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  1. I have my own unique "test" for what is gambling and what isn't. I can't stand gambling, like the opposite of an addiction. I feel ill when I lose the money. I don't feel ill if I win, but I also don't risk it further for the sake of more. For awhile when I was living hand to mouth, I had a post office box in a place where vouchers for free lottery tickets came in the bulk advertising envelopes. A lot of those envelopes were thrown away unopened, which meant there were vouchers to be had if you were there on the right day Using a voucher to get a free lottery ticket didn't constitute gambling for me. Risking any money won did. When a group of RL friends played poker on our game nights, they'd offer to all chip in with a small stake for me. It still made me queasy, so I'd just socialise and see to the snacks. That's how my test works. Can I stand it? The only way I can stand a gacha is if it's a good price and I'd be happy with pretty much any of the commons. Even then, I'd much rather buy it on special. The rest of the time, gachas are gambling according to the Bitsy Test. Case closed
  2. Ouch. My SL is basically the online equivalent of chatting with friends over the knitting except one of them likes to blow up prims. She's herself whatever av she's on, like I'm myself whatever av I'm on (though we keep up a humourous running story line about the relationship between my main and building alt, they are currently sisters because they both bought the same hair on special but Bitsy is a time traveller so sometimes she's Paisley's mum which all makes complete sense, and when she's mum she thinks Paisley and the boy av would make a darling couple but Paisley just shoulders up her bazooka and looks at her sideways), and George is so very much George whatever av he's using. Same with the majority in our extended circles. The lines aren't blurred, they don't exist. It's not really a choice for me, I don't have the skills needed to be anyone other than myself. My experience is that drama is more likely to happen when people insist on boundaries between "real" and av because things have this way of leaking through. I'll still hang out with them if they're interesting though. I find it harder to build real trust though, the kind I have with my closest and realest friends. But some of us are very capable of being ourselves inworld quite peaceably and sensibly. Maybe give us more of a chance?
  3. Avatars have always been an extension of RL people for me. The RL people continue to exist whether they're logged in or not. There's someone I was friends with while she was ill and in and out of hospital who's still on my friends list. When I see her name, I send her a good thought. I don't know if she's still alive or how she's doing if she is. There's another friend with mental health issues and, last I heard from her, dreadful internet. She'd come and go, and then LL imposed a mandatory viewer upgrade and she had to stop logging in. I wonder how she's doing too. Another friend I met in SL, I stay in touch with over Skype. His mum is in hospice so I think about them every day and check in regularly to see if he's around and needs a virtual hug. I still remember what their avatars look like. If I'm not seen inworld for awhile, two dear friends worry about me. One will sometimes send my avatars small gifts to brighten my day. Well, my main mostly. If my building alt gets something, I know he's really worried. These are the people who've stayed by me through the worst of my own illnesses. Their avatars might blink out but the friendship doesn't. Maybe this is why I can become completely immersed in a conversation in SL. It's no less real for me because it's typed.
  4. Good work, Doc. That conveys the wonder and magic of SL so well Thank you for sharing it with us.
  5. If everyone who makes content for SL thought of it as "just a game", it would be a barren world indeed. Thank goodness for all who put their hearts and time into using it as a truly creative platform.
  6. Can you spot the error in thinking in this? It's in the last clause.
  7. You've really rather missed the entire point of what I was saying, Bradford. If that was a competition, you'd have won it by miles.
  8. I don't know. I tried to use minecraft, but the download wouldn't work. I think it may have been something to use minecraft with but I never got back to it. I should look into it again.
  9. Does this mean you've abandoned this secondary position then? Look back at my first reply to you. It's what I quoted.
  10. My sentiment was that it was humiliating and devastating to know with complete certainty - at the very young age of five - that I was being rejected by my classmates. I was far too young to have anything remotely like the coping strategies needed to deal with it effectively. I didn't know how to talk about it with anyone. I was a tiny, lost, hurting child. When schools and teachers do their best to avoid putting a child in that position, it gives the child a chance to grow up a bit more normally. I didn't have that. I got stuck in a crippling shyness which became self-perpetuating. Because I was bullied and isolated early, I didn't develop the social skills needed to avoid being a target for further bullying and isolation. Thank heavens we've learned some things over the years. If it spares one tiny child from going through that kind of hell, it's worth it. In other words, your position isn't just wrong. It is cruel.
