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  1. Let NO expense be spared! I don't care who knows it! @Eva Knoller, you know you want me! Resistance is futile!
  2. @Eva Knoller Yeah, and don't give me a hard time about it, you tarsks. Even a Manly Man has his Achilles . . . uh . . . heel. Yeah, that's it. "Heel."
  3. Where, O where, O where are you, @Eva Knoller?
  4. Cuddling in Gor? Well, let's see. There's the Nadu, the Bara, . . . the Lesha, and the Karta . . . the Sula . . . Gosh, isn't that funny! No "Cuddling" in among the kajira positions! Who'd have thunk it, eh? Of course, a REAL Manly Gorean Man isn't afraid of showing his sensitive side once in a while. I once cuddled with a snow larl for over an hour . . . cuddled it until its eyes popped out, and blood ran freely from its nose! Ever squished a pizza pop with your bare hands? Kinda like that. Rawr! People who want to "cuddle" in Gor make me ill: degenerate tarsks every one of you! I
  5. You guys are so lucky! You obviously attract a better quality spammer than I do. I got a PM too, but mine said: **** off and d**! Your posts make me r***** and v**** and I wish you'd go somewhere a million miles away from me! . Of course, mine was signed "The Moderators" :-D
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: Why, Richard, your 'sudden' sensitivity is amazing and, well, from one woman who considers herself pleasingly independent of anyone's 'weapon', welcome! While I have never been of the lifestyle to which you are attached, I do know that a woman, if approached with respect, kindness and humor, can be a wonderful companion, helpmate, and more. By the way, have you washed those silks lately? Thank you for your response, Venus. I am indeed learning the important of making women believe that I am listening to, and even maybe "hearing" them. It can be a very effective m
  7. Dillon Levenque wrote: I am rather taken aback by your continuing willingness to accept comment and advice from those you would normally consider unworthy (that is to say, those who are not Richard). There is really nothing so very odd about my extending a willingness to listen to my kajirae, given that a great many of them actually are "Richard." Sometimes it gets a little lonely in Mom's basement. Dillon Levenque wrote: I do have at least one quotation that is verifiable and slightly germane to this discussion: 'An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more in
  8. Virgil Gearz wrote: Hmm, yes Mr Parkes .. although you are off putting of my kind from your initial title and greeting (or perhaps your newly enlightened manliness had hoped such a greeting would keep such foul inhabitants as I from replying?) ..yet I feel inclined to step from the forest and enter the fray for the sake of my fellow Beasts. For you can sprinkle your thread title with words like Gorean, Kajira, Manly and Man all you like, but who are you to say how lines of communication should be handled between the hunter and the hunted? Who are you to define the relations of Male and femal
  9. Willow Danube wrote: Master Parkes, I am no Kajirae... but if I am, I would definitely measure my Master manliness by his Sword! Being raised in a head hunting tribe, our manly men has always been trained with the art of taking care of their machetes. I would like to share with you this ancient practise. It must (and in no particular important order) be:.. 1. Cleaned at least 3 times a day 2. Sharp and Agile (it may have 'wear and tear' , like the a man's knee cap, as it aged... but that is inevitable so therefore sadly acceptable) 3. With a distinct curve, liken to the smile of a satis
  10. Govindira Galatea wrote: Thou art right, of course. What these fora have lacked is a manly toe. We who truly appreciate manliness have been gathering and discussing the lack of a manly toe. And now, we have it, dipped in the water. As we had hoped and prayed. Thank you for your manly toe. /me bows his Manly head in acknowledgement Did you but know the feats (or should I say feets?) of which this toe is capable, you would soon appreciate what an honour it is.
  11. Rhonda Huntress wrote: And welcome back to the manly man forums, Richard. Or have I just missed your musings? Thank you. I am, for the moment, merely dipping my Manly toe into the waters here, however.
  12. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Richard Parkes wrote: PS. An admittedly cursory search would seem to indicate that the origin of your witticism is not Mark Twain, but actually "Peanuts." A much more reliable source of wisdom, to be sure. Increasingly of late I have found myself identifying with Linus. Except with a security blanket made from silks, of course.
  13. Govindira Galatea wrote: I'll say it, the requisite: This will not end well. I'm not sure why you should think so. I would have thought that our new Insect Masters -- the Forum deputies, if you will, of the Sardar -- would be pleased to see evidence of reform amongst the Manly Men of Gor. To demonstrate that such reform is possible, I need only point to myself. There was a time when I might have responded to your post by suggesting that you are as useful as a pile of mindar droppings, and that you should be bent to the will of a Manly Man at the edge of his sword. Such is no longer
  14. Dillon Levenque wrote: Richard Parkes wrote: I would ask everyone, as well, to keep discussion here as civil as possible; please remember that good manners are next to Manliness. Huh. Just when I was thinking the entire Forum idea was without any possible socially redeeming value, here's Mister Studly with a sensitive and thoughtful thread. How nice. I don't know if this is a Mark Twain quote. I remember it as being from one of his stories (Alibi Ike?) but I liked it and your comment brought it to mind: 'They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. I say it's next to impossible" Tha
  15. Good evening, kajirae and gentlemen. Speaking to one of my kajirae today, it occurred to me, in a blinding flash as it were, that I have never taken the time to consult with her about what it is that she would most like to see in her Manly Gorean Master (i.e., me). I was a trifle abashed by this realization: while i've tried always to be a sensitive and open Manly Gorean Man, it may well be that I have not always been as ready to open the lines of communication with my kajirae as I should. Given that the basis of any really sound and successful master/slave relationship must always be mutua
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