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  1. How interesting, it still has my picture I uploaded 8 years ago. I guess some of the profile pictures survived the update.
  2. I'm here, even though it has been a while since I've been here. I'm pleasantly surprised at how the new forum looks and functions. Much better update compared to the last forum change we had back in 2010.
  3. Ive been been breeding the rabbits for little over a year. At one time I had over 400 and yes it did cause some lag, not as much as I thought it would. I owned about 75% of the sim. About 3 months ago, I trimmed down the number of rabbits I have to about 30. What was strange is that it didnt seem to make much difference in the lag. What I found out was most of the lag was coming from the nests that I just had sitting around. I had about 2000 nests and never gave it a thought that 1 prim nests that never move would cause lag. When I removed the nests, the sim performance was back to normal. So, moving breedables can cause lag, some more than others. But the static nests that they produce cause more lag. That is just my experience.
  4. Linda Brynner wrote: LL earlier has blogged second names would end. However i do agree it is not the best call from LL. But why not sign up like First name_Lastname, or Firstname-Lastname. It's how i would do it. Chances are nill that it is already taken. Names with underscore or dashes are not allowed in the new naming scheme. Only letters and numbers are allowed. Not even a space is allowed. And all the good names are gone, so it makes it very hard to come up with a decent name and it will only get worse. I hope LL will go back to the the first name last name choice. That is what other SL type worlds do. But its just my opinion.
  5. Thank you so much Lexie. I dont post much here but I enjoy reading the General Discussions .. I mean Off Topic. :smileyhappy:
  6. I think this is an excellent idea. If we can only get everyone that logs in to vote. If the majority want this, then I will accept the feature and work around it. What did Philip Rosedale want for SL. I thought he wanted SL to be Fast, Easy and Fun. Display Names may make if fun for some people, but I dont think it will fast and easy. Come on LL, lets take a real vote and see if your customers really want this feature.
  7. I've read all the comments and I still do not like the current way this Diplay Name is proposed and what it will cause. I agree with you Sirius and wish there was something someone could say or do that would convince LL to NOT go forward with this idea. I know that nothing I say will cause LL to change their mind about this, but I didnt want to be silent on this issue. LL, please do not implement this Display Names as is. This is not what people were asking for when they ask to change their name. The ones that want a name change understand the value of a name and just want a spelling corrected, name capatilized and such. The issue about people not finishing the registration because of the last names. I helped a friend of mine lately to get a last name that we knew was available. We had to refresh the list of last names offered over 5 times before the last name she wanted was offered. If this was corrected, show all available last names the first time, I think less people would cancel the registration in frustration. Please read and listen to the majority of the people here, your paying customers. Do not implement Display Names, we do NOT want it.
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