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  1. If it were estate land, I'd tell you to: 1. Login with Phoenix. 2. Click the name of the shouting object in local chat to see its owner. 3. Turn off scripts in the region. 4. Do a return all for objects by that owner in the region. 5. Wait 5 minutes for the object return to effect. 6. Turn scripts back on and enjoy a grief-free day.

    But it sounds like its mainland, in which case, do steps 1 and 2, then mute the resident whose name you find, then turn on show transparent and search until you find the objects. Then AR them.

    If the objects are actually on your land (more likely just outside it) you could teleport up to 4000 meters where they won't lag you (say 'gth 4000' in local chat, but see step #1 first) and use about land to return objects that aren't yours.

    No object can mess with the land settings the way you describe. Possibly lag induced by the chat spam prevents your client from accurately displaying about land settings.

  2. Ceera Murakami wrote:

    Seriously, for the time and effort spent, any minimum-wage real-world job in any nation suficiently developed to have Internet access will pay you better profits for the time spend then you are lilkey to earn in SL in the land market.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, or a fool.

    I make more than minimum wage in the SL land market (and in Michigan the minimum wage is $7.40 an hour). Since I'm not a liar, I guess I'm a fool!  :matte-motes-wink-tongue:

  3. First, thanks to Cerebrix for a great post. Believe me, smart landlords are definitely thinking about the points you've raised. Let me put in my two cents on them.

    As for the stale sales, its really tough to keep ads extremely current. On my estate, I have a bot that runs around every day making notecards, as well as an automated web page that is current to within about four hours. But land can be purchased at any moment, and good land goes fast. So when you land in someone's swimming pool (oops!) remember that it may have only come out of the rez box minutes earlier.

    LL doesn't help the situation because the search engine seems to be pretty slow updating, and the yellow 'for sale' spots on the map often take over 24 hours to show up, by which time they're often sold.

    To your second point, I agree that serious sellers ought to get back to you if the ball was left in their court. Many times I want to send an IM asking something like "Hi, were you still thinking of that land we looked at last night?" But I stop myself because it seems too pushy or spammy. I try not to sell, but rather give the potential tenant the info they need and let them decide. Maybe the folks you dealt with were waiting on you to make the call.

    In any case, good luck with your continued search. There are plenty of good land providers out there, I'm sure you'll find one.

  4. In Answer to number 1, In Second Life, buying and renting really are the same thing. :matte-motes-smitten: There is no L$2999 'total forever', since even on the mainland a monthly fee must be paid to your landlord, Governor Linden. If you quit paying the Governor, your land will be taken away. At least on (most) estate land, one doesn't pay an upfront fee to acquire the lease, as one does on mainland. I do agree with you that search could be improved, because search can always be improved, but using the 'new' search web page search.secondlife.com you can already choose to search for mainland or estate land when you search for land like it was in v1.

    To number 2, it does work that way. I own both estate regions and mainland parcels and the accounting is entirely seperate.

  5. Torley Linden wrote:

    And, if anyone knows a Resident-run private estate that explicitly restricts skyboxes for aesthetic and aviation reasons, out of my own personal curiosity (as I'm an explorer), let me know the SLurl.

    Most private estates do, in fact. Most covenants say no boxes below "N" meters. Mine, for example, allows no skybox builds below 300m, which allows a nice free flight area between 50m and 300m. Since the SL clouds are around 270m, you usually can't see skyboxes from the ground.

  6. Hetty Harlequin wrote:

    W're having some serious issues re. sky tping above 100m and the prim counts on sub parcels seems screwed (same no of prims used for all subdivided parcels regardless of size or whats on them) so I'm contacting a concierge to help with that cos we've spent hours trawling KB and...cant find answers.


    You're probably looking at the Simulator Primitives line rather than the Parcel primitives line, if all the parcels are group owned by a group on the same sim, you'l indeed see 15,000 prims available on all of them, because you can use your prim pool on any parcel you own.

