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  1. Wanted: Some more skilled roleplayers! Ravenhurst is a freeform roleplay sim based loosely on the mechanics and heavily on the story of World of Darkness. Vampires, Fey, Mages and Werewolves all coexist with humans under the guise of what is termed the veil. This is to keep anymore hunters from spilling into the city to cause them trouble. A threat now looms over the vampires as tension between the werewolves and talk of hunters reached the Herald of War's ears. He is now in search of those who wish to be trains and skill warriors to help defend the kindred's Prince. Contact Jingy Blinker for details and help for any vampires wishing to join the fray.
  2. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! As you can tell I am currently looking for a job. The main reason is both so I can get some more L$ for my avatar, possibly a bit of money and a little more experience. Though I have been writing and editing for around 9 years straight now one can never have enough experience. So what is it I am selling? My abilities as a writer. I can offer my services in many ways and have in the past. Below will be a list of numerous jobs I can handle as well a bit of need to know info in order to contact me and my pay. I have a keen eye for detail as well am very easy to work with and talk to. Payment: I will either accept L$ in world or through paypal. Price itself is negotiable dependent on the complexity of the job as well how long I will spend working on it. Speed: In terms of WPM I am averaging around 70 to 80. When inspiration hits me I tend to type/work far quicker. It is rare a job will take me more than a couple hours to finish entirely. Contacting: If I am online than a PM to Jingy Blinker will suffice. If offline these messages will go straight to my email. If offline the quickest way to contact me would be at unbornauthor@gmail.com Services - Story and notecard assistance for just about any sim. My specialty would be roleplay. I am very could at pulling together information and making it fit with the tone and setting of the sim. - Website article writing, editing and revision. - Fiction Writing. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad! Jingy Blinker
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