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  1. I made the tutorial IP of the mesh, I answered all the questions right (10 of 10). In the end of the tutorial, appears: "Congratulations! You are now registered to upload mesh!" and "You scored 10 correct out of 10 questions for a score of 100 percent." But when I am in world, it says that I have no right to upload mesh. When I return to the site, it asks me again to make the tutorial again. I already made this tutorial more than 5 times... and when I return to the site later, it always says: "You must first complete the IP Tutorial before you can upload mesh objects." I do not know what to do anymore .. I already answered all the questions correct ... I already could make a mesh upload in the beta grid, but I can not do uploads in the main grid!!! I have a free account. Is this a problem to upload meshs? Can you help me?
  2. Charlar Linden, Hello, I hope that you can help me ... I am having problems with the Mesh IP Tutorial. I already make it. Got 10 points, but it allways says to me that I did not completed it. I made the same thing in the beta grid, and works fine, why I can not make it works in the main grid? Can you help me? Abel Paulino
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