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  1. Well dear Vir, if I remember it right, it was because when i was told about it, all i could say was O. I may be wrong
  2. NO!!! When i was little my mom told me "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut", so the next 4-5 years I didn't say much. Then I learned about lying and ever since I've been talking everybody's ears off.
  3. You know Columbus (or at least Goofy Columbus) was 100 % sure that the earth is round but... P. S. I hope you were in god mode when you posted this. gods have never been wrong
  4. I didn't think anything. I usually don't think anything, I leave that to the horses they have bigger heads.
  5. I posted this under a video that started with "R" but now it is in another place. I leave it on because it is one of my favorite songs.
  6. Here's a little fun song to cheer all of you up, after all that talk about death and dying.
  7. I know some people lie about their age, but 10 years younger
  8. It took me some time before i got what you was saying. First i thought scripted Relationship ???, hmm, what. Then Ariel, mermaid ? tahoma, shop on the MP ? Then lightning hit me. Types = fonts, fonts =types. It is very hot today where I am, maybe that is why it took me 30 min. to get it
  9. I accidentally clicked the haha emoji, i don't know how. I deleted it when i saw it was my haha, i would never laugh at any one who have a hard time I whis you all the best . p.s. I made this post because i don't know if you get notified about the haha.
  10. I would think it takes two, but how do they get in there?
  11. I've been looking for 5 minutes now but i can't find the one that has the right side up. I guess that it is something like this:
  12. Hi. If you can't find the viewer version you had before the upgrade, you may have it on your computer in a folder named something like: C:\users\your name\downloads. The filename will be Second_Life_ some numbers and end with _Setup. If you get the old viewer back, open preferences\setup and in software updates choose I will download and install updates manually. To avoid forced updates add this to your shortcuts execution line: " --channel "TestABC", remember the quotation marks and the space before --. I hope you will find your way back SL
  13. The op in danish (kind of) and your quote in english confused me. But that is nothing new, I am confused moste of the time.
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