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  1. Glad to hear it's not only me running into that problem. Yes, I have tried grabbing another and trying again but I get the same result. So frustrating. In the meantime shopping around for skins, manes and tails and having fun with that.
  2. Hello! I recently purchased a Teegle horse. Am loving it but I'm having a problem when wearing the horse and teleporting to various destinations. My avatar is all over the place and doesn't sit center on the saddle or when bareback. She sways left. right and blends into the horse. The horse is also difficult to direct. I do turn my AO off before wearing the horse and have tried adjusting my position, etc. I requested a redelivery to make sure something wasn't messed up but the problem still persists. It only happens when I wear the horse from inventory. Are there any adjustments I should be making or paying attention to? At the moment I'm stuck on my small parcel with not a lot of space to ride. Thank you for any and all suggestions and help!
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