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  1. I never have had any issues with lag, even on my old computer that was practically steam powered...I recently got a new computer and I am super happy. I find most of the folk who complain about lag, are the ones, who have every scripted object under the sun attached..are using a computer that never had the specs to run SL and are running with the graphics on ultra, when you try and help them they don't want to know
  2. I visited this sim today, thanks to seeing this thread, it would be such a shame to see this place go, I hope it keeps going, I left a donation
  3. I am a bit of a loner in SL..I like to wander about exploring sims, and taking pictures..I do have couple of really close friends I hang out with....I sometimes feel lonely, but that is just the way of things...I am really Shy in Real and suffer with complex mental health issues, so I am not really outgoing and stuff.
  4. What if you don't have access to a scanner for the ID thing, what do we do then?
  5. My friend still has a titler, but hes a bit of a dork, who think lots of silly attachments are funny..I just put random comments in the titler all the time, he gets well fed up
  6. I miss Julia Hathor, I used to have some beautiful glow in the dark trees from her store...A few years back SL ate a chunk of my invent and those were lost forever (yes i raised tickets)..I would love to be able to get those beautiful trees back...So many cool creators and sims have gone over the years
  7. I Joined SL in 2006, after graduating orientation island, I ended up at one of the New Citizens area, and I was lucky enough to meet some really kind and helpful Mentors..In fact one of my friends was a Mentor himself, and he loved every minute of it, he got a real kick from helping the new folk and never did any of the things mentioned in the initial post..I think in all areas of SL you get the people who abuse power and its sad
  8. Lines that annoy me: Your hot wanna *****....I just yawn and close the IM window How old are you?, Give me Lindens, where you from, and pretty much anything addressed to me in text speak
  9. Late to the party with this one, but here are my pet peeves SL wise: People in relationships who say they are 'Taken' where are you being taken exactly? to the shops, the pub, for a fun day out? Flat shoes for tip toe feet, in real life we don't prance about on our tippy toes when wearing trainers or other flat shoes, its not that hard to switch your feet from high to flat with the huds with mesh bodies Face lights, there is no need to prance about looking like the Blackpool illuminations (I am forever derendering them) Random Friend requests, Hello I want money IM's and the old favourite How old are you?
  10. I have a Male alt, created just to be a photo prop, I can park him up, he doesn't get bored and doesn't pester me for sexy time
  11. I have been a Premium Member since joining SL in 2006....I am also a sim owner. The premium gifts are a waste of time to me, never taken that up...don't need a linden home as I have sim..Yeah great they are dropping tier prices. But how about LL address the issues that many have, like dealing with griefers and phishing accounts quicker. Also as a premium maybe make it free for premium member to purchase lindens as a perk, to offset the yearly increase of premium membership. I think LL are wrong to penalise the free accounts with cutting the groups, you are biting the hand there...free account holders spend money inworld and contribute so much. I do wonder if these increases are to prop up Sansar in some way
  12. I encountered this issue yesterday after my AMD card updated.....I am beyond cross...LL recommends AMD graphics cards so therefore they should be rectIfying this issue...Yes I know there is a work around with installing an older code/driver? but I am not computer literate and after reading the blogs about this I am confused and unsure (yes I am thick)..Yes disabling hardware skinning gives me mesh back but everything else looks poor...Come on Linden Labs dont recommend graphics cards that you dont keep up to date with and those of us who use the product suffer..I have been a premium member since joining SL in 2006 I also own a SIM and pay tier monthly, I am not expecting special treatment, but I expect there are many AMD graphics card users like myself who are pretty fed up with LL today...Dont say buy a Nvdia card
  13. I wanna be in Storms fanclub...What does one have to do to join..hope its not too pervy
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