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  1. am interested, i can use this land with my free 512 with premium
  2. I tried to register a new debit card which is a mastercard. But everytime i tried to register the card, it is reflected as a Visa Card. Hence, everytime i try to use it to purchase linden, i get an error message. How do i correct this?
  3. Ceera.Murakami wrote: Pamela Galli wrote: There is a warning when you return something that says no-transfer deeded objects will be lost. Tell, me, how do you deed a no-transfer object, when deeding it to a group is a transfer of ownership? That can't be done. No-copy deeded objects might have issues that way, though. In general, the "Return all items on parcel" button is incredibly hazardous, and should never be used.You are almost certain to trash something that way. The most common problem is the house, pool and a couple of trees all get lumped together in a single coalesced ob
  4. Have you experienced this?I have i lost 9000 lindens worth of stuff. The land option to return all items to owner either to your own invertory or two your friend's invetory.. is a cool option. But where was it indicated that non transferrable items dont get returned?? My sister lost 8000 lindens with this option too. Isnt there supposed to be a pop up or a discalimer like.. "dont do this is your items are non transferrable or you loose them." I still have to receive a reply from LL about the support ticket I created complaining about this. 
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