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  1. Yes i can confirm that the Unable to upload scripts is always a Region issue...either the region has too many scripts running or the region needs to be restarted or both. Ask to have region restarted. Else just go to a different region to do your scripting.
  2. Greetings... It would be helpful if you say what your internet connection speed test shows? and if you are using Wireless internet connection? and what your Firestorm graphics are set to in preferences. Draw distance will have the biggest impact on FPS. Try using eithernet cable connection in place of wireless.......and set draw distance to 256 or less. That Pc should be capable of ULTRA mode in graphics and still have good FPS in most situations. Make sure you are connected to the battery charger while testing to make sure the battery save is not throttling you back. Turn off any ant
  3. I have explained in great detail.....I have nothing further to say except good luck with whatever you choose.
  4. Well...its 2 Nvidia performance steps up...so yes its better than the 820m. i would guess it would allow you to run SL viewer in High graphics mode. 700 series v/s 800 series...just means its 1 year older. You should still consider a desktop tower in place of laptop.......for many reasons...another important reason is using SL will use max power from both your CPU and GPU...this translates into battery running down very quickly and producing lots of HEAT which can shorten the life of any laptop........usually when laptop CPU sees low battery or Hi temperature it will first increase fan
  5. There are still reports that this problem is seen on many different mail providers. this problem is not limited to any 1 mail provider. Also the fact that my Scripted objects in SL can still send instant Messages that get forwarded to my email account when i am not logged in proves that this problem/bug is a secondlife bug ...not a mail provider issue. Same is true for group notices as those are also forwarded to my email provider when i am off line. It only fails when residents on my friends list send me IM when I am offline.
  6. Hi Barry... the nvidia 820M gpu is entry level performance graphics meaning lowest performance. It will work but you would probably be limited to Medium viewer graphics in many situations. the second digit in the Nvidia number "2" in this case indicates graphic performance. For Ultra mode viewer graphics that number needs to be 5 or greater. the M in 820M means that is a graphics chip soldered to the laptop mother board ..so is not replaceable/up-gradeable like a graphics card would be. I would strongly recommend you Buy a full size/tower desktop PC to use for SL. Because Its cheaper
  7. I have created BUG-6591 report of this issue. So now we wait for Lindens to take action hopefully... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6591
  8. Yes ..i am seeing the same problem........I get off-line IM to Emails from scripted objects or group notices ...... but Not from individual Avatar IMs when i am off-line. Started about July 1st. ....or perhaps its a random thing i.e. sometimes fails to work. If it keeps up..i'll submit a bug report........or if someone has already done so please lets us know. thanks.
  9. Drake ask to see how the C720 ChromeBook performs in a busy SL Dance Club. Here is the Video........
  10. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing How SL looks using a $200 Acer C720 ChromeBook with Ubuntu operating system installed. Here is the Video on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCXLZlXttjI
  11. Could be a overheating problem? Check cpu fan and video card fans. Secondlife requires more cpu and video card cooling than any video game. Cean up any dust build-up from cpu heat sink or video card heat sink. secondly...Try installing Cool Viewer or Singularity as they both use less resources than SL viewers
  12. Thank you for that last post Perrie I was getting worried with so much initial negative response. First ,I would like to tell you that this last week is my very first experience with linux or Umbutu. But between a few YouTube videos and a bit of googling I managed to convert both my Chromebooks to dual boot mode,(chrome os and ubuntu). You mentioned that 95 % of us would need to go thru a steep learning curve. I agree BUT...... What do you think the percentage is ......of us who would secretely like to know how to use Linux? I have loo
  13. I can see you are not up to date on 4th generation intel integrated graphics (haswell) If you look up performance marks of intel Hd 4600....you will find it about same as Nvidia 650. as to noob...level.....yes ...it takes the ability to follow simple instructions........but most SL residents are capable of this.
  14. Buy a $200 Accer C720 with Intel 4th generation 2955U cpu with Haswell integrated 4600 HD graphics. Go to this youtube page and watch how to install Linux ubuntu into the Chromebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_MuVwJq_XQ I suggest you use the 13.10 version of ubuntu called "saucy". I chose the "unity" desktop I suggest you download "software-center" (This is done in terminal mode "sudo apt-get install software-center") Ubuntu is 64 bit so....you will need to download a 64 bit LINUX viewer for SL. I used Singularity 64 bit linux viewer....it will
  15. For Nvidia cartds.....the 2nd digit indicates the performance /speed of the graphic card. 625 is very low performance card. (lower numbers for 2nd digit is lower performance and vice versa) I would recommend that if your buying a new card ..... to get at least a 550,650 or 750 . these can be found for just under $100 usd. But you need at least a 400 watt power supply. 500 watt PS would be better.
  16. Perhaps you did not fully understand what Monti was trying to explain to you.....as it is the owner of the parcel that can force all TP to a location of his/her choice...IF they have intentionaly set parcel permissions like this. If they dont check that box in tp landing coordinates...then you can TP to any position you like. (provided you are not banned) Now if you are looking for some way to circumvent the parcel owners permissions settings...then you are trying to hack the system.
  17. I think you need to proof read your last sentence and edit it perhaps?
  18. Simple enough...its the only sim she crashes at..........so give restart sim a try.. it only takes 5 minutes to restart and can't hurt anything. Sim restarts are well known to fix a varity of problems. Will it fix her problem?.....probably not...but its worth a try. And it eleminates another potentially possible cause. other thoughts..... I am sure you notice that her frame rate FPS is always much lower at or near ground level........look in statistics to view that. Perhaps she is wearing something that tries to do data communication if she is within range of some object in that s
  19. "i found a guide that showed me how to delete a bunch of files" ? not sure why you mentioned this? Also make sure you look inside every folder in your inventory.......in case it got accidently hidden inside a different folder. Also try clearing cache and then logging into to a different region/sim than you normally log in at. The only other alternative is to submit a support ticket to the Lindens to see if they can restore your missing items. Good luck
  20. You should "clear your cache" and then relog..if you have not done so already. If your inventory starts loading when you relog.. you are in business again . Also you may need to upload a new version of your old viewer.
  21. Thanks Drake..ill have her check on that and ill look to see if this option still exist.
  22. Thanks Seanabrady ...I'll translale and pass your post on to her.
  23. Thanks Dresden...I think that's the best avenue to persue (i.e why always reloading inventory in same sim evey log in.)
  24. i guess you missed the part about her alternate avatar with very small inventorry has no problems on same pc/system. Also my friend does not speak english.
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