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  1. I haven't been able to post pictures to my feed for a couple of weeks now..Maybe three weeks. It has been so long...I lost count how many. It matters not what viewer you use, nope. Because its a LL problem. When I log on I try to take a snapshot and just sigh heavily to the picture taking its sweet time to post, as I know it is about to fail....and it does :smileysad: Sometimes it will fail instantly. Its all very upsetting. I think what's making this worse for all us is the fact that the Lindens haven't even addressed the issue publicly. You know...to make a post about how borked the Feed is
  2. I've been reading forums on SL and outside SL about this BS issue with NVIDIA and OpenGL errors. Not sure if this is actual fact or not (someone tell me) but I've been seeing, and heard, that its not the cause of your card or system but its LL's fault: Something about newer NVIDIA card's drivers have changed the way it reads OpenGL and SL has not bothered to get with the program for over a year. Is this why people with brand spanking new systems like say..an Alien Ware..or my friends brand new ROB ASUS gaming laptop cannot run SL without crashing after 5secs of being logged in? What is worse?
  3. Oh really, Baloo? So, Moni's "flaky" router must have been simply prejudice against V2
  4. Hey Zeta. There are a lot of other things to participate in besides sex and partnerships! You just gotta GET OUT THRE! Personally I enjoy the sexy romance and hunts for a good mate...but the sex can be quite comical, so it's not something I'm a big fan of. I enjoy photography. Traveling to exotic sims created by amazing sim developers and taking pictures to show them is good past time for me. I also get to meet a few unique individuals along the way who share my love for art and creativity and NO they do not want to take me to bed LOL After two years of being in SL I have also recently discove
  5. LOL That is ver strange. At first I thought "Ahh SIMPLE! She's got one of those music walkers attached" but as you have stated you have removed and detached everything...I am quite stumped :matte-motes-confused: As others have been experiencing the same problem, I'm curious to find out wha it is! Hope you get it sorted out soon...Gawd that would drive me nuts... Perhaps it's got something to do with your viewer, this "Exodos"? I'd check out its entire Prefrences. Also Character tests can be located in the Development tab - Avatar - Character Test. It's found the same way in all the viewers I
  6. I know this post is way old, and I hope you have solved the issue by nowDisable HTTP Textures and keep HTTP Inventory checked. You can do this in the Developement menu if your viewer doesn't have the option in advanced graphic preferences. HTTP Textures is **bleep**...I mean **bleep**! Disable it and you will never have a half blurry avi again.
  7. What's hilarious is the fact that there are people who are NOT complaining about the new UI. Because it DOES SUCK!! I was pleased when V2 first came out...the UI was perfect. I couldn't wait to get away from V1. After a few more updates and tons of bug fixes (and switching to Kirstens...R.I.P) it got even better. Loved the sidebar. Now I've been thrown a curve ball. You can't do ANYTHING without it opening a floater on the far side of the screen. Open this..open that..need to do this? Better open up another one!!! I hate it! Maybe you enjoy having floaters in your face all the time and consta
  8. Sure go ahead. What harm could she do?:matte-motes-big-grin-squint::matte-motes-evil-invert:
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