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  1. OK, I'll start keeping the book. Let's say 7-3 odds Maddy takes over 12 months to leave the forums. Who wants in?
  2. Is there a record for Longest Flounce from a Forum? I think Phil's after it
  3. If LL won't, it would still be possible for others to. Since we're dreaming here, what if someone else was able to capture the magic of watch it come to life before your eyes, collaborative, inworld building in an open world and do it right this time, learning all the lessons of LL's mistakes? Who knows, it might catch on
  4. I would gladly give up the peer pressure to have an overly smooth hyper perfect avatar for a creative platform with 1/24 LI prims How can we make this happen?
  5. I very much agree with everything else. This one sentence though, I'd like to offer a gentle suggestion on, if that's acceptable. It's simply this - of course we have to work with what SL's given us re mesh, but we can also do our utmost to keep space for and help facilitate co-operative working and DIY within those constraints.
  6. That's all I was trying to do too, that and figure out a bit more of where you were coming from with yours. My apologies for being so bold. Perhaps the emotion I thought I was hearing from you was related to something else. As I can't seem to phrase anything right for you, I'll leave it to you to initiate any further conversation between us on this or other subjects. Good wishes.
  7. I'm sorry then. I thought I might be able to offer a useful suggestion. Clearly this was a mistake. It won't happen again. Good luck finding whatever it is you're after.
  8. So you're looking for a new home, where someone else takes responsibility for admin and moderation. Yes? Perhaps that should be the suggestion then. It doesn't have to be you doing the organising, though you're the one who seems most keen. Do you know others who might be interested? Or is there a way to increase interest in the revamped other one?
  9. It's a different website. I've seen people here refer to it obliquely so I'm not sure if we're allowed to say its name. But it has everything you're asking for in that list and has plenty of room for the sorts of topics Luna and BilliJo like to lock horns over too. If there's a reason why that set of forums is unacceptable to the three of you, you could always set up a new one of your very own. It's really quite easy. (edit: And clearly you're aware of it, so what's the problem?)
  10. There's already a forum with all of those topics and SL/virtual worlds too. Why complicate things for the forum mods here when what you want already exists?
  11. Considering how many of your derails end up being you and Luna going at it like two sides of the same coin, you could just start your own discussion forum and invite whomever you want to join it. Win-win all around I think.
  12. I don't remember when I first went to beta grid but local textures were available on TPVs when I started making things. That would be 8-9 years ago now. It used an exploit on the way avatar appearance was initially baked client-side and sent to the servers. When appearance became server-side, the exploit was broken but the Lindens recognised how useful it was and incorporated a new version into the official viewer. Life's made me careful with money and how I spend it, so local textures were vital for me. I ran into talk about the feature and the beta grid on learn-to-create websites, in the forum, in Builders Brewery chat and from a friend. I came across the information naturally as I was learning other things I needed to know about. Local textures is magic and loads of fun because you can see changes inworld every time you hit export in GIMP. If only it was so simple with mesh
  13. 👀🤔❤️💜💙💚💛😢😱🙏🙃😎💥
  14. The store owner isn't Jewish. She's a non-denominational Christian who's decided to do things a certain way based on her reading of (probably Christian versions of) Jewish texts. From what she wrote earlier, what she's doing is very personal. It's really quite important for everyone discussing this to keep this in mind.
  15. The injunction for others to have a day of rest is basically early workers' rights legislation - and all the more progressive and forward thinking for how old it is. EVERYONE gets the day off, with recognition that this might be handled differently (like Sunday as the common day of rest, or secular legislation around work schedules). Saving lives always takes precedence over Shabbat observance. This is a very long-standing Jewish principle. Because fire spreads, that will be right up there in importance. Because people need shelter and a safe place to live, that will be right up there in importance. Something like cleaning up afterwards, that can wait til sundown. Addressing structural damage will depend on the consequences of waiting. There are also principles around who should be the ones to do the work. Since people who aren't Jewish aren't obligated to keep Shabbat in the first place, if the task can be done just as well by someone who isn't Jewish, then let that person do it. But if there's no one else, or a Jewish person is best suited, then the Jew is obligated to break Shabbat and do whatever is necessary to save the life. This is why you get things like the IDF coming into an area struck by disaster as quickly as possible to set up water purification facilities. The IDF has the infrastructure to do it and Israel is a world leader in water purification. If that needs to be done on Shabbat, so be it. A lot of these things make far more sense when you look into how it's actually practiced. Taking an idea or line out of context might give ample opportunity for the jollies of ridicule and outrage, but it's rarely good practice for understanding.
  16. If I understand the Marie Kondo approach, you'd have to rez every single item in your inventory in a certain category in one place and then decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Before the auto-return hits or you run out of LI. I think you'd also have to move everything to trash and then take it back into inventory from the rez. Which would play havoc with any sort of filter by date. And if you get rid of something and decide you really need it, you can buy it again. Now THAT is very SL
  17. After decades with tinnitus, I finally connected the dots on how big an influence muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back is. Just offering this here for you to experiment with, cause you like to do that sort of thing and it's a plausible mechanism for why your mental state affects it.
  18. I've run into plenty of crap like this. It's certainly not limited to BDSM, though I can see it being even worse in that, or even sex sims. Just visiting a scenic (non-RP) place or checking out a new textures store or whatever, and someone starts a random conversation which quickly becomes a list of his requirements and then an utter negation of my feelings about them. Some people are just completely focused on their needs and getting them met.
  19. We've lost at least as much as we've gained.
  20. /me follows entity's example and only replies to the OP
  21. I think that marks where the new replies on the thread start. It's clearer in the Dark theme, where it's a broad purple band with the words "Unread Replies" in the middle of it. At least they appear to function the same based on a brief look.
  22. Sometimes it's because a spam-bot posts its junk. Then someone else replies (to the thread rather than the spam because the spam tends to be tangentially related at best), the mods roll into work and delete the spam. The reply keeps the thread active and it looks like the replier necro'ed the post. On occasion I've seen this happen with several threads at an odd hour of the morning, so I suspect it might be a principle cause of those spates of necros which sometimes happen. Otherwise, it might just be someone using the search and not paying attention to the date. That the spam thing can be a cause is something I think all of us should be aware of.
  23. This got me thinking about LOD optimisation/lack of and how it impacts the virtual world as an analogy for communication "optimisation"/lack of and how that impacts our world(s) as well, both real and virtual. Might this be a useful metaphor for the tech-orientated?
  24. Oooooo. You're trolling with this right? And that last bit is the clue you've dropped for extra troll points. Cause the UK is rather known for its fondness for queuing and as for riots, we can't even manage to get significantly off our duffs to prevent impending economic suicide. The best you could hope for on a week-long wait is a handful of irate letters and comments below the line.
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