because of health problems, but maybe we can muddle through together :)

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  6. Just now, LittleMe Jewell said:

    From the look of the SLB16 regions, they will again have some of the Traditional homes and Houseboats out for preview, along with the new theme homes.  Might be easier to check things there since the houses will definitely be empty.

    Definitely a better idea Lil :D

    Thanks @Marianne Little and @TyrannyElemmiire . That's most encouraging. I'll give it a go.

  7. I'm curious about how time of day might affect finding abandons. Is it mostly in the U.S. afternoons and evenings? Given how much other activities are scheduled for those times, it seems likely enough. That doesn't work with my schedule so I've just been waiting.

    About the frustration, I can understand that. Just before the pre-pay period started, I figured out something I could do with a house which would let me feel part of the community even if most activities go on while I'm asleep. So I made an alt premium, the timing with the price increase meant it was a bit early for the new houses. Anyway, it was a real up, this is going to be great, plans plans plans. Push the button, he's premium. Woot. Then ok now what? That was a huge downer, especially when I realised I couldn't use his 1024 for anything else and still keep him open to grab an abandon. And my plans include making some custom mesh so I do have things to do, just in Blender. I can well imagine how frustrating it will be for someone who's found themselves in the now what? position without having a clear task which can be worked on without access to a house.

    At some point, one of mine will go on the HUD tour whilst wearing furniture, just to see how things might fit :)  There's only so much you can do via guesswork and estimation.

  8. 1 hour ago, Jules Catlyn said:

    I look at it from the perspective of sustaining a service that brings joy to me on a daily basis. I pay them and they provide me with a big part of my life. That makes it worth being premium to me. If they get a good base line turnover, they keep SL running and that is all i expect them to do. So go ahead and tell me 1000 times that premium doesn't give you your money's worth, i will tell you that there are loads more than me who feel the same way about SL and gladly pay the fee.

    That's such a lovely way to put it Jules. Wishing you much continued joy :)

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  9. Making a separate animation engine is IMO a good way to learn. Take it slowly and go step by step.

    Rez a cube. Put your new animations in it.

    You'll also need a set of scripts (a "sitter") to make the animations run.

    Option 1: nPose is free. You can get it via MP  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/nPose-V310/11306346 or inworld at their sim. They have examples and classes inworld too.

    Option 2: AVsitter2 has been released as free and open source. I find it much simpler than nPose. You'll need to download the scripts and follow the instructions (mostly copy/pasting each script into it's own "New Script" in your inventory or an object, adding a notecard and scripted object, and making very certain every thing is titled correctly). Take it step by step, check your work as you go along, and it's not difficult at all. It just seems like it's a lot to get your head around :). Then follow the instructions on this page to get it working. https://avsitter.github.io/avsitter2_home.html (If you get stuck, drop me a line inworld and I can send you a copy of mine.)

    Option 3: You can also buy Sitters on the MP or inworld. The one I have is basically just a harder to use variation on AVsitter2. I don't know if there are better ones.

    When you have your animation engine cube working, you can place it just above the seat of your furniture, follow the instructions to Adjust the positions to suit, and make the cube transparent. Make sure you can still click on the furniture in a way which accesses the old anims (if you want to use them). Later, when you feel more confident you can decide whether or not to integrate the old and new animations into one unit.

    It can feel overwhelming but it's really not that bad. Go slow, take it step by step and look for info on the scripts' website and ask questions here or in inworld groups. You'll get there :) 

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  10. A boat rocking on the water = the whole screen moving + the pattern of the water = possible seizure trigger for some of us. So making the effect user-side rather than built in sounds absolutely lovely. I could spend time with friends on a boat like that if we could each choose whether or not to see the movement.

  11. 4 hours ago, Frankie Antonioni said:

    A man, and woman hate each other in RL. But they meet up in SL, and fall in love. We need younger actors to play the couple. So Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan are out. Need somebody in their 30s. The movie would need a good title. During the movie, scenes would be filmed in SL. I suggest showing marinas in SL. Boat racing in SL. And pirate battles in SL. Other battles would also be shown, along with the inside of clubs.

    Make your movie then. SL's great strength is that we can make whatever we can imagine.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Fox Wijaya said:

    completely true, bút ... those creators should stop blaming LL for businessplans that turn out less good, LL didn't make those.....
    This isn't a "told you so" post, but putting all your bets on a computer platform should at least raise some flags, there are no virtual things that survived as long as SL does.. logically thinking should warn you for that. Also old creators have seen many come, and many go, also famous brands longer here than themself, for various reasons the leave, 99% chance the current ones also will get those issues as the poofed ones, some will fall, others go on, regrab their things, reorganise and move on.

    Yes, it's not fun to pay more, but i'm seriously convinced this 2.5 % isn't the killer.
    Yes, it will lower the proces credit results ( but also taxable income, so it's not all loss)

    Since we're playing buts, here.... But I haven't done any of that though, have I? Please show me where if you think differently. I was pretty certain all of my bets were somewhere else :)

    To whatever extent what you've written is true, it doesn't change things for the way the market works. What I've seen over the last decade is a general decline in prices, with newer creators tending to undersell older ones in order to establish themselves and prices across the board being driven down.

    And every time a creator has to leave because the costs and difficulties outweight the benefits, it's a loss to that individual on a personal level. It might be for the best, but it's still a loss. And some do work that's so unique no one will ever replace them.

