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    Full Perm Picture Frame

    Plus the creator bit in the edit window hotlinks directly to the creator's profile. Much easier than mucking about with search and trying to remember how the creator's name is spelled and hoping you got the right one.
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    Full Perm Picture Frame

    Not silly at all. It's the most efficient way of directing customer questions and requests for help to the person who can actually provide the help.
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    Will Second Life ever be ported to Stadia?

    A SL friend uses a television as his monitor. Maybe yours can be hooked up to your computer too?
  4. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    I think you might be making the task Cleopatrina's asking for more complicated and harder than it needs to be. It could start with a list of the factors the author(s) considers most relevant when creating mesh for SL. Having that in one place would help those who are beginning. It could also be a collaborative project with different people contributing where they best can. It doesn't have to be Drongle-level investigation of how the servers handle mesh. A well-organised selection of suggestions for better practice would help a lot.
  5. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Where are the Maitreya mesh bodies?

    It's true. Given the number of merchants trying to sell to Maitreya-body users, they swamp a search on the brand name. I've run into the problem every time I've set off to try a demo of the body and have to try again until I find a useful second word to add.
  6. Bitsy Buccaneer

    15 Years - 15 Plans - Let's Review

    Premium homes, cheap rentals, anywhere still do free homes for noobs?, sandboxes, exploring with no fixed abode, friends who'll let you set Home at their's, imagination - lots of possibilities, as befits a creative open-ended world.
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    What Inspires Your Style and Fashion in SL?

    Does going barefoot cause you got bored trying on shoes count as a "look"? Asking for an alt.
  8. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Requesting Information about a Tyrant Admin of a Sim

    Now I'm wondering if both accounts aren't BillieJo's. But she'd never do anything like that, would she?
  9. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Do LL works in progress affect your SL budget?

    It's more like all this "progress" affects my spending by making it so much harder to find things to buy I've largely given up shopping because it's just not worth the frustration. Like fitmesh. My avatars are small and slim and XS or S usually works better for both of them than the fitmesh. There are fewer calculations for the computer to do for fixed size clothes too, so that's an easy choice for me. But of course it's becoming increasingly unavailable. Or shoes. Bitsy doesn't have mesh feet and I don't see the point in putting excess geometry under geometry for the sake of rigging. I gather more normal women look at the painfully high break your ankles shoes and think NEED!!!!, but my brain just goes PAIN!!!. I get enough of that in RL from fibromyalgia, so since the Slink high has come to dominate styles I've stopped thinking of shoes as something I might buy. New skin offerings are all about mesh faces. I understand that's where the excitement and money is, but I have zero interest in carting around all that extra geometry just so it looks more airbrushed on the off chance a passing stranger cams in close to examine my av. BOM could lead to less of a division between system avs and mesh bodies but given how willing creators have been to abandon us system avs, I don't have much hope that it will make a significant difference. It's used to be that all sorts of niche was easy to find, but it just keeps getting harder and harder.
  10. Someone in the library at Caledon gave me a library card with my name on it which was utterly magic cause I had no idea about uploading textures or even how to put one on a prim Discovering that the poofy skirt I'd found at Caledon was the bomb for parachuting at Zoha Island. Choosing all further skirts by how well they poofed whilst falling. Discovering that the odd thing sticking out from my hips was the skirt from the pink polka dot dress. Finding a very large furniture store that was so interesting I decided I lived there. It was also the start of a SLife-long fascination with SL bathtubs and showers which, when combined with my tendency to fall off of things, led to a fascination with anything underwater and the way SL clothes don't get wet even when fully immersed. Because that it just cool. RL friend inviting me to live on the land he'd just gotten in the house he'd just built. Feeling so touched that he was giving me a home and conflicted because I also wanted to continue living in my furniture store. Logging in one day to find a Bitsy-sized bath that he'd quietly bought for me during an afternoon's exploring because it was just my size. Pulling a diving board out of my inventory (from that day thence known as the TARDIS) to put on the roof of the house to fall off of. Finding a sofa floating without any means of support in the sky near the house and of course falling off of it, which turned out to be most agreeable as it was an excellent height and Stand was an excellent means of starting the fall. Tucking Bitsy into bed every night before logging out and then on my return finding her standing on the bed, bright and eager to start a brand noob day. Very random exploring, poofy Victorian skirts and ballgowns, falling off of things intentionally or not, water, freebies and hanging out with Morgan comprise at least 90% of my early SL memories The downside of all the random exploring is that the places are mostly a jumble in my mind and I'm finding it difficult to assemble the pieces into anything coherent. I wish I'd taken more pictures to help me remember them all properly. But my goodness it was all so amazing.
  11. Bitsy Buccaneer

    (Discussion) What type of roleplaying do you prefer?

    It's not really role-play (cause I am lousy at role-play) but Bitsy has a sort of evolving backstory (including her name) which started outside of SL. It's just an extension of my RL sense of humour, albeit with extra props and visual representation. The RL friend I followed into SL shares my love of non-sequiturs and recontextualisation so that sort of repartee fit in quite well in this world where you can be anything, including a time traveling antiquities restorer and fish wrangler with a Japanese steampunk pirate skyship. It all makes complete and utter sense, I promise
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    Skin Fair and BoM

    Good to know I may as well avoid it, not having a mesh head or being remotely interested in wearing one. Thanks Blush for saving me the frustration and let down of finding out for myself.
  13. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Advice for prize permissions

    Yay! Good idea
  14. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Advice for prize permissions

    The organisers may have requirements for the auction, best to ask them. When I donated something for a yard-sale fund-raiser, the choice was no copy/trans or send it to the organiser copy/trans and he put it to copy/no trans when it was set out for sale. I chose the latter because I'd known the organiser for years and trust him and it meant as many people who wanted to buy it could. It's also my standard perms. (In all of this, mod or no mod was creators' choice.) Artwork at an auction is one of the few times where no copy/trans makes sense to me, cause in the real world that sort of thing is usually a one-off. But then there's the risks of no copy stuff being lost during one of the grid's difficult periods. Maybe a way would be to sell it no copy/trans but allow the purchaser to trade it in for a copy/no trans version if they choose? A dear friend of mine is an art collector in both lives and he HATES no mod, even when there's a resize script. The scripts don't give enough fine tuning of size for him. I asked him once and unleashed such a formidable rant I will never ask him the question again My preference would be copy/mod/no trans, but I can see no copy/mod/trans for a unique auctioned piece. Bottom line though, is what the event organisers want or recommend.
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    Deanonymization because of copyright, whats next?

    This is like an alternate reality Prok in a pink negligee
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    I need buddies

    Check your inventory for Calling Cards. If any are still in SL they might be happy to renew your friendship.
  17. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Do you talk about SL to your RL family/friends?

    I've made a couple of attempts but it generally goes down like a ton of incomprehensible bricks. With online friends it can be a bit better sometimes, though more often it's "Is SecondLife still a thing?" I've pretty much given up trying.
  18. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Do you like playing SL alone?

    When I was new, I spent a lot of time on my own wandering around looking at the amazing things people had made. It was in the days of prim building and utterly magic. On the weekends I did much the same with a friend. Now I like having time on my own to build and stuff and time talking with friends. Most of them are builders too, so it can be a bit like a knitting circle What I have lost interest in is spending much time fixing up my avatar. I want it to be easy and quick so I can get back to more interesting things.
  19. How about: Accidentally making an uncatchable bouncing object by using key framed motion in something very small and it going a bit wrong. Or am I the only one daft enough to do this?
  20. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Somebody loves me...

    Let me look. I'm sure there's a barbeque in my inventory somewhere. We had one of the deck of our first house. Except it didn't have a cooking animation and we didn't know how to add one. If you tried to use it, you'd end up sitting on it, grilling your buns.
  21. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Somebody loves me...

    Does this mean we're having a party in the thread now? spikes the left bowl of lemonade and sets out half a shelf of clearance chocolate hearts, a fruit salad for the healthy-minded and quesadillas in honour of Mexico's day of friendship. let's see how sugar rushed we can get the lion
  22. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Somebody loves me...

    I wonder if a mantis shrimp would be useful for crushing lemons 😎
  23. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Somebody loves me...

    I "chose"? You really don't get it, do you? Let's try it this way instead. Geez Bitsy, that sounds like a really horrible thing to go through when you were so young. Thanks, Bradford. It was. I didn't yet have the skills or insight to cope with it or anyone to help me learn them. Talking about this experience (which was one of many) has been good though. Several people here have given me support, which has been lovely and brought some kindness into the memory of very dark, bleak years. It's been really good to hear about things teachers like Pamela have done too. Thanks for bringing up the matter. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have spoken up and I wouldn't have received the support from others here. ❤️
  24. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Collaborative design experiment in Second Life

    This sounds like it could be a really interesting community to be a part of, at least if there's anything going on during conventional UK hours. (Well, it would still be interesting for other people if it was going on while we're asleep )
  25. I'm nearly done with a hunt prize and would like to make it work with Thor's Oak Swim Hud (free on marketplace). I was able to get it to work sort of, for a while, but only if I flung my avatar at the pool surround. Then it stopped altogether. A friend who's really good with getting scripts to work can't figure it out either. We've tried various linkage-not linked-physics permutations, reset the script, reinstalled a fresh script, and so on. I did a forum search for previous discussion and all I found was a few posts saying it didn't always work. So I'm just throwing this out to see if anyone has any advice or suggestions. The swimming bit isn't required, it just makes the building more versatile and gives something else to do.