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  1. You have to try adjusting, it's a hard work but finally it will make you unique Genus doesn't fits perfectly with all hair but my Baby Face is good with Exxess hair. Here are my HEAD measures and I add a photo but look the face shape and not hair, those in photo are not Exxess but Monso. HEAD 64 49 59 60 57 50 33 04 32 12 81
  2. Hellow Voiva, It happened to me too and I fixed it removing eyes and head and re-attack both, have you tried to to move to a different place too ? I think in some cases hud and eyes can't comunicate for an unknown reason, when I moved to a different place I fixed this issue.
  3. Before I delete my adult group, if you want to get the ownership IM Helen Quirina inworld for details * Included 165 members
  4. Hi everybody, I sometimes add some favourites in my marketplace list, but the last I mark as a favourite is always shown on the bottom of my last favourites pages. :matte-motes-angry: I already opened a ticket to ask if they can reverse this..... am I complicated or is this modify better for us ? :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  5. Karen you're one step ahead, mixed SL and RL friends.... sounds interesting........ the multiple universes theory is getting a new shape now A+ :smileyhappy:
  6. Shallow Business plan ? :smileysurprised:
  7. Come on Bobbie... are you trying to tell us in your RL you pose in that way we see in your picture ? Crossed legs with the right arm behind your head and with the left arm extended that way ? :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: ..... confess..... you're also affected by SLAO syndrome :smileyvery-happy:
  8. Carl, you'll receive soon an "Under Investigation" notification :matte-motes-nerdy: ...... sleep well, don't worry :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. Hi everybody, I discovered myselft imitating in RealLife my AVI AO movements :matte-motes-agape: Is this happening to someone else ? .... Have I to be worried ? :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  10. Hi Dannina, If you want I'm available for some photo shots, feel free to contact me inworld. Helen
  11. Hi Life, Yes I also had this issue. Using http_request_id = llHTTPRequest("http://my_server_ip_address_/my_page.php", [], ""); It's an external call so you must MODERATE the calls, if you send and recevice too fast calls and responses SL overload I fixed this putting a llSleep(5.0); between a request and the response..... this slow down your script but it continue working good. 5.0 are the seconds, if you still have issues try to increase it a little Also some xploders uses this SLEEPING time, if they would try to PAY 20 WINNERS fast they can have a break I think it's an ANTI-DOS function of SL, if we all overload SL with hundred requests and relative responses the traffic increase dramatically
  12. Our Club have been moved, IM me to know the new place :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  13. Wives tired by routine and looking for extra-marriage ralationship are welcome to meet strangers and their friends. Men looking for alone hot wives are welcome, every color and age. No child and furry AVI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amor/151/146/22
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