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  1. I came to SL in 2008 with a large number of friends from another online world that was closing. Some of them had been in SL for a while and gave all us newbies very generous assistance, including orientation tours, which were extremely helpful, and notecards about essentials like where to get a free AO. We kind of stuck together in our own hangouts for a long time. There were lots of parties - it was wonderful! We went on exploration field trips - Black Swan, Da Vinci Gardens, Ivory Tower of Prims, Starry Night, Numbakulla. Someone took me to Bare Rose, which became my favorite store for years. I was completely hooked by the creativity of it all. My few early attempts to venture out on my own led to some encounters that are funny in retrospect but terrified me at the time. I even started over with a new avatar because I was afraid of being stalked. The community provided a changing room refuge for us new immigrants, and that was my first home. I did nothing the first two weeks (outside of group activities) but hide out there, working on my avatar. I would dash out to the freebie stores, scuttle back home and try on all my spoils. I didn't want to spend money on a skin - they were dreadfully expensive then and mostly disappointing - so I did some research and found the Eloh Eliot files and made my own skin, which I wore for months. It was the only thing I made for a long time. My most vivid memory of that original newbie tour is seeing this small red arrow on my screen that moved around and would not go away. I kept asking people what the red arrow was and nobody knew what i was talking about. In later days the red arrow would be there sometimes and other times not. I am embarrassed to recall how long it took me to figure out that red arrow came from opening the World Map.
  2. I change my look all the time, but sometimes she looks amazingly like me. Well, a younger idealized me. Sometimes, she looks so much like one of my sisters it's astonishing.
  3. Yes, that's why I suggested making a new file with the merged copy and flattening the new one. I should have added something about saving the original with all the layers.
  4. It may not be necessary to give up png. Unless you need transparency on the image, I recommend flattening it in Photoshop before you upload it. Select All and then Control-Shift-C to copy the composite image (assuming you have layers in your working file). Paste the image into a new file. Go to the Layers menu and choose "Flatten Image". This will take out all the transparency and turn the pasted layer into a background file with a little padlock icon on it. "Save As" png or tga (I prefer the former) and uncheck the Save As Copy option (because that will leave you with your untitled new psd file still there, which can be confusing). See if this helps. But I'm thinking maybe the real problem may have something to do with the gamma settings being mismatched between SL and Photoshop. I had a similar problem when I first started uploading textures a couple of years ago, except the reverse: they were too light. I found a forum post that helped me adjust Photoshop settings to better match SL. Perhaps someone who is expert at this will chime in because I don't remember what the exact solution was or where I found it.
  5. About folders counting in inventory count - I tested this. With my inventory fully loaded, I created new folders. My inventory count did not change. I consolidated a number of items into a single folder and deleted the excess folders and duplicate landmarks and notecards. My inventory count went down exactly by the amount of items (landmarks and notecards) I had deleted when I emptied my trash but deleting folders did not reduce the count.This was over a year ago, so perhaps it is different now, but my tests satisfied me that folders do not count as inventory. So I say, organize away!
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