  11. Not at all. That's YOUR line. Why are you reading your sentiment into my words?
  12. And change them regularly. So they don't get smelly. Like old socks 👍
  13. Runway. Check. Box OVER head. Check. Have I got it this time? 🤔
  14. Suit yourself. When I was, couldn't've been more than 5, may have been younger, I very carefully went through the box of wee cards I'd very carefully selected from the shop and decided on one for each member of my class, trying to choose one I thought they'd like. I was a serious child and took the whole thing seriously. It mattered to me that they had a card they'd liked, whether they were funny or flowery or loud or quiet. On the day itself a few classmates went racing round the bags, dropping one in each. Others had also written names on theirs, they took longer. I was slow and I had cards for everyone, but I managed alright. When we were given leave to get our bags, everyone gleefully dumped theirs on the floor. They all had lots. It was a big class. I found a small handful inside my bag. One from our neighbour Steven. A couple more with my name on the envelope. A few more from the kids who gave one to everyone randomly. I was five years old and I knew without any shadow of a doubt what I was already starting to figure out. It was humiliating and it was devastating.
  15. Landed on, Rey. Landed on. Being a passive conduit for the take-off, and successful landing, of a long, rounded tube full of squirming passengers is quite a metaphor for Valentine's day. No wonder I'm supposed to hide my head in an empty box 😢😢
  16. Fashion rules are SOOOOO complicated 😢
  17. Am I doing this right or should I stick to wearing furniture for my fashion statements?
  18. I got a box with a box in it for Valentine's today. As a metaphor for my love life, it is really quite apt.
  19. Happy (belated probably) Friend's Day Wulfie
  20. We supposedly pay more attention to negative stimulus and it can evoke the good old fashioned survival mechanism from humanity's rougher days, the fight or flight response. But flight's an incomplete option on the internet - we can turn the computer off but the discussion continues without us (oh noes!), or we worry that it will, or we keep arguing in our minds. Unless you've learned how to truly step back or walk away from it altogether, fighting at least appears to address the negative stimulus. Of course it tends to magnify and prolong it. But it all gives off brain chemicals with addictive properties, which makes for quite a feedback loop. Especially difficult for walking away from things on the internet is that the argument will still be there to be dredged up again if it suits. In person, it's just easier to get over it and move on. And to see the "opponent" as more than the monster you've created in your head in the heat of the argument. That's not the whole picture of course, but important pieces (IMO) to add in. Anonymity is part too, but I feel it's too simplistic to make it the primary focus. If nothing else, there can be legitimate needs for some to remain anonymous (like certain jobs or relationship history) and given how much of our social business is being conducted online, we really do need to get a handle on ourselves soon.
  21. Considering my av comes up the belly button of some of the mesh giraffes on the grid, that's really quite apt
  22. The Ruth option would be one way to dodge the social pressure to get a mesh body I don't want
  23. Internet usage is that a flounce is a drama-laden exit. Leaving on a certain date for a stated reason isn't a flounce. Talking about it repeatedly is. Regardless of who starts it, you have been doing that. In making your announcement very early and very publicly, you've given those who know how to bait you yet more ammunition. It's hardly a surprise that they use it, or that you take the bait. This guarantees the addition of drama to the months before your departure. I'm not going to get into another back and forth with you. This is how some of us see it. I made a light-hearted joke and it got some traction because there's a ring of truth in it. It feels like a long, drawn-out flounce. (When I posted my wee joke though, I didn't realise there were several pages of you and Luna going at it and by the time I'd read enough to grasp what had happened, the notification dings were already coming in and since it had been quoted I couldn't edit it out. Fortunately Maddy's quip sent it off in a new direction, and that's often the best way to derail an argument. The thread needed such a diversion at the time. Maddy's good that way.)
  24. /me surreptitiously offers Maddy a year's worth of root beer if she flounces that long
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