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  1. i used to happily pay premium but after an occasion where my billing messed up and my account was totally locked, leaving me no recourse but to stay in file-a-ticket land for almost 2 months straight at 1 point without access to my account, you would have to force me at gun point to pay premium again. to add, this happened to me more than once. i got the message eventually : go basic. thats right: paid premium, got locked out. does that make sense? i realize it was my fault for missing a billing date, but a basic account never has to worry about this problem. what was i paying for other than the risk of losing everything over a billing issue? the perks of premium definitely do not outweigh the negatives. i am scared to go premium because of this, and will never go premium until i am assured that i am not risking loss of my account by doing so.
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