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  1. I would just like to bump this thread I have this Opengl bug or whatever it may be, it slowly started last year and did a clean install of the latest last 2 drivers. It still happening. I tried all the tweaks of altering the Power Performance that does not work. It's makes using Second Life a totally miserable affair. I did post another thread about it but its all the same answser. Someone is at fault somewhere.
  2. Out of curiosity I went on Nvidia support forums to see if any other information about this bug. I did see this ************************************************************** Might be related to a recent opengl bug reported. Memory Leak in DX_Interrop extension. It will be fixed in the next driver. ************************************************************** Also they said the bug surfaced in the 314 driver
  3. No I used the clean install option on the Nvidia installation. Should I try that option uninstalling the driver first now? Actually what exactly do you remove first, all drivers or just the display driver?
  4. Istill have the314 file on my desktop. I may then do a clean install and go back t0 314. I don't understand why I am getting the this error and then thedisplay is recovered albeit SL was shut down. Is there something wrong with the opengl in second life?
  5. Well I had not updated for sometime I was on 310 and then 314 i did not have problems with those. I updated to 331.82 had problems with that one andthen 332.81 and got problems with this one.
  6. I keep getting this error but it is not consistent just randomly. I have a nvidia gtx 660 with windows 7. Never had problems until recently any suggestions please.
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