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  1. Been playing with EEP. To me it sucks the big time. They need to go back to the previous windlight system. It was easy and fast to change windlights. When taking photos of a strange landscape I do not want to have to spend all friggin day playing with EEP to get one shot. Ridiculous that they even did this introducing EEP. Make one wonder if management really has a clue about the normal everyday user of SL.
  2. Well, Linden Lab has managed to screw things up again. They seem to be really good at it. From a photographer standpoint what they have done is make it harder to really get great landscape shots by removing alot of the preset windlights. What they have replaced it with is a very poor substitute. So Linden Lab, tell me why I should stay premium since you insist on screwing things up all the time. You have proven this over and over. Thanks for nothing.
  3. I am a casual builder. Not a college trained 3D modeler. I have though run my own business in real life. I do follow the tech industry in the business world including online "games". Whatever possessed LL to want to make another virtual world is beyond comprehension with so many struggling with the current world wide economy. No country is experiencing consistent growth that is increasing disposable income for everyone. Worker participation rates are at their lowest in several decades. Disposable income has dropped dramatically in the last decade. This is not the time to try to reinvent anything. People just do not have the money to spend. So in my humble opinion, Sansar will be a tremendous flop. It will have an initial one time user success, but will be struggling after just 3 months to attract and hold users and creators alike. Personally, I will not waste my time with it.
  4. If you have been rezzing the house from a rez box to work on it the problem most likely is the rez box. Until you finalize the build inside the build box, the rez box itself is not transferable. Once you finalize it, then you can rename the box and its permissions change from non-transferable to transferable (full perm actually). I am a builder myself and sometimes I forget this step when in a rush.
  5. The least primy way to to do it is to make a copy of the tank just slightly smaller and texture it and use a color similiar to looking through water and place it inside the larger tank.... it will then give almost the effect of looking through linden water. If you go underwater somewhere and rez a cube.. you will notice you have to be around 10 meters away from the cube before you start to see a "color" effect on the cube as if looking through water. Being a water tank, which is probably much smaller than 10 meters in diameter, the color effect under Linden water would be negligible anyway. You can increase the effect inside the tank by making the "water color" a darker semi transparent shade of water.
  6. It is possible to draw geometric shapes in GIMP if you look at all the tools available. It is not easy at first though. Knowing a little geometry helps. Sketchp is a good program also. It is 3D drawing program but 2D geometric shapes are possible if you look at the different views available. You can export the image into a few different formats that are importable into GIMP. Best of all; there is a free version. It is also very user friendly.
  7. In case you do not know. The Super Bowl Shark design is protected under intellectual property (copyright) laws. Katy Perry's lawyer recently issued a cease and desist letter (DMCA) to a person on Shapeways website making a 3D model of the shark. It was removed immedietly. If anybody in SL does make one and Katy Perry's company finds out about it, they can have it removed from SL completely. That includes not just the one in the creators inventory, but from everyones inventory that bought one. I doubt you will ever see one in SL. If one does appear, I doubt it will be around long.
  8. if any of you had taken a minute to do the math.... 86400 seconds comes out to 24 hours.... someone yanking her chain
  9. One last lot for sale or rent on beautiful Rambling Paths home and garden sim. 919 Prim Allowance Just L$1230 per week This is a themed sim and we change it regularly to reflect the seasons. For more information, contact Heavenly Villa or namssab1nad piers for more information.
  10. Here again LL seems to be shooting itself in the foot. LL viewer does not work on my computer. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. Don't tell me to upgrade my system with a new computer. When YOU want to pay my bills so I can upgrade, then fine. I will upgrade then. LL needs to understand that they are purposely and with forethought getting rid of their customer base (or they are just incredibly stupid). Its the beginning of the end of a company when they do that. I run XP pro on my computer. I will upgrade when the new Windows 10 is released. Not until then. If LL wants to improve their viewer, make functional with XP. Alot of people worldwide still use it. A fairly large chunk still use it.
  11. Parcel for rent on Rambling Paths home and garden sim. Parcel supports 1296 prim for only L$1621 weekly. We are a themed sim and change our sim to the seasons. For more information contact Heavenly Villa or namssab1nad piers inworld. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Image%20dAlliez/176/142/24
  12. Parcel for rent on Home and Garden themed Rambling Paths sim. Supports 1296 prim for only L$1621 weekly. Come join some of the finest home and garden designers in SL. We do change our sim to match the seasons. We look forward to having you join our small family! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Image%20dAlliez/176/142/24 For more informatin contact Heavenly Villa or namssab1nad piers.