    Look where it says "primitives parcel supports" on the objects tab of the about land window for accurate info.



  7. Quit using the main grid as a g-d beta! How about YOU test it before you inflict it on us? I've had one region down all day, can't be restarted by you during middle of rolling restart, and YAY another one follows right on the heels.

    I want all my regions out of your beta channels.

  8. Need a full region with 15000 prims and full estate management rights? Don't pay a setup charge to LL or wait 10 days for a ticket to complete when you can rent a full region in seconds. Just teleport to Pengo Bravo and buy it with L$ instantly! The land price of L$21,000 is your first week's tier. Shortly after you buy, you'll be greeted by one of the estate managers who will instruct you how to use your new estate powers and where to pay additional weeks of rent.

    Visit http://rockhopper.sl/land for a list of over 100 smaller parcels to rent, commercial, residential, and farm, from 512 sqm to full sims!

  9. As Dogboat said, it's all rented. If you stop paying estate tier, the estate owner will eventually reclaim the land, and if you quit paying tier to LL they'll reclaim your mainland. The distinction between buy vs. rent is a little more valid on mainland parcels where land is sold without recourse, whereas on estate land, parcels are sold with recourse to reclaim if tier is not paid. I very rarely (only once) have seen situations where estates are set up like mainland rentals and you don't get full rights by buying the land, but rather join a group to get limited rights.

    The categories in this forum are fine. We don't need two subcategories for estate land.

  10. Hey Resident. Check out http://rockhopper.sl/land for a complete list of land for sale at Rockhopper Estates.We have parcels from 512 sqm to quarter sims available right now.

    The price of all parcels is equal to one week's tier payment, and your purchase includes your first week's tier. There is no additional cost for the land! Anyone may own land at Rockhopper, a premium account is not required.

    The land list on our web site is updated in real time, and is sortable by parcel size, type, and maturity rating so you can quickly find the land you need. If you're not sure what you need, IM Thex Lecker for personalized help.

  11. There is far worse stuff on the internet. Any real harm is going to come from talking to bad people in IM, not from watching hentai toons on the next parcel. If you can't trust her in SL, then you really need to just unplug completely or sit there with her and supervise. Not LL's job to do yours.

    Edit to add: I have a 15 year old who will *not* be getting an SL account when he's 16.

  12. A few more days into using it I can see that it would be great for making videos. Flycam is the only good use for it for me. I'm still dubious about walking around with it (easier to double-click teleport). When building, no matter how carefully i try to just position the object, i always end up imparting some random rotation to it that I've got to override with typing later. Would be good I suppose for building organic things or if I could make it snap to the grid.

  13. For those not familiar with the term, Ray uses 'the singularity' to refer to the point in time past which we can no longer predict the future with any degree of accuracy because intelligent computers accelerate the rate of change beyond current human understanding.

    I read your post Prok. I think you're attributing a lot of motivation and malice to poor old Ray when it's just not there. Ray has a theory of what will happen someday when machines become smarter than humans.  He does the lifestyle he does (with all the nutritional stuff) because he wants to live to be a part of that world. You call him a fascist for espousing the idea that the singularity will create a superior race. While within the human race  there's not such thing, the life forms that emerge after the singularity will not be entirely human, and will therefore be either inferior or superior to unaltered humans.

    You fault him for charging $25k for lecturing on the subject, but his words are his product and there are willing buyers. That's capitalism, not fascism.

  14. Sorry you had a bad experience selling you sim. Pulling the ticket is terrible and LL shouldn't really allow cancels of buy/sel tickets without some penalty. But I disagree with your casting of Lizard as greedy, he simply offered a price that reflects the current secondary market, and its your choice to take it or leave it, he's not twisting your arm.

    If you walked into a grocery store and found that a bumper crop bananas had pushed the price down to fifteen cents a kilo, would you insist on paying a dollar because thats what you feel the "should be worth"? Of course not, and you wouldn't be greedy for buying bananas for fifteen cents.

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