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  1. As you have said in your reply to my initial enquiry that we all have a universal identifying number, the UUID. What difference would it make to have a different name, especially as it is something LL can make a charge for ;-)
  2. Why are not able to change an Avatars name? in a similar type of programme to SL called iMVU you can change Avi name, there is a small charge but it is better than losing your Avatar and all its clothes etc to have to start over with a new Avatar. SO WHY CAN'T LINDEN LABS ALLOW THIS ? ? ? ? ? ?
  3. If you use Black Dragon Viewer, the colours look much more vibrant. I have lots of Machinima on YouTube but they are marked private as I have them Linked to my own webpage. I wonder if lots of others do this as well, hence there is a shortage coming up in Search engine.
  4. Thank you for the info that missing Lindens are taken by Groups. I shall delete membership of Groups and see if the Lindens stil get taken
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