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  1. A friend and I bought land in late July last summer. It turned out to be less hard than we expected, but then we took it one step at a time. This was the sequence: 1) Spent much time fretting about size and shape needed and all other aspects. With two shops etc to place, this was somewhat more complicated than many uses. A pencil and paper map helped, but an inworld mock-up with prims in the right sizes was even better to get a feel for the size of the parcel we were requesting. 2) Investigated possibilities and found a good area of abandoned land which meets our needs. 3) Made a group and invited my friend and our building alts (you'll have 24 hours for the 2nd account to join or the group vanishes) 4) Bought a year's premium 5) Donated tier to the group (after this was done, we were able to confirm how much we'd be able to buy as a group without incurring additional tier charges) 6) Friend gave me her share of the land purchase price 7) Put in ticket to buy land 😎 Request was filled in four or five days 9) Went to parcel with our group tag active and bought land via "Buy for Group" (important to remember to do but was obvious and not the least bit difficult when the moment came) Take it step by step and it's not bad at all. There are just several steps and the information for each was in several locations so it felt confusing. With two of us working together, we had mutual support but also needed to communicate and coordinate that we had done each thing. In the end, it went really quite smoothly
  2. Compromises. Every mesh creator has to decide what to compromise on. Sometimes those decisions will match with your needs. Sometimes they won't. And sometimes the solution with the best comprises for a situation is a prim. If it's not, don't use it.
  3. Optimising mesh for SL involves a lot of compromises and guess work as to what's the best choice. Unless it's a simple item, it's pretty much guaranteed that a good choice for many will be a poor choice for someone else. There isn't anyway around that. Trying to keep LI low really complicates this dance because (depending on the size etc, nothing is straight forward in optimising mesh for SL), there's a ridiculously small number of tris allowed for the lowest LOD, which has the most influence on LI (again depending, because nothing is straightforward). Any less-frequently viewed tris which can be freed up for use in more prominent places helps tremendously. Round + mesh adds LI. Trust me, I love round things so I know this far too well. My idea files attest to this , along with my files of abandoned projects Square + mesh is just so much easier. The more curves you add, the more complicated it gets and the harder it is to keep LI down. You're asking for low LI, curves, backs, and a low cost. Just like us mesh-makers, you're going to have to compromise somewhere. If I was in your position, I'd try adding a prim to the back of the fireplace or cabinet. It doesn't have to be a perfect match, they often aren't in RL. As for the skybox, put your scene in a prim sphere or half-sphere to eliminate the corners. One LI, easy to set up and customise and none of the complications of making round mesh.
  4. I'm going to give up on this for awhile. It really does seem that you're not understanding what I've tried to say at all Asylum. Maybe someone else find a way to phrase it better.
  5. I am watching. I see things differently. Accuracy is grand. I'm all for it. But one of the things I see happening these days is a repeated insistence on getting hung up in over-literalness and missing the forest for the trees. It keeps us engaged in piecemeal battles and arguing with those who should be our allies. That's just making things even harder for ourselves. I'm really not interested in giving that sort of power to those who benefit from our divisions.
  6. I think you may have lost sight of the forest for the trees. In some of what you've written here and elsewhere it sounds as if there may be a good deal of underlying pain. I'm sorry if someone's hurt you by shaming any aspect of your person. The broadening I'd like to do here is to parallel the RL versions to their SL counterparts for starters and then continue on to shaming-type behaviours in general. It's not a loss of meaning or watering down. It's understanding some very strong and very real similarities in how some people act towards others. It's harmful and hurtful whether it's directed to a person's RL body or the choices they've made in assembling an internet avatar or profile. It's about gaining strength through understanding the similarities in behaviour patterns. The more we understand, the better able we are to address them in wherever they manifest. Don't let the red pill and gamersgate hate mongers divide us or give them the power to define the parameters of our discussion. That strengthens them. It doesn't help you or me or any of us here.
  7. All this stuff about "it's not body shaming because it's not a body", doesn't that miss the real point? Some do their damnedest to evoke shame in others because of their physical appearance. Surely that is what's important here, the behaviour of shaming another person. Choice is a red herring too. The SL forms of "body-shaming" might come down to "you've made stupid choices" but that's still shaming. That it impacts on the mental and emotional aspects of a person rather than the physical doesn't make it any less harmful or hurtful. And RL body shamers certainly use choice as a weapon - they'll go after what they assume to be the choices their targets' have made which led to weight gain or whatever is under attack. I'm not buying this idea that about it can't be body shaming because we can change our avs thing at all.
