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  1. This will be really helpful to those of us who are creators and operators at the same time..3 weeks is a little too less time when we dont know what we have to script and what we have to change in games..Maybe September 1st is a good timeline? Sushant Diesel
  2. 1) LL is banning the games in 10 states..so if i am a tourist, traveling to usa..and i pass via these states for a limited period of time will i be discontinued from my work? i won't be able to access the gaming lands when i am in these lands? 2) Sometimes employees who are critical and knows A to Z of the gaming work, can be one of these banned states..can they continue work with games? They wudnt be a game operator nor a game creator..but a Manager who will need to promote the games and interact with the clients..for this they will need to have access to the gaming regions. 3) Section 4 (e) Skill Game Ownership is not clear at all..i don't understand what they are trying to say..il need light on that Thanks, Sushant Diesel
  3. i wantit..pls contact me in SL and lets agree on a sale price and do it Sushant Diesel
  4. Hi Team, I am looking to buy a full prim sim. Contact me if you have one to sell. Sushant Diesel
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a full prim sim..PLS contact me if you have one to sell. Sushant Diesel
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