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  1. Hi, maybe I can bring some light into this since I am a creator/merchant. I can't speak for all others and there might be different reasons for it, but yes my demo sells inworld at 1 L$. I just made the first demo I needed today, because it's for shoes and I know from my own shopping experiences that I barely buy shoes without trying them. I wanted to sell it for 0 L$ but simple put, the vendor system I use didn't let me sell it at that. The quickpayment popped up but was blank, so in order to provide demos I needed to set the selling price 1 L$ and.. guess? Now everything worked just fine. I think there must be some workaround but I didn't find it yet, atleast it's not at the website configuration. The system I use is pretty popular and I'm sure other merchants have the same prob too. (btw. at xstreet I sell the demo for 0 L$ because I don't think that someone sends demos as gifts when it's so much easier to send a link)
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