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  1. And I still miss the point in getting a positive opportunity because something just got worse and my income declines for the 2nd time this year due to raised fees. But it seems that the main writers on this forum support LL what ever and posting something not in line with them gets you corrected 5 times for the same thing...
  2. But recently added were fees only for the creators. And it does not change the fact that they take more than 30%! To get to the max fee of 500US$ you need to check out 10,000US$ which most are not able to do, as you start with a maximum of 1,000US$ per month which you need to ask to be increased. But LL will not increase this amount unless you have more then 1,000US$ on your account for several months which brings you then to the next tier of 2,000US$.... So this is only for the big businesses who benefit here but not the people who really do the creative and amazing stuff SL is mea
  3. Just that LL does not allow you to sell things cheaper in World than on MP... I really fail to find any positive opportunity in having to pay more.
  4. First I think it is quite harsh to double twice costs (double fees for LindeX and double MP fees) for creators within less than a year. Then the VAT issue: When you pay extra VAT for sim tier this would mean: LL pays that VAT they receive from EU residents and have to give it to the residents country tax department... And why would an american company do that for a service they sell and provide within the US? Same applies to check out, where they deduct the VAT before the fees which is wrong? Now you should be able to go to your countries tax department and ask to be f
  5. then you simply take what is in the touch_start() event earlier posted and replace the if(llDetectedLinkNumber(0)==rightButton) with listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { message = llToLower(message); if (message == "next") { //same code to change your texture as before } else if (message == "previous") { //same code to change your texture as before } } (where "previous" and "next" are the commands you choose to switch to the next or previous texture) Side comments: I would not remove the listener if you want to use this comman
  6. I am not sure you are aware that these RLV strip commands are for the default's SL Avatar layers. They won't detach anything nor change / remove an applied layer on any mesh body (where this is anyway another challenge) . You might only notice so called "shoe bases" to be removed as these are still used to move the avatar up a bit to match the shoes heels height. That's correct for llOwnerSay RLV commands but as quoted above not for relay commands (because the relay should check every single issued command and if it doesnt start with an @ it will be ignored) so the syntax use
  7. Obviously you do not want to understand what I write. So I do not see any sense in any further discussion at this point. I do not take any demand from nobody how I shall do my code when someone gets pissed because they make mistakes, sorry, that is just ridiculous. But advising people to mix scripts from different repos is bad advice and nothing else. It may work now and today but latest when you want to update something things will go rather crazy. So yeah, go ahead mix everything together how you think it is best and be sure some time in 2019 people who use your collars will be very unh
  8. You still mix up the old repo with the current one which does not have these failsafes anymore. So again your statement and "advice" is simply false! Wendy refers explicit to her Peanut 9 repo at the end of her post as current repo,. And again, it is your job to obey the license and not the code's job to tell you every little mistake. All the other references are about work done before but not recent. I get that you have an issue here, not sure why and I would not care as long you stay away from false statements and bad advice. Thank you
  9. You do not get the same thing if you replace parts of it, the result will be different. (But you are free to try and do what you like, just do not blame anyone if it does not work the way you like it) Strippy is designed and made for Peanut 9 Collars, it may or may not work in other things, it is not meant to. About failsafe: (which was removed in Peanut 9 collars so it is actually irrelevant here as it is no more deployed, so the statement "Wendy's script contain" is simply false, all script deployed these days do not even have a oc_ prefix anymore, part of what Wendy explained
  10. Very well said!👍 And I believe many still use Lumiya, and this is how they appear most of the time to the rest of the virtual world (yes I had to censor the picture): You can get your IMs (and group notices) sent to your email, you miss nothing. You can reply to IMs by email without being logged in. And all that perfectly from your phone, any phone! But seeing quite a lot of Zombies standing (or running on the spot) around while using some mobile app is really nothing I think is great to have.
  11. I do not understand what these key words even have to do with any anti-man/white man feel. I find it way more concerning how many results clear hate words against women in general SL-search delivers. But to feed the color with the thread:
  12. I think this pretty much sums it up, this is not discussion at all anymore but reasons and insults are thrown at participants if they even are allowed to discuss here. Many I read here reminds me of the method of bulverism which makes useful discussions impossible. I was accused to argue for something that helps my business... where if you look closer it is the opposite but we always believe that consensual, kinky role play without hate, sexism and racism is possible. So point is this "argument" against me makes my arguments illegal because, I am not allowed to argue...
  13. Who ever it was it was not me, I was not in SL at all that time, but took a break. Interesting what you all know what I did :). You still did not read my post it seems, I never asked for anything to be banned but for certain phrases and group that go beyond any role play to be removed nor do I make money of a ban list, what nonsense is that? But normal discussions do not seem to be possible here as there will be always someone who has to make things personal where I just wanted to add a slightly wider point of view be seen here, too. So... bye, no point in discussing here whe
  14. First of all, the scripts are free so I do not make money of them. Second, this is no "rape" equipment, what ever that might be. Obviously you did not read my whole post :). Then you might see the distinct difference in play and no play I try to point out here.
  15. I did multiple times without result. It is that simple indeed! And I do believe the Lab does have a responsibility to filter at least for certain things and act on that.
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