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  13. 13 hours ago, Beth Macbain said:

    If a creator that I love refuses to raise their prices in order to counter increases in fees, etc., and ultimately goes out of business due to that stubbornness, yes, it displeases me that they wouldn't trust enough in me as a customer (or, perhaps, in the quality of their work) to think they could survive a small price increase.

    As a matter of fact, Linden Lab creates a product that I adore, and I'm perfectly willing to pay this increased premium price in order to keep them in business so I can keep getting this product I love.

    One thing that strikes me about this is the emphasis on the I. Would you consider seeing it from another point of view?

    When creators are wary of raising prices, it's generally based on years of accumulated data on what sells best and how pricing affects this. I daresay most of us have experimented with nudging prices from time to time and sometimes we're able to make it work. For myself, I know that something nicer priced at L$100 will sell less than one priced at L$90 and the L$70s will sell even more. It's not about insufficient trust in you or in the quality of our work. If only that were sufficient.

    Casting aspersions on creators in the forum isn't going to help at all. What would help far more is if you could create a culture whereby customers who are happy to spend more make a habit of paying extra when they buy something. If you're genuinely happy to pay a bit more, there's already a mechanism in place to do so.

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  14. 1) Fix the vast expanses of granite mountain with nicer textures and make the granite start higher up.

    2) Build lakes in abandoned sims so there's less abandoned land and more waterfront property.

    3) Make it easier to create efficient mesh and make it easier for consumers to evaluate mesh and texture efficiency before they buy. It's all difficult and frustrating and inaccurate now.

    4) Quality default avatars. The clothing market adjusted to the dominance of mesh bodies. It will adjust to the inclusion of a good default one too.

    5) Drop Sansar and switch to developing SL 2.

    6) Hire involved residents who understand how the rezzed world works so better decisions are made. Or continue to use us for free services but listen to us sooner rather than later. Please.

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  15. On 6/1/2019 at 7:39 PM, Erwin Solo said:

    And I get their charming message embedded in the gift notice

    Best bet is to reframe it as their problem and your entertainment :)  Oh look, here they go again. Did they send me something useful this time? No, trash! :D

    They think they're getting to, but if you know they're not, you win. That's my rule.

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  16. On 6/1/2019 at 3:24 PM, Zoya McDonnagh said:

    While i am in the US and can't really respond about the time frame you asked about, I can describe some of the other points you asked about. There are 2 large groups: Bellisseria Citizens and Bellisseria Community. Both are pretty active chat wise any time  I log in. There are people from around the world in both groups.

    Thanks for your reply. Boy alt joined both (cause he had group slots), had a few wanders and went to some of the house tour places. It's been really quiet every time I've gone, but I ran into Matty's pub and that gave me an idea for a way to feel part of the community even if I miss out on most of the activity. So boy alt is now premium (cause VAT is a stinker and Bitsy needs her tier for the shop).

    New question - Is email the only way to find out when a new set is released? I am lousy at checking email any more.

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  17. Thanks @Parhelion Palou and @LittleMe Jewell. I appreciate your help.

    Wow to how resource intensive group chat is. It's become such an important part of SL though and one I've taken very much for granted. Being able to observe all these diverse conversations has been such a lifeline to the rest of the world on days when I can't do much.

    About the spaghetti code, could it possibly work to leave the old chat system in place in the code but turn it off via the viewers and add a parallel, more efficient substitute? Far from graceful, but feasible??

  18. On 5/30/2019 at 3:41 PM, Kitten Kaos said:

    oldbees (like me) after years are rediscovering what is good about SL, prompted by a newfound sense of community.

    How much goes on during the UK day? (Let's say roughly 2 am - 6 am SLT).

    Your description appeals to me and I've been toying with the idea of making an alt premium to try Belliseria out. Given the price changes I can't really do just a month, it will be a year or nothing now. The time zone thing has always complicated joining in with other communities and I already have enough frustration with things I'd like to do happening when I'm sound asleep.

    Also, what sorts of interests are there? I feel out of place amidst the popularity of shopping and focusing on the avatar's appearance.

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  19. I'd like to know more about the problems in groups. From what I understand, the large groups are most affected so removing accounts from some of those should have the most impact. I can take mine out of a couple of big ones I don't really interact with any more.

    How about smaller groups? When do the problems occur? All the time or just when chat opens up? Would turning off group notices help?

    Just wondering if there's more information available. I want to do what I can to help reduce the problems, even if it's small.

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  20. 3 hours ago, Kat Linden said:

    This is important because all members of groups contribute to lag, even inactive group members. This is especially true for group chat. There are residents who have a lot of alts that they have not used in years that are still part of groups, and they are slowing those groups down. Lowering the number of groups for Basic accounts will not be a quick fix for this issue, but reducing the number of groups Basic members can join could help keep it from building further as we go forward.

    The inactive accounts won't lose groups, they'll stay at 42. They'll only go down to 35 if the owner logs back in and wants to join a new group badly enough to ditch 7 + 1 groups.

    Unless I'm missing something here, this will penalise active basics without doing anything about the bigger problem of those already inactive.

    Would an awareness campaign asking group owners to prune their groups help? There's a way to turn off the thumbnail pics in group chat, a friend helped me with that and it did improve things. Would LL consider dropping them altogether?

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