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  1. Will there be any safeguards in place to let the adult residents know that they are befriending a teen? I think there should be some way of tagging a teen's profile to identify them.
  2. I personally think this is a horrible idea and the kids should be kept on the teen grid until they become of legal age. SL has very few safeguards against an underage person gaining an adult account as it is. I am glad I am selling my island - I don't want the liability. At least when the teen grid was up and running, and the main grid was for 18 and older, you could defend yourself against a "contributing to the delinquency" accusation by saying "No children are allowed on this grid at all - if they are here, it's their parents fault for not monitoring them". Now we don't have that safety. If they mandated everyone have full age verification, Including some way for Linden to absolutely verify the person who is applying for the account is the person who's ID is being used then maybe I could see it. But the way the system is set up now, any slightly savy kid can get a regular age verified account.
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