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  1. Hi. Someone have a homestead sim to me? for full transfer sale - let me know. Sincerely Yours Anders Wulluf
  2. Hi, I just purchased a Full Region Island so no need for a homestead region. Thank You
  3. I want to buy a homestead region = transfer, & relocate & rename it.
  4. it still cost 295 USD each new billing cycle? Good luck!
  5. what is "Allow Damage" in the Region/Estate menu? is there any troubles mark it active?
  6. Thank you, a simple region restart resolved this troubles, and there was one object who went off-world that maked this interference. After this sim restart has this object been returned to my inventory lost and found folder.
  7. Anders Wulluf

    Region glitch?

    Hello there, it seems my land contain  an unknown,  invisible physical prim, not detectable, in one spot 10x10 meter, my avatar cant walk in that area, he cant move in this area. l  makde a basic cube and try to let my avatar sit on the cube inside the affected spot, SL says:  its no room to sit -try another spot.  I already test to not using my antivirus and firewall but still same issue. I just drop a ticket to LL. Anyone here who knows what this is??
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