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  1. Thanks to everyone who put their two cents into this, but I ended up figuring it out on my own. A combination of Meshlab to clear the UVW texture data and then new pass of UVs did the trick.
  2. I took your advice Arton, unfortunately it didn't produce any varying results. Its worth noting that I've broken the mesh into its individual UV'd pieces and uploaded them separately. The chunk that demonstrates the problem above still has problems when uploaded separately as a group. I also then replaced the handle with a cube, and applied same material slot to that cube, and linked it to the rest of the mesh. It uploaded, and showed the texture with no irregularity. Its something to do with the handle, but I don't know what or why.
  3. I applied them in the Modeling Program as a means to verify that they are actually sitting correctly on the model itself. I'm not reuploading the textures every time. I have one set of textures because I know they're what I want. As far as I can tell (my perception being my reality), that my model looks fine everywhere outside of SL. I've been creating in SL for a long time, but none of what I normally would do to fix a model has fixed this issue. It reads to me that its something funky to do with SL, and not to do with my model.
  4. I realize this might not be the place to ask, but I figured I'd give it a try as I have tried every means to solve the problem myself and have come up empty handed. I'm totally frustrated. I've got a mesh project that I've been working on, and I've hit snag after snag, but finally its ready to upload. Problem is: When I upload my mesh object, everything appears to be as normal. The textures all preview fine as you'll see in the images I'll attach below. But when I rez the object in world, every textured (of which there are 6), renders normally except one. Face #4 always turns into a jumbled mess. It looks like what would happen if you turned on the Planar mapping setting on a mesh object not built to use it. This is what it looks like in my modeling package. I use 3DS Max. This is how it appears when plugged into the SL Mesh Uploader. Everything looks normal in the Preview Window. And heres the damage. The area beneath the padded comfort grip turns to a mess. Now I know the saying: Don't ask for help if you can't help yourself. I've tried my normal fixes. I exported the file from 3DS Max and brought it into both Wings 3D and Blender and verified that the textures appeared as normal. They did, so I exported a .DAE from both programs. Both had the same problem. Then I tried the Default Linden Labs Viewer for an upload (I normally use Firestorm), no change. So I figured maybe it was a setting in 3DS Max. I changed material slots, repeatedly, and checked my UVs for errors. I had gotten this far, but who knows, maybe it developed an issue along the way? No, they were fine. I'm totally lost. Any and all help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I sank a ton of time into this project, and not being able to get in world is devastating. Thanks for your time, Mode.
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