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  1. I didn't see anywhere in UnkleBob's post that says it is acceptible that this sort of thing happens, security sweep or not, or that loss of land, revenue, roleplay exposure or time was acceptible. I read it as encouragement to the OP that she isn't alone in this situation as others have experienced the delays she is as well.
  2. Thank you, Elric, I will look for those flags when I venture out shopping next time!
  3. Thank you for the reply and answer, UnkleBob! I usually shop in stores that carry the items I need for my roleplay, so I am familiar with their work. Every once in a while I stick my head outside and check out other stores that I am not familiar with. Hopefully none of them are being naughty! Well, naughty on the copy level!
  4. I am not new to SL, but have pretty much stayed in my little world of roleplay and being a consumer in a variety of stores. The only way I could start a business in SL is if there was suddenly a HUGE market for untextured boxes of various sizes. My question(s) is this...what are copybots, who do they do what they do and how can I, as a fairly niave shopper, tell if what I am looking at purchasing has been stolen or not? I do think that stealing others ideas and hard work is wrong and don't want to support those people who want the easy buck by stealing the fruits of other's labor. Thanks in advance for explaining this to me and any others like me who may be wondering but too embarresed to ask! ~Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and the world is probably going to keep on laughing without you~
  5. Hi Laser! Welcome to Gorean rp, from a long time Gorean rper. Unfortunately the only way to get a new name is to create a new alt. There was talk about being able to spend money to change a name, but it looked like this was for busines purposes only. Many people who start gorean RP start with a new alt because of this. Hope that helps!
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