  8. Happy New Year to LittleMe. There have been days over the last few years when it was really nice just to know someone had noticed my effort enough to give it a like. Your gestures mattered during difficult times. Thank you x (And I'm going to leave this here as a surprise and as a little public recognition because it seems fitting)
  9. My wishlist for 2019 (and 2020 and possibly forever): an option for an improved built in standard avatar
  10. Well you see, Bitsy's mum is a time lord and her dad is an Ood who followed a different evolutionary path for the external brain. This is why wee Cerebellum, my hat octopus, treats me, the host body, with some care. The trick is all in how you imagine it 💜 Happy New Year Maddy
  11. /me attempts to set Rhonda on fire and realises i need lessons from the Mad one 🤔
  12. That's a very harsh, fundamentlaist way of looking at things, Kanry. It would seem you're only interested in damping down behaviours you don't approve of rather than conversation and learning. Would that be a fair assessment of your beliefs?
  13. I don't understand why people feel such a need to put others down with derision. I can read psychological theories on it, but I don't really understand it. For those of you who show scorn on the internet, do you think you'll change others' minds or are there other reasons? What do you get out of it? Do you do so in person as well?
  14. In his research for the podcast/audio book, Ronson found and followed many ripples with unexpected consequences which came from the a starting point, ie the butterfly effect. The list in the OP reminded me of one of those ripples and because it was unexpected, I thought others would be interested in learning about it. It does seem I wasn't up to explaining it clearly enough and I'm still struggling to so I think I'll give up. If anyone's interested, it's easy enough to find through places like Audible or itunes. What the OP has observed may come from unintended and unexpected changes in the p=rn industry. That's what I had hoped to put forward.
  15. sorry, i've edited that it's a podcast into my first post now.
  16. Thanks Callum Ronson released this as a podcast called The Butterfly Effect. I don't know how much of it he or other people have talked about in print sources. It's around 7 episodes so it doesn't take all that long to listen to.
  17. Actually no. The point Ronson was making (and I'm trying to convey, apparently rather in vain) is that the 'middle of the road' (for lack of a better term, which is why it doesn't fit into the algorithms) is getting pushed out by niche material. Ronson's research and podcast was more about the effects of this on those who work in the industry, but the corollary is that those whose preferences fall into this middle of the road territory have increasingly fewer options. That 'most of your customer's needs' area is no longer being met because it's not getting produced because it gets lost in the algorithms.
  18. Jon Ronson wasn't talking about spamming keywords. His subject was the ways in which search functions and algorithms have affected what's now offered in the first place. Generic, middle of the road offerings aren't being produced much because they get lost in the listing algorithms even though they might have fairly broad appeal. Instead the producers are casting and filming to fill niches because those will show up. The things the OP listed (AFK, BBC, Findom) are those sorts of niches, so I'm wondering if this side effect of algorithms on the p=rn industry is also at play in SL. It might be something as simple as sim owners replicating what they see on p=rn sites.
  19. The OP's list of categories reminded me of something Jon Ronson talked about in his (eta: podcast) The Butterfly Effect, about the rippling consequences of algorithms and search engines on the p=rn industry. In short, the producers are all chasing as many keywords as possible leading to lots of certain categories and less and less of what used to be the generic mainstream. The result is 25 year old p=rn actresses unable to get work in the industry because they can't be keyworded as either "teen" or "mature". Could these sorts of factors be in play amongst the sex sims?
  20. A day after Boxing day sort of philosophical question: If a thread has no stated topic, is it existentially impossible to derail it?
  21. Maybe you're sufficiently protected. Maybe your protection began early enough. Maybe it hasn't had any exploitable gaps. Given what we're finding out about FB and friends, I think it's foolish to assume the protections we have are adequate. They're co-ordinating and sharing information on a level most of us can't really comprehend. Preventing an individual from tracking you is complicated enough, but this goes well beyond.
  22. Cookies and other trackers like those included on every page with any sort of FB widget link the two. The connection will be there in the data.
  23. Blender is overwhelming that way. Task-specific starter builds (focusing on creating static objects OR animating an avatar OR etc, rather than all of it in one package) could be really useful as learning tools for beginners. Would it be difficult for a coder to set up that sort of thing?
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