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    Forcing facebook on Second life members

    Maybe you're sufficiently protected. Maybe your protection began early enough. Maybe it hasn't had any exploitable gaps. Given what we're finding out about FB and friends, I think it's foolish to assume the protections we have are adequate. They're co-ordinating and sharing information on a level most of us can't really comprehend. Preventing an individual from tracking you is complicated enough, but this goes well beyond.
  2. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Forcing facebook on Second life members

    Cookies and other trackers like those included on every page with any sort of FB widget link the two. The connection will be there in the data.
  3. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Remedies to declining SL?

    Blender is overwhelming that way. Task-specific starter builds (focusing on creating static objects OR animating an avatar OR etc, rather than all of it in one package) could be really useful as learning tools for beginners. Would it be difficult for a coder to set up that sort of thing?
  4. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Remedies to declining SL?

    I joined SL twice. Once was when I got a new computer and wanted to check out this interesting thing I had heard about. I got as far as getting some clothes from the Free Dove and wandering around and around and around. I didn't find much to interest me, and the prices seemed quite high because I had absolutely no idea how much 75 lindens cost in ยฃ. I did manage to find the Dublin Pub with people chatting away eventually but by then I was tired and cranky and needing my bed. Not quite a year later, a very good friend in another country got caught up in it so I made a new account, logged in and sent him a friend request. He'd joined because of a real life friend who very correctly understood SL to be something he'd love and helped him get started with building and other things. He bought some land about the time I joined and taught me about freebie places, so I had a unique house to decorate (it was a tall cylinder with floors), a massive world to explore and big poofy skirts to billow when I fell off of things. It was brilliant. Maybe that sort of approach - friends bringing in and guiding friends - would be a useful way to help our crazy madcap world thrive and grow. Not just RL friends, but perhaps people we've gotten to know elsewhere on the internet. Now of course this won't suit everyone, so those who want to keep their walls up go right ahead and do just that. But maybe if the rest of us thought a bit harder about who we might be able to draw in, we just might find some excellent additions to our communities.
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    Timeout Demos ??

    I like to see how something holds up through TPs and just daily slife. Does the hair's LOD fall off? How long does the dress take to show up after a TP? The front might look great but maybe the back view lets it down enough I'm not keen on looking at it while walking. Timed demos get in the way of this sort of thing. Not to mention the fact I'm usually distracted by friends and building and can take days to get around to buying something. Best one though was completely forgetting about a lovely hair in the push of getting a hunt prize finished until I logged back into the beta grid and there she was with the demo still on her head Maybe I'm missing something but in most cases I think timed demos are more of a comfort to merchants than actual deterrent to misuse. For slow, careful shoppers like myself, they're just deterrents.
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    What happens to unaccepted transfers

    If you gifted them from Marketplace, they'll be in the Received Items folder. She might need to tick something to make that folder visible. It's an odd thing because stuff in it is hidden from search. Even if you didn't gift them directly from MP, it's worth checking the Received Items folder because it can be a bit of a TARDIS. Catznip viewer automatically puts all declined things in trash rather than disappearing them. It means more to purge but it works as a safety net.
  7. Bitsy Buccaneer

    I don't want a thigh gap!

    You can't mod mesh in this way once it's uploaded. Have you tried alpha-ing out the mesh body in that area and altering your body shape till the jeans suit you better? It might make more jeans workable. Depends in part on what you're aiming for as the outward appearance. I've had good luck with a flat butt shape but that's easy. With a thigh gap, it could be less obvious what you need to do and could well need a combination of changes. Good luck.
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    SL LAG

    December's always a bit wonky in SL. Christmas shopping, socialising, and tons of people sim hopping for Advent gifts. It puts extra strain on the servers and seems to bring out problems in whatever's been changed in the background. Things tend to improve after the midweek rolling restarts then get slower and glitchier from the weekend through till the next set of rolls. Just over a week to go so things should even out again soon enough. Until then, add in day of the week to troubleshooting
  9. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Fashion Designers from the United kingdom

    It's against the TOS for anyone to disclose RL information about another person, including real-world location. I'm curious about the whys of this request. I haven't been able to think of a single reason which would matter in SL.
  10. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Would like to start learning korean

    Now doesn't that request for help have some bits which sound an awful lot like a bot advertising those two sites. It wouldn't be, would it?
  11. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Is it just me or is second life slow today?

    Advent and Christmas always seem to be a bit of a stress test on whatever changes have been made in the previous months. All that extra sim hopping will surely increase pressure on the asset servers and such.
  12. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your guilty pleasures?

    I don't feel the least bit guilty about it but I was absurdly pleased the day a friend and I maneuvered two of the Hyde Park horses down into the subway. Why? Because it was there
  13. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your guilty pleasures?

    I have octopus babies. They have been living in inventory since I moved to a smaller place. I will ask them how they feel about living inside my head ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก
  14. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    When it affects your health it's not an annoyance or a peeve, it's a danger and it's only right to do what's needed to keep yourself safe ๐Ÿ’ Mine is seizures from flashing lights and animated full bright images. Fortunately it's not too hard to avoid them but I do miss out on some things. It's just necessary when your brain works a bit differently from the majority's.
  15. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your guilty pleasures?

    /me goes to install an octopus in mine
  16. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I end up remembering the ones who do it frequently but because the information is then tucked away in the back of my mind it colours how I read everything they post. Mostly I give up trying to figure out if they're being snide in a post or if I'm reading it that way because of the sarcastic smiles and just move on. Oh well, not much more I can do.
  17. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    from https://www.etymonline.com/word/pet peeve pet peeve (n.): "thing that provokes one most," 1919, from pet (n.1) in the adjectival sense "especially cherished" (1826), here in jocular or ironic use with peeve (n.). It's also used in this way in "pet project", to indicate an undertaking which is given special status by someone because it's a favourite. It's not necessarily important to others though, so it does share that with petty (which comes to English from the French petit, small). Etymologically it's about an especially cherished, personal and special status given by an individual to an annoyance.
  18. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    This where I'm at too. I really don't understand getting peeved by these sorts of superficial things. It just seems like a waste of energy and emotions. Do people derive some sort of pleasure or satisfaction from the experience that they keep doing it?
  19. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Why so many empty role play sims?

    (I think it has more to do with pain given the reasons for her extended absence. Perhaps a bit of kindness could be extended when someone says something like she did.)
  20. Bitsy Buccaneer

    The "We know it so well we think others know it" Thread

    I'm not sure why you're repeating your points when all I did was offer myself as a counter-example to the idea that square menus are faster and superior. I'm also not sure why you're throwing in words generally regarded as insulting (like lazy) when you do. Did you think I was saying you were wrong or misunderstanding you or something like that? All I wanted to do was add a bit more to the picture.
  21. Bitsy Buccaneer

    The "We know it so well we think others know it" Thread

    Individual chats can be separated out from the main chat window and positioned wherever. (Icon with a square on it near the x to close button.) It's handy for keeping an eye on a couple of conversations and also very good protection against wrong window oopses. I like it too because I can keep some group chats open but out of sight and then scan through them more efficiently and when it's convenient for me.
  22. Bitsy Buccaneer

    The "We know it so well we think others know it" Thread

    It is for me. With the square menu I have to read the list then move the mouse to what I want. With the pie menu, my mouse is where it needs to be before I've read it thanks to muscle memory. That saves me time on the functions I use most often. I'll quite happily trade an extra click to derender something for this. If others find the square menu easier, that's grand. I just hope we always have a choice.
  23. Bitsy Buccaneer

    The "We know it so well we think others know it" Thread

    But wearing the furniture folder is a gas. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me @Akane Nacht below: YES !! !!! !!!
  24. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Quality Cyberpunk/Sci-fi fashion

    Several of the example pics you listed have well-covered bodies. Are you one of those who has to wear a mesh body underneath no matter what?
  25. Bitsy Buccaneer

    How did i get a negative balance on my accout?

    $7.00 is the tier for a 1024. Did you get rid of the land first or did you downgrade to basic first? I'm not sure how it would work with needing a premium account to own land but other than that, losing the premium free 1024 allowance before getting rid of the land would fit. Scratch that. Thanks for setting me right Lil.