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  1. Well a kid! boy around 4 years old

    Now I saw mesh an stuff but saw that the neck didn't metch or something

    I want mesh and bento how much possible @.@

    And human kid

  2. Alright so I want to make a kid around 4 years old

    Still need a little help with shops for the body and head since I know there's bento

    And a skin to fit my ma!

    Contact williamnotehem resident

  3. 4 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Linden Lab is obviously still working to fix whatever happened yesterday.  I imagine that the techs didn't get much sleep last night.  All we can do is wait while they repair whatever it is.  Be patient.

    Oh! if it's still from yesterday then it's okie, thought it was over an stuff!

  4. Now I found request timed out in one of our servers when disconnected

    5 is with request timed out

    oh well time to talk to the ISP

  5. Using a cable will be hard since my PC is in one room and the router is in the livingroom

    But it was alright before so I'll see what I can do, will try to reboot the router too, hopefully won't have to call the company!

  6. 3 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Yup.  There it is.  0.8% packet loss is large. Not gigantic, but probably enough to make your connection sensitive to other irregularities.  Mine is very rarely above 0.1%.  As Maddy says, SL relies on UDP for several basic functions, so data loss that high can cripple a connection.

    So how I lower it? What can effect the connection because through the  trace it's alright nothing too high

  7. I know what can effect the net, I deal with it everyday with customers believe me

    WIFI is not effected by someone moving something outside, and my connection is just fine or I would feel problems with all the devices WIFI or directly to the modem.

    If you have any ping server to give me, I'll send a ping see how it reacts, see if any point is getting effected or has bad reaction


  8. So how come it started just recently when more sensitive programs are not falling when SL does?

    I was playing so far on the same way with WIFI on and JUST recently it started acting up.

  9. Hello!

    Recently SL decided to crash a lot, even my internet connection is just fine, SL just crashes and hard to log back in saying it has problem with internet connction.

    I am surfing normally and other games are just fine but SL keeps crashing.

    I only surf on Youtube and websites while playing SL so it doesn't need to crash.


    Help! It's getting annoying

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