  13. You obvisouly have no idea what you are doing. You just don't "do business". Obvious question is what kind of business? What skills do you have? Do you have a business in SL now? Do you have any real life business skills you can bring to SL? What skills are you looking for in a person? Next time you are inclined to ask that question, perhaps you should first ask yourself these oh so basic questions first.
  14. It means Linden Lab has once again screwed a resident over by their actions and severe lack of communication to residents. Best I can offer is file a support ticket. If they are unwilling to help, suggest you get a lawyer or sue them in small claims court for the cost of what items you lost. This how that would most likely go down. You sue (in your local court) and they do not show up. You win a default judgement against them. They refuse to pay. You go back into court (this time with a lawyer) to start seizing property for a sidewalk auction (yes.. really... its taken out of the building outside and you start auctioning right then and there). You have the right to seize as much property necessary to recover the judegement costs, lawyer fees, and all other associated costs of seizing their property according to Califonia law. You do not have to be present. A lawyer can handle everything for you on site. I would suggest starting with their asset servers. Those are the heart and soul of Second Life. Taking them would shut SL down, making them legally and financially liable to all other residents in this case. Also, seizing them under LL TOS would now make YOU the legal owner of all data (content) on those servers.
  15. What you can do is when the time frame for the group is over, kick everyone out of the group but yourself. Make sure the group is not set to allow ppl to join on their own. After 48 hours, if you are the only member of the group, Linden Lab will delete the group since it takes at minimum 2 avitars to make a group viable.
  16. You do not give any specific groups you are affiliated with. Unfortunately there are have been lots of scams in SL collecting Lindens for supposed charities when in fact they were just scams to relieve people of their Lindens. I would suggest listing all the charities you plan to support and give real world information (name, location, etc.) of charities and contact information that can be verified, outside the information you give, showing you are actually affiliated with these charities for the purpose of raising funds Good luck in your endevour.
  17. GAS by far has the best sneakers.... comes with a color/texture HUD with plenty of choices.
  18. GAS is by far the best made mesh clothing I have seen.
  19. I have an arena I built for wrestling for a client. Not sure why you want it full perm. If its for your own use all you need is copy/mod. It is compact and has locker rooms and such. Can be retextured and modified to suit your needs. Contact me inworld if your interested in seeing it.
  20. Could be the sim your on is not getting any traffic except for your store. I get traffic in my store everyday and I hardly advertise in any groups during the week. Usually just on weekends. The reason I get traffic is because of the stores on my sim. We all benefit from "residual" traffice from each others stores. Our sim is themed for home and garden and has a themed design to promote and encourage visitors to walk or fly around the whole sim. You might want to think about moving to a sim with better traffic.
  21. Have a nice parcel for sale on Rambling Paths sim with enough space for a main store. We are a Home & Garden sim. Parcel has 2718 prim (land impact) available. Corner lot facing directly on sim landing area and Gacha area. We are a themed sim so any store going in would have to blend in with the style of the sim. For more information, contact namssab1nad piers or Heavenly Villa. Cost is 1.2L per prim + 60L weekly for support of commmon areas. Join us and be part of a small (you would be the 6th and final member) but great group of designers always ready to help each other out. Thanks, namssab1nad piers http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Image%20dAlliez/69/106/24
  22. If your looking for a scripture, may I suggest any of the many Christian sims to visit and ask someone there. However, if you are looking for a scriptor then search for scriptor groups inside SL. There are many and I am sure any one of the members of those groups would be glad to help you. I might also suggest you check your spelling to make sure you have the correct word your wanting to use.
  23. I can build one for you. Drop me an IM inworld if you're still interested.
  24. Had a conversaton with a person inworld that talks to LL on a regular basis. Word is that come this summer, to have a store on MP with more than 6 items, you will have to own land (own a store) inworld. As for me, I welcome that. It will get all the absent creators off MP and cut way back I believe on the copybotters. Don't know if it helped, but about 6 months a go a survey was taken on here and results sent to management at LL. Here is the link to the original survey if you missed it. http://businessdevelopmentcentresl.wordpress.com/ Let me know what you think about the possibility of that happening. Would love to hear everybodies opinion.
  25. I need a custom rotation script with very specific functions and it needs to be full perm. You can reply in world to me. I am usually on by 3pm SL time. Thanks, namssab1nad piers
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