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  1. Here's a little fun song to cheer all of you up, after all that talk about death and dying.
  2. I know some people lie about their age, but 10 years younger
  3. It took me some time before i got what you was saying. First i thought scripted Relationship ???, hmm, what. Then Ariel, mermaid ? tahoma, shop on the MP ? Then lightning hit me. Types = fonts, fonts =types. It is very hot today where I am, maybe that is why it took me 30 min. to get it
  4. I accidentally clicked the haha emoji, i don't know how. I deleted it when i saw it was my haha, i would never laugh at any one who have a hard time I whis you all the best . p.s. I made this post because i don't know if you get notified about the haha.
  5. I would think it takes two, but how do they get in there?
  6. I've been looking for 5 minutes now but i can't find the one that has the right side up. I guess that it is something like this:
  7. Hi. If you can't find the viewer version you had before the upgrade, you may have it on your computer in a folder named something like: C:\users\your name\downloads. The filename will be Second_Life_ some numbers and end with _Setup. If you get the old viewer back, open preferences\setup and in software updates choose I will download and install updates manually. To avoid forced updates add this to your shortcuts execution line: " --channel "TestABC", remember the quotation marks and the space before --. I hope you will find your way back SL
  8. The op in danish (kind of) and your quote in english confused me. But that is nothing new, I am confused moste of the time.
  9. Yes, it is in danish but made with google translate. At Least it look that way, so i don't think MrSoerenKlupko is danish. If he is i apologize. Cindys quote is in english, that made me wonder why i saw it in danish, But if ohter people see it in danish it is not me gone nuts.
  10. When you click the gift for week 15 it tell you in local chat what you missed and the week. But you can't go back to the place where the gifts was and get them, they was only there for a week.
  11. Well, if LL really want to close your account, you should start to looking over your shoulder in real life. You are a lifetime member
  12. If you look at that dogs eyes you can see what he is thinking... "Get the h... out of here, so i can have my dinner"
  13. All these web pages are in english and i don't understand english, most of the time I don't even understand donut. Sorry i mean danish.
  14. it is per 1000 people. BUT now i will never google again. An other page say iceland is number ,1 denmark is 7 and USA is not even on the list. http://www.businessinsider.com/countries-largest-antidepressant-drug-users-2016-2?r=US&IR=T&IR=T https://www.indy100.com/article/these-are-the-countries-that-consume-the-most-antidepressants--WJvJPf5WFx
  15. I googled it, and the good old us of a is number one, we are only in fifth place. I will never again trust anything i hear on a tv show.
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