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  1. Also, if your items are autoreturned because either you forgot your tag or you just deeded land you can simpy wear the appropriate group tag and find the coalesced item or items in your inventory lost and found folder, right click the item(s) and select "restore to last position" the item will be returned to its original position before being returned and with the appropriate group as well
  2. Today a massive greifer attack plagued my land and the surrounding regions with lovely spinnig rabbit heads that spew blood particles a hundred meters away. My land has autoreturn no problem right, wrong. My land is surrounded by abandoned land owned by LL with NO AUTO RETURN. I've inspected abandoned parcels all over this area and all have no auto return set. Just a thought but maybe LL change policy to enable autoreturn once land ownership changes to LL so we don't have to put up with stuff like this anymore? Also we wouldn't have to look at long abandoned noob builds that sit on abandoned land for all eternity... If you're a land owner also please use autoreturn, this prevents griefers from leaving annoying objects on your land until you notice (if you ever do) and also keeps unintentional annoying objects off your land like screaming motorcylcles or broken airplanes at full throttle.... Auto Return is a good thing, don't be lazy and keep it on 0 because you don't feel like changing takes, seriously its not that hard. If you think having Object Entry turned off is a good umbrella policy, you're wrong objects can be moved onto your land or physical objects can be bounced onto your land where it will stay until you someday notice... Please use auto return, I'm really getting tired of all this nonsense.
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