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  1. The bad news is, living in Boston and trying to plan ahead, I contacted this listed contact directly via email over a month ago, and I got no response at all. Not a good sign :-( Chris M. Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque) Vice President, AvaCon, Inc. 275 Winthrop Street PO Box 618 Rehoboth, MA 02769-1819 (774) 654-0010 info@avacon.org
  2. OK, intersting, new features all. I hope it helps, but, well, that whole special sandbox feature doesn't make so much sense if you also have your own land, too. But, anyway, I don't know if this, or the new ad campaign about how RL life people with fantasy lives compare to their avators will help at all, given it's still all only about a very narrow niche of fantasy & role play in the end, but when you search the internet, there's not much out there, and if you search Google news, right now, for "secondlife" stories about the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the northeast seem to be getting higher
  3. Hi All, la here. Don't post often, well *almost* never. BUT, as some may know, historically "present" and heavily vested, just trying not to be as much of a flammer as one of my neighbors tends to be .. usually. However, this latest forced upgrade with preset options changes bothers me greatly! I serve newbies and serious teachers, graduate students and academics in particular. Have to say, the new default to "absolutely lowest" graphics denomenator is absurd and completely out of touch. Options there, hidden or not, when someone starts up the system for the very first time, setting their de
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