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  1. Hello, this is a resident to resident help, almost never a Linden will look here, so don't expect an answer from them Thats a question to Micheal Linden, he is the head of the LDPW (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LDPW) and the lead of the Moles. You can contact him via a support case I guess (usually you open a case if you have some trouble on mainland with LDPW builds). In my opinion it is pretty unlikely that you will get one.
  2. Hello. Besides your issues one more thing. The answers and forums are not really read by a Lindenlab employee. It is resident to resident help! Plus everyone can read it, even if they don't have an account at all. Long story short: don't give any private data here, like a phone number, an email.. whatever, only if you wish mass email and nice phone calls
  3. I don't think that the licence is for free. You will need to buy one. http://www.vivox.com/contact-us/index.html
  4. Komische Angaben, die da machst. Eine 100k Leitung? Oder doch 100mbit/s? Drosselung auf 100mb waere ja toll, denn das ist ja mehr als 100k! Zur Erinnerung: k = 1000, M=1000000, also 1000*1k, was zwar auch nicht 100% richtig ist, aber oft wegen der Einfachheit halber so gesagt wird. Ich vermute mal, du hast eine 100mbit/s Leitung, die nach 60 GB auf xxx mbit/s dann gedrosselt wird. Wenn man jeden Tag und dann noch mehrere Stunden in SL ist, ist es ziemlich leicht, 60 GB voll zu bekommen. Welche Vertragsbedingungen bei dier aber zu Grunde liegen, musst du schon selber wissen, denn so kann man a
  5. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Status-Grid/POSTED-Unscheduled-Billing-Maintenance/ba-p/3053108
  6. It is possible to run SL on a laptop, but since the parts inside are pretty tight and usually the cooling via the fans is pretty tricky, you will need to clean a laptop much more often compared to a desktop PC! In some cases using of a cooling pad is helpful too.
  7. It might be connected to this issue: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Status-Grid/POSTED-Unscheduled-Billing-Maintenance/ba-p/3053108 Please wait, till the issue is solved and if your order doesn't show up, call their billing team.
  8. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Status-Grid/POSTED-Unscheduled-Billing-Maintenance/ba-p/3053108 BTW, this is resident to resident help and no LindenLab employee will ever look here. But the link explains why your order failed. Try to buy after the issue is resolved. And for your own safety, remove your pesonal data from the post.
  9. Bitte poste lieber mal den Inhalt des Fensters vom Firestorm Viewers! Von dessen Menue: Hilfe - Ueber Firestorm. Diese obscuren Seiten, die die Daten anzeigen, sollte man lieber meiden, auch fehlen ein paar Infos, die nur der Viewer liefert. Auch mach mal bitte einen Speedtest deiner Leitung, z.b. mit speedtest.net und schaue, wie stark die Schwankungen sind und wie Schnell die Leitung tatsaechlich ist. Danach kann hoffentlich mehr Sagen.
  10. Not with this amount of data you provide. You need to add your PC's specs. Best is to copy the content of the window, that cones up, if you click 'Help -> About Secondlife' at the Viewer!
  11. Folge den ANweisungen hier: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Account_Security
  12. Hello, I'm a 14ish elf boy. But european. You can also try the term 'youthspot' in search. Most kid friendly places use that term in their land description and groups too. Also try terms like family rp etc... Good luck.
  13. Eh, almost a year premium member and NOW you start to care? Bit late, isn't it? Anyway, ask LL, their billing team will help you. https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/
  14. I'd go for option 2, the CPU is more than enough and the graphics card is pretty good, not to say some overkill for SL;) This PC will even able to handle the Oculus Rift, if I remember right. The I3 is working good too, but if you use more programs at a time it would slow down things. Option 3 would be my 2nd choice, all well balanced in my opinion and enough for SL. Option 4 has an I7, but of the downside a more weaker graphics card.
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