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  1. All are welcome to come and enjoy the haunted sim at Deviant Cove.Halloween is our favorite time of the year here and we go all out to make it fun for all. Join the hunt here for free prizes, just read the story line and follow the hints to find all of the blackened skulls with the presents inside. The story and first hint are in the sign at the begining. There are several areas to be searched and explored with many suprises for you to discover so be sure to left click everything.Travel quickly to the far reaches of the sim by using the magical doors that are located in the small cottage on the hill.If you enjoy fishing there are several unique free outfits that can be obtained by fishing from our dock area. All of the vamps here are friendly so be sure to stop by and give us a visit at Deviant Cove and join with us in the Halloween fun ! Here is the link http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fort%20Caroline/129/36/22
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