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  1. Hello, Foxbean recently released a new version of her breasts called Christina. Information is here, along with a Marketplace link. https://maggiebluxome.com/foxbean-christina-breasts
  2. Wow, I just stumbled upon this. Thank you for the mention! This year was especially wonderful as we doubled last year's amount. I'm very proud of those that contributed to the cause. Thank you, Alishen. Busted Magazine Susan G Komen 2012
  3. I see my friend is looking in the same topic as I am. I'm just coming in to this a bit later. Hello, Melissa. A topic that has come up recently is, does Mesh Deformer allow facial expressions. It has been described that facial and hand movements are morphs within the standard avatar. Will the deformer code allow the same thing with mesh avatars?
  4. Charlar Linden wrote: Regarding lack of support for newer features (like mesh) in v1.x based viewers; I can't speak to people who continue to ride horses down Main St. and curse at the those horseless carriages swerving around them. This is the kind of uninsightful vision Linden Labs keeps presenting. V1 is a horseless carriage. V2/V3 are horseless carriages with steering wheels in the trunk. There was no design reason to change what was already a perfectly working User Interface. If Charlar is a voice for Linden Labs, I can only suspect Second Life will continue down the road of alienating paying customers.
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