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  1. With the paint can rezzed near the helicopter, touch the windshield to bring up helicopter menu. Click on @admin, and then on @paint. It should detect the paint can and show a button matching the paint name.
  2. That's so weird. I use the kemono body with human feet all the time and in Firestorm and have never seen this. Could an attachment be affecting them? Are the feet like this when wearing nothing else but the kemono body? If you wear a freshly unboxed copy of the av are the feet still the same?
  3. Hi! The way to change the eyelash color for the kemono head is to get the rgb number values of the color you want and then enter them in the description field when you are editing the head. So if you wanted a bright blue color, you would enter <0, 0, 255> in the description